Monster Paradise
1287 An Unknown Heavenly God?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1287 An Unknown Heavenly God?

Sword11, who could deal such tremendous damage to the Titan Bug, was now passed out and unable to fight. The lightning man had just sent him back to the city, but when he turned around and went out of the city again, he saw the Titan Bug clambering to its feet. His expression instantly looked extremely pained.

The woman in the black dress was still engaged in a fierce battle with the Bug Tribe, while Nangong Wei and the others were frowning deeply, their expressions darker than the night.

Almost everyone on the humans' side who witnessed this scene felt the clouds return to their hearts.

Lin Huang frowned slightly too, and he racked his brain to come up with a solution.

"If we don't finish this Titan Bug off, all the defense formations and defensive barriers will completely fall apart within half an hour at most. If the defense formations fail, the bug swarm will overrun the entire Tough City. Taking the sheer numbers of the Bug Tribe army into account, Sword11 would be exhausted to death even if he was in peak condition. No one can even survive, much less leave via the dimensional portal."

Lin Huang wanted to sneak into Tough City so he could use the dimensional portal to leave this planet and head to a galaxy with better resources. Now, however, it seemed like his fate was tied to that of Tough City.

"Even if the humans change their plans now and decide to abandon this city, half an hour still won't be enough for a full evacuation.

"The only way out of this now would be to finish this Titan Bug off quickly…

"This bug beast has a defense as high as that of a true god, so there's no way I can kill it using conventional means. I'll have to rely on the effects of Xiao Hei's cards… Of the card types I know now, the only ones that can solve this crisis are the Kill Cards, Seal Cards, and Destruction Cards.

"Also, the Titan Bug is a true god, so only the Grade-4 or golden Grade-3 cards will have any effect on it. Right now, though, I only have Grade-2 and Grade-3 at hand. Even if I exchange them for a designated Kill Card, Seal Card, or Destruction Card, I wouldn't be able to deal it any damage…"

 Lin Huang's musings were suddenly interrupted by Xiao Hei. 

"A Seal Card's grade has nothing to do with its combat level."

"Huh?" Lin Huang suddenly heard Xiao Hei's voice, and it took him by surprise.

"It's true, most cards have their effects limited by their grade once they have an assigned grade. But a few cards have their own limitations, and even after they are assigned a grade, they still adhere to the initial limitations as opposed to the combat level limitations of that particular grade.

"Seal Cards had a condition to begin with, and that was the rarity of the monster. After these cards are assigned a grade, the only difference is that the rarity levels are further categorized.

"Grade-1 Seal Cards can seal all monsters that are Epic-level (second mutation) and below. Grade-2 Seal Cards can seal all monsters that are Mythical-level (fourth mutation) and below. Grade-3 Seal Cards can seal all monsters that are Supreme God-level (fifth mutation) and below. 

"The Titan Bug may be strong, but its rarity is only Epic-level. A Grade-2 Seal Card would suffice."

Lin Huang's eyes lit up at that. He had assumed that he would need a Grade-4 Seal Card to seal the Titan Bug, and he never once thought that a Grade-2 would do the trick.

"I just need one Grade-2 Seal Card?"

He still had more than 11,000 Grade-2 cards that he had not exchanged for Grade-3s. According to the ten-to-one exchange ratio, that meant he could redeem more than 1,100 Seal Cards.

"The Titan Bug would be invincible on the battlefield! No one less than a heavenly god can break through its defenses!"

"Host, you're getting ahead of yourself. This Titan Bug's combat level is way higher than your current limit. Even if you seal it into a monster card, you won't be able to summon and use it for a while.

Xiao Hei rained on Lin Huang's parade again.

Only then did Lin Huang remember that his current abilities limited him to summoning nothing more than virtual god-level imperial monsters. However, he was not bothered, waving his hand as he said, "There's no rush. The limits will be lifted eventually."

His conversation with Xiao Hei really opened his eyes.

Once he exchanged ten Grade-2 cards for a specific Grade-2 Seal Card, Lin Huang manifested the Seal Card on his hand.

The golden card had one corner facing downward, and it floated upright, less than five centimeters above Lin Huang's palm. There, it slowly spun.

The corners of Lin Huang's lips curved, and he stared relentlessly at the Titan Bug.

Of course, no one overheard Lin Huang's little chat with Xiao Hei.

They could not see the Seal Card that had manifested on his hand, either.

Several kilometers away, the Titan Bug got back onto its feet and shook its somewhat dizzy head. Soon, it raised its head, its eighteen eyeballs searching everywhere.

It was looking for the person that had nearly killed it with one hit earlier.

However, Sword11 had long since been sent back to the castellan's residence, courtesy of the lightning man. Right now, Sword11 was lying unconscious on a bed in the guest room.

The Titan Bug did not have x-ray vision, and the city had formations that blocked off one's scent, so naturally the Bug's search amounted to nothing.

However, this also infuriated it, and it turned its gaze back to the direction of Tough City.

It wanted to tear this "parcel" open even more now, if only to vent all its pent-up anger.

A furious roar echoed across the sky, and the Titan Bug lunged forward with its eight giant legs, its eyes red as it rushed toward Tough City.

The lightning man forced his opponent to retreat and morphed into a bolt of lightning, unleashing an attack at the Titan Bug.

Nangong Wei and the others worked hard to fight back their foes as well, taking the chance to attack the Titan Bug in a futile attempt to halt its advances. 

The Bug Tribe True Gods who were repelled did not give chase, either. Instead, they savored the lightning man's and everyone else's meaningless efforts, laughing coldly.

Even though the lightning man and the others aimed for the wounds on the Titan Bug's body that had yet to heal completely, it did nothing to stop the Titan Bug from pressing onward.

Within a mere three to four seconds, the Titan Bug had once more pounced onto Tough City's defense formation. It completely ignored the attacks from the lightning man and the others, chomping down on the defense formation once more…

Just then, however, there was a flash of golden light from somewhere.

That golden light rapidly enveloped the Titan Bug, and the Titan Bug immediately put up a fierce struggle, but it was all in vain.

As the golden light sealed the Titan Bug up, the bug's enormous body drastically shank, like a leaky balloon. Within three to five seconds, it had become a microscopic speck of dust that could not be seen by the naked eye. After that, it vanished without a trace.

That peculiar scene left everyone dumbfounded.

"What just happened?"

It was not just the Bug Tribe. The humans were confused too.

More than ten seconds passed, and the Titan Bug did not reappear.

Finally, someone from the human camp finally could not help a loud cheer.

"The Titan Bug is dead! Lord Heavenly God must have helped us!"

With that voice as the starting cue, an uproar soon started among the humans.

On the other hand, the Bug Tribe members were utterly shocked. After all, the Titan Bug had disappeared so eerily. 

The Bug King Yi Li returned to his senses and immediately notified the Bug Mother regarding what had just happened.

After a moment, a reply came from the Queen Mother, written in gold.

"This must be the work of an unknown heavenly god. Stop attacking the city right now and retreat! Don't suffer any more losses!"

Once he received the Queen Mother's decree, the Bug King Yi Li informed the entire army without hesitation.

"All Bug Tribe warriors, stop attacking the village and retreat! Retreat to three hundred kilometers away!"

As soon as he issued those orders, the already terrified Bug Tribe warriors immediately turned and ran without even looking back.

When he saw how decisively the Bug Tribe was retreating, Lin Huang had to raise an eyebrow. "To think the shock effect works this well."

With that, he smiled and turned his head to look at the blue card that had just appeared on his left palm.

The front side of the card had a picture depicting none other than the Titan Bug that had just vanished.


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