Monster Paradise
1285 Dead End
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1285 Dead End

A gigantic pitch-black bug leg stretched out of the whirlpool. The first joint that had just come in was 200 to 300 meters long.

However, the mere stretch of one bug leg joint made the intense threat that Lin Huang was feeling to peak. Even though he had no idea what kind of bug beast that was exactly, the aura alone gave him goosebumps

It only took him a second to realize that he was definitely no match for this powerhouse.

Without much hesitation, Lin Huang used all sorts of large bug beasts' bodies to cover himself. He turned around and headed straight to the city gate's direction.

The battlefield was no longer safe, he was not even sure if Tough City would be safe.

However, he had no other options.

Lin Huang's activity was rather stealthy. Given that most of them present had their attention on the Dimensional Whirlpool that appeared out of nowhere in the sky, almost nobody noticed him. 

Meanwhile, the gigantic Bug Tribe that was coming out of the Dimensional Whirlpool at the moment attracted almost everyone's attention.

As Lin Huang arrived at the border of the battlefield just tens of meters away from the city gate, he deviated his direction all of a sudden. He charged at and killed a bug beast that was close to him.

It was not that he did not want to return to the city. It was just that everyone was fighting now, returning to the city would make him a target. He might even be called a coward.

He would have to take strategies into consideration even if he was to leave the battlefield.

As the giant bug beast in the air stretched both of its front legs out in the air, it soon revealed its head.

By then, only did everybody recognized what the bug beast was.

"Titan Bug!"

Lin Huang's pupils shrunk slightly. Such a monster was not on the gravel world's monster guide, but there was information about this bug beast in the documents that Bloody had provided.

In the God Territory, the Shelters below grade-4 only had the abridged version of the species guide. Even a grade-4 Shelter might not necessarily sell the complete version of the species guide. The species guide Bloody obtained was the abridged version. Together with some older versions that she found online and using the monster guide in the gravel world as the blueprint, she came up with a new version herself.

Although this version could not compare with the complete version, it was much informative than the abridged version of the species guide.

There happened to be recordings of Titan Bug.

It was a type of gigantic Bug Tribe monster with powerful defense and terrifying strength.

The conditions to produce this bug beast were extremely strict.

Firstly, the Queen Mother would have to be at least a ninth-rank True God or even on heavenly god-level.

Secondly, the Queen Mother would need a sea of True God carcasses as its reproduction materials.

Thirdly, the reproduction period was painfully long.

Usually, a heavenly god-level Queen Mother could hatch up to 10,000 bug eggs containing true god-level Bug Tribe fighters per second. However, it would take at least a week to produce a true god-level Titan Bug.

In reality, the Titan Bug's rank was not high. It was merely a class-2, which was the equivalence of a double mutated monster. Even its intelligence belonged to the lowest among double mutated monsters.

However, such class-2 bug beasts were born to have true god-level combat strength. It could even reach peak true god-level combat strength the most.

Such a bug beast's ability seemed to be traded completely with its intelligence.

A peak-stage ninth-rank True God Titan Bug could almost fight a first-rank Heavenly God head-on.

Their strength was definitely on par with heavenly god-level powerhouses, its defense was difficult to be broken even for Heavenly Gods.

However, the main function of such a bug beast was mainly to siege.

Their attacks came with a dimensional stir and spatial tear innately. They could tear down all sorts of defense formations and barriers.

If the Giant Hammer Bug's attack was like soft punches on your chest, then Titan Bug's attack would definitely be the punches of a pile driver on your chest.

Lin Huang was immediately speechless when he saw the Titan Bug that revealed its head. He could sense from its aura that this Titan Bug before them definitely has a combat strength of ninth-rank true god-level. Even a Heavenly God might not be able to defend this big guy's attacks.

"With this beast here, Tough City wouldn't be safe. The defense formations and barriers on the city wall might not be able to hold it even for half an hour."

The upper echelons on the human side looked extremely terrible as soon as Titan Bug revealed its head.

Sword11 and Nangong Wei were frowning too. Clearly, they did not expect the Bug Tribe to do this.

"Nangong, take care of the battlefield here. I'll try and see if I can get this guy to return to where it came from!" Almost without hesitation, Sword11's aura skyrocketed on his body.

His sixth-rank True God combat strength broke through to seventh-rank within seconds. As it skyrocketed to the peak of seventh-rank True God, there was no sign of the aura decelerating. Instead, it proceeded to grow. It broke through the seventh-rank True God border and arrived at eighth-rank True God. However, that did not seem like the end. Sword11's aura was still growing. There was finally sign of slowing down when he broke through to ninth-rank true god-level.

Just when his combat strength had broken through to ninth-rank, Sword11 had charged as if he had turned into a ferocious glow before his aura stabilized.

His body was like a lightning shooting in the air, his thunderous sword landed on the Titan Bug's forehead.

Golden sparks exploded immediately. As if the sun had exploded, a glaring golden glow lit up the entire sky. At that moment, even the glow of the stars was covered.

Golden was all that was left in the world in that second, whereby other colors were dimmed.

Lin Huang's eyes were blinded by the glow coming from the sword. As a sword cultivator himself, it made sense that he did not want to miss the battle. However, even Lin Huang had failed to dodge the golden glow that Sword11 charged with the sword. 

White was all that he saw before his eyes at the moment. He could not see anything else at all.

Fortunately, most of them on the battlefield were blinded temporarily as well, including the Bug Tribe.

When everyone closed their eyes for their vision to recover, Lin Huang did not suffer any ambush.

However, the battle was still going on in the sky.

Sword11 swung his sword again and again with the vain attempt to force Titan Bug back to where it came from. However, even though he was attacking with all of his might coming from a ninth-rank True God, his attacks merely left white sword trails on the Titan Bug's head. He did not even manage to break its defense.

"Stop wasting your time! The Titan Bugs that Master Queen Mother produced this time has a combat strength of peak ninth-rank True God. Unless a god sequence-level (heavenly god-level) powerhouse that masters god sequence chain fights himself, it's impossible for anyone to break its defense."

"Master Queen Mother has been preparing for this battle for close to two years and produced up to a hundred Titan Bugs of such. Your city isn't the only one that's being attacked by Titan Bug on this planet at the moment."

"You humans only have two Heavenly Gods. It's futile even if the Heavenly Gods participate in the battle themselves! Moreover, the two old guys from you humans should be busy handling our three Heavenly God Bug Kings' attacks…"

A voice came above the Titan Bug's head.

Sword11 looked over, there were two silhouettes standing above. Their aura intensity was nothing below his, they were clearly ninth-rank True Gods.


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