Monster Paradise
1282 Battle of the True Gods!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1282 Battle of the True Gods!

A gunshot that killed the Scorpion Monster in a second, Nangong Wei's ability terrified the Bug Tribe's high-level powerhouses even more now.

They knew very well of the Scorpion Monster's ability, where it was a fifth-rank True God. On the Bug King's camp, apart from the Bug King itself, Scorpion Monster's combined ability was powerful enough to be ranked top five.

Nangong Wei managed to kill such a powerhouse like a piece of cake. It made sense that the other bug beasts were petrified.

Of course, the Bug King Yi Li knew that Nangong Wei was challenging it on purpose to be killing its underling right before it. However, it would not fall into the trap on its own.

One must know that the Bug King's reputation was just after the Queen Mother among the Bug Tribe. It could say that it was unwilling to take the challenge before for the big picture.

However, now that Nangong Wei threw a cold blanket on it, its reputation would drop drastically if it did not take up the challenge.

Yi Li's compound eyes were bloodshot. It was enraged, but it had yet to lose its mind.

At the moment, the humans' high-level combat strength made their overall ability more powerful in Tough City's battle. If their high-level powerhouses were to fight, it was an unfavorable situation for the Bug Tribe.

However, for the sake of its reputation, Yi Li had to fight.

As it racked its brain, it soon had a plan. It contacted the bunch of Bug Tribe upper echelon secretly with the 'group chat'.

What the Bug King had no idea was that there a human was hiding in the 'group chat'.

Lin Huang was stunned to see the message popping up on the 'group chat' out of nowhere.

The message was written in red, indicating clearly that it came from the Bug King that was being challenged by Nangong Wei at the moment.

"All True Gods get ready to fight! I'll challenge Nangong Wei later, intermediate-stage True Gods will look for the opportunity to fight together and besiege him. When the human True Gods came in for the rescue, beginner-stage True Gods will join in the battle and fight with all of your might!"

"If any of you managed to kill Nangong Wei, seize the opportunity to kill all human True Gods and reap the battlefield. If you failed to kill them within a certain time, wait for my order to retreat."

Lin Huang who was hiding under the Giant Beetle's carcass shook his head while smiling when he saw the message.

He did not think that the Bug Tribe's ambush would be a successful one. It was not that there was anything wrong with the Bug King's plan, but the humans had a smarter military advisor here. It was impossible that they did not put that into consideration.

Lin Huang was even sure that there might be a similar sure-kill plan since Nangong Wei was challenging the Bug King alone.

It was just that his acting skill was too good, making the Bug Tribe think that he was only challenging the Bug King on purpose.

Moreover, there was a possibility that Nangong Wei had challenged the Bug King frequently before. Therefore, the Bug Tribe did not suspect much when this happened.

'A battle of the True Gods…' Lin Huang was secretly elated, 'All True Gods would be minding their own business, nobody should notice me sneaking in.'

He had been looking for the opportunity to blend into the human's camp. Now the opportunity had finally come.

As soon as the message was sent to the Bug Tribe's group chat, the Bug King Yi Li that was in the air had spoken.

"Nangong Wei, I know that you're challenging me on purpose to force me to fight you. I had been unwilling to fight you one on one earlier because you're a firearms master, whereby you would suppress me considering that I'm good in close-distance combat. Furthermore, our ability is similar, it's hard for me to kill you. However, don't you dare think that it's impossible."

"I could tolerate your challenges in the past, but now that you've killed my underling, I must bring justice to Scorpion Monster! No matter how great of a price I would have to pay, I must kill you today to avenge Scorpion Monster!"

The Bug King was standing on high moral ground when he said that. One was to tell the fact that Nangong Wei suppressed him which explained why he was unwilling to fight him before. Another was to avenge his underling to win the reputation of valuing his underlings. On the other hand, he also showed that he would pay the price to kill Nangong Wei, proving that his ability was above him. It would win his reputation back.

As many Bug Tribes in the battlefield were touched by what it said, Nangong Wei threw a cold blanket at it

"So well put! You deserve to be the Bug King! If I didn't kill you today, you should be able to get to lord-level in the future with your flamboyant words alone."

The Bug King Yi Li looked terrible as Nangong Wei exposed him on the spot. Fortunately, its compound eyes were bloody at the moment, hiding all of the expressions on his face.

"Quit your bullsh*t, Nangong Wei. Let's fight!"

Before it was done speaking, the wings behind Yi Li flapped and an after-shadow was created in the air. It was charging at Nangong Wei.

Nangong Wei seemed to have expected the Bug King to launch a sudden attack. Two pistols appeared on each of his hands, it was silver and black.

Some ten golden glows shot out of the silver pistol in his right hand. However, the black pistol in his left hand merely shot out two bullets. They had bloody red glows. 

As compared to the golden glows' preciseness and high speed, the red glows were a little slow, but it gave out a more threatening vibe.

It was Nangong Wei's Double Pistol. The black pistol would take care of killing, whereby it was impactful. Meanwhile, the silver pistol was in control of various changes.

Even Lin Huang was stunned as he watched.

He had almost all of his attention on Nangong Wei. It was his first time seeing a true god-level firearms master's ability.

The red bullets shooting out of Nangong Wei's black pistol had little changes, but it had a terrifying impact. Even the Bug King dared not touch it simply.

Meanwhile, the golden bullets that were shot out of the silver pistol were fancy. Lin Huang felt dizzy while watching them.

Not only the golden glows had a variety of changes in speed, but they could also be shot in an arc and they could deviate their route. Some bullets even had special effects.

For instance, temporary Space Seal, Space Warp, accelerations, decelerations, explosions, sparks...

Lin Huang could also speculate roughly that most of the effects from the pistol should not come from Nangong Wei. Instead, they came from the pistol itself.

"How could a god rule relic come with so many Rule Bending Power of different attributes?"

Lin Huang could not understand that. 

However, he soon got the answer to the question. 

"There are some unique god rule relics that might be able to do that such as Random Rule, Integration Rule, Complex Symbiosis Rule, Engulf Rule, Memory Rule, Clone Rule…"

It was the knowledgeable stone tablet who said that. 

"However, such a god rule relic is extremely scarce while it usually costs nothing below a common god sequence relic."

"This guy in red ranks on top even in the great world for his talents and potential in firearms to be able to play so many tricks with a pistol alone," the stone tablet commented. 

Lin Huang who initially could not get over being a firearms master as a career was excited when he first saw Nangong Wei showing his techniques. However, seeing those difficult tricks later on, he figured not choosing to be a firearms master back then was the right choice. 

"Even though I have Xiao Hei, I would need some three to five years to practice my skills to get to his level. Huh, I should stick to the direct way of combat which is to kill with swinging swords."

Although Lin Huang said that, he was watching the battle between two True Gods with his eyes lit up. 

Nangong Wei's gun techniques were too difficult to a half firearms master such as Lin Huang. However, it enlightened him to use his telekinetic weapons on a higher level. 

Seamless was merely a technique to increase the number as well as controlling the telekinetic threads. However, it depended more on the powerhouse on how to develop and use it specifically.

"Seems like I must study Qi Muxiong's experiences on telekinesis…"


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