Monster Paradise
1279 The War Begins
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1279 The War Begins

Tough City was the name of the human city.

Lin Huang only realized that the city wall was much higher than he imagined as he arrived outside the city with the bug beasts.

The city wall was about 100 meters tall. Apart from the fact that it was made up of a tremendous amount of metals and beast bones, many barriers and formations were shielding it.

Even a true god-level powerhouse might not be able to damage it with all of his might.

Lin Huang could almost imagine how much effort was put into this city wall when it was built.

He lifted his head to look above the city wall. Dense human troops were standing neatly. Many of them wore armors of different colors and models. They were not trained soldiers, but they were standing in a neat formation.

All of them were looking at the Bug Tribe armies that were already standing in a formation in all seriousness.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking of how the war would begin, a new order came into his ears.

"Execute a long-distance attack, get ready! Aim your attacks at the targets, which are the humans on the city wall!"

A commotion came among the bugs as soon as the order came.

A moment later, Lin Huang saw a couple of tribe members gathered together.

They were Bug Tribes that were experts in long-distance attacks.

"Defence, set up a formation to protect the long-distance attack tribes!"

Almost at the same time, the Bug Tribes wearing thick armors and shields gathered around the long-distance attack tribes.

As soon as the commotion broke out among the Bug Tribes, the humans on the city wall had taken the initiative to attack.

Lin Huang heard someone shouting on the city wall from far away, "Archers, firearms masters, gunmasters and Element Masters will take the first wave of attack!"

In the next second, Lin Huang saw countless arrows containing Divine Power, bullets and all sorts of elemental skills raining down like a storm.

Lin Huang ran immediately and hid under a Giant Beetle's tummy without hesitation.

To be honest, this wave of attack could not harm him at all.

However, he who had disguised himself as a Bug Tribe had no plan of exposing himself at the moment. He could only use the Giant Beetle as his shield to avoid this wave of attack.

As soon as human's first wave of attack came, the Bug Tribes fought back immediately.

The Flame Cannon Bugs spat gigantic fireballs one after another above the city wall.

The Ice Psybugs consolidated icicles in the air and shot them out with their tails. 

Meanwhile, there were Arrow Sting Bugs that looked something like porcupines shot the poisonous stings on their bodies like arrows.

The Bug Tribe's attack techniques were fancy. Even Lin Huang who was hiding under the Giant Beetle thought it was eye-opening.

"I can't believe there are so many tribes among the Bug Tribe to be experts in long-distance attack!"

There were many casualties on the Bug Tribe's side during the first round of battle.

Countless arrows, bullets, cannons, and elemental attacks landed on all sorts of Bug Tribes. Slightly above 70% of them were hit during this round of battle. Many of them whose ability was subpar were eliminated directly. A portion of them was injured from the attacks. Only a minority of them suffered no injuries.

Meanwhile, on the human side, the attack impact that they suffered was nothing minor. However, very few of them were killed during this round of attack.

Most of the Bug Tribes who passed through the high city wall after attacking had their power taken away by all sorts of formations and barriers. Many attacks even vanished before they hit anything. Even if they did hit something, 70% to 80% of impact and speed were taken away, which lost its threat.

The humans were well prepared for this battle.

Lin Huang who was still hiding under the Giant Beetle tummy was secretly relieved when he saw that.

Although it was not the gravel world, the humans in the city were of his kind after all.

A new order came into Lin Huang's ears as the fire went on for some ten minutes from both sides.

"Excluding the long-distance attack group, everyone attacks!" 

A commotion went on among the Bug Tribes as the order came. A sea of bug beasts flew into the air and charged above the city wall directly.

Only a minority of bug beasts that were not good in flying chose to charge beneath the city wall.

The Bug King's order had a certain force on the ordinary Bug Tribes, there was no way that they could go against the order. However, Lin Huang was not a real Bug Tribe, but an imposter. Although he received the order too, there was no stress on him.

Seeing the formation waves that appeared faintly above the city wall, Lin Huang knew that this wave of Bug Tribes would be in an unfavorable situation again.

He withdrew his head obediently again and proceeded to hide under the Giant Beetle's tummy. He waited for the Giant Beetle to run with its clumsy, thin legs patiently.

It was not that the Giant Beetles could not fly. They had wings too, but their flight technique was worrying. They could not deviate their directions most of the time as soon as they started flying. No matter what kind of obstacles they encountered, they could only smash into it. Therefore, unless they were running for their lives, the Giant Beetles rarely flap their wings. 

As the Giant Beetles were merely one-third on their way, a sea of bug beasts had flown above the city wall.

Just like what Lin Huang expected, the countless bug beasts slowed down from the formations and barriers as they passed above the city wall. They became sitting ducks.

Naturally, the humans on the city wall would not let go of such an opportunity. This time, almost everyone on the city wall attacked. They attacked with all sorts of techniques at the Bug Tribes that were slowed down. 

The first wave of Bug Tribe fighters that went first became sitting ducks directly. Almost all of them were killed instantly.

The Bug Tribes at the back reacted immediately when they noticed something was off. However, they did not retreat. Instead, they treated their kind in front as their shields while they proceeded to attack at the city wall.

Although they slowed down significantly, there were so many of them after all. Apart from the major casualties on the first impact, the death rate after that dropped significantly.

Seeing that the Bug Tribe soldiers did not stop approaching, the humans felt the stress on their side.

"Go, squads!"

As the order came from the human's side, up to a hundred human squads charged from above the city wall. The members of the squads were high-level Virtual Gods. They were like arrows shooting into the bug hordes.

Compared to the Bug Tribes being slowed down, up to a hundred human squads seemed to not have been affected by the barriers and formations at all.

While one was advancing and another was dropping, it was like up to a hundred tigers pouncing at the lambs.

The Bug Tribes' stance was messed up instantly. The sitting ducks that were initially charging towards the city wall were killed one after another.

As if up to a hundred whirlpools appeared among the tsunami-like bug hordes, their order was disrupted now.

"Amazing comeback!" 

Lin Huang could not help but exclaimed when he saw that.

"The great formation of up to a hundred billion in number the Bug Tribes came up with were disrupted by some 1,000 people like a piece of cake!"

However, Lin Huang could not help but frown under the disguise in the next second. He thought of a problem all of a sudden. 

"Now that the battle is so intense, there must be countless True Gods watching. I'm afraid it might be difficult for me to remove my disguise to enter the city. Forget it that the Bug Tribes might find out about me but as soon as humans find me, they would most probably think that I'm a spy for the Bug Tribe. Even if I managed to prove that I'm human, I bet they won't believe me. After all, there were spies controlled by the Bug Tribe before…"


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