Monster Paradise
1278 The Bug Tribe’s Group Cha
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1278 The Bug Tribe’s Group Cha

Just as Lin Huang was wondering how to contact other Bug Tribes to retrieve intel, a virtual projection box suddenly popped up in front of him.

'What's that?'

Lin Huang had put away his communication ring earlier to disguise himself as a member of the Bug Tribe; this projection box clearly did not come from there.

Lin Huang took a closer look—the projected content looked rather like a group chat. There were constant new updates on various pieces of information. He was familiar with the language that the group chat was using; they were written in the characters of the Bug Tribe's tongue.

He had mastered the bug language automatically after obtaining the Bug Tribe Queen Mother. It was also one of the functions of his Goldfinger, Xiao Hei, which allowed him to master all Monster Cards' languages and characters automatically. 

Lin Huang eyed the projection box doubtfully. Very soon, his triangular head took on a confused expression.

"Is this the Bug Tribe's group chat?"

Although he had obtained Bug Tribe Queen Mothers and many Bug Tribe Monster Cards, this was his first time encountering the Bug Tribe's internal communication system.

The projection box before him was similar to the group chats that humans used back in the gravel world.

New messages kept scrolling up on the group chat; this was apparently a live conversation among different Bug Tribe members.

Lin Huang made up his mind to become an observer and read the conversations coming from all these multiple Bug Tribe members in silence.

"This planet sure is tough. It's been almost a month and we still haven't conquered it!"

"There's nothing that we can do. The few remaining cities all have True Gods guarding them. Not only that, but their ability's also quite powerful. Especially that Nangong guy; I heard he's a human class-4 genius and his combat strength is at sixth-rank True God level. That's on par with a Bug King."

"We can only drain them since we can't defeat them. After all, we outnumber the humans. No matter how powerful that Nangong guy is, once his Divine Power is all drained off, he's finished."

"Judging by our current progress, I think we'll need at least a month to clear this planet completely."

Lin Huang observed quietly for a while and realized that the bug beasts sending out these messages seemed to be of a similar intelligence level. They were completely different from ordinary Bug Tribe fighters.

Just as Lin Huang started to have some doubts, a message popped up suddenly. Unlike the black bug characters in all the previous texts, this one was in red.

"Stop chatting, take charge of your stations and your underlings. The Queen Mother's just given an order—we attack in half an hour!"

The entire group chat became dead silent as soon as the red message popped up.

Lin Huang came to a realization at that point. "No wonder they have high intelligence. I'm guessing these are bug guardians and commanders that are at least triple mutated."

Triple mutated Bug Tribes had intelligence on par with ordinary humans. If that was the case, everything made sense.

"The sender of the red text should be the quadruple mutated Bug King!" Lin Huang was able to make a rough guess at the identity of the bug beast that had sent the text. "I can't believe I accidentally tapped into a high-level group chat." 

However, the mention of an attack in half an hour caught Lin Huang's attention.

"Perhaps if I follow along with this attack, I might be able to come into contact with the humans here."

Lin Huang levitated into the air after a moment of contemplation and headed for the Bug Tribe that was nearest to his Divine Telekinesis sense earlier.

He suppressed his flight speed to the level of a rank-3 Virtual God. It took him some ten minutes to finally arrive at the location where he had sensed the Bug Tribe.

Fortunately, Bug Tribe soldiers below the level of guardians and commanders possessed low intelligence. None of them suspected Lin Huang's identity even though they sensed his arrival. Instead, they cleared a path for him since they sensed that he had high combat strength.

This allowed Lin Huang to blend into the Bug Tribe easily. What was even more fortunate was that the entire group was comprised of a mixture of armies. There were hundreds of different Bug Tribes; Lin Huang did not seem out of place when he mingled with everyone.

He was not nervous at all as he was among bug beasts of all forms in the Bug Tribe army.

He glanced around; he sensed no aura that surpassed virtual god-level.

It was a piece of cake for him to annihilate troops of over 10 million Bug Tribe fighters on his own. He would not even need to summon his imperial beasts.

As Lin Huang glanced over the bugs, it did not take him long to notice a human city not far away. It was less than 60 kilometers from where the Bug Tribe army was currently.

Ten minutes passed by in the blink of an eye.

There was a sudden update in the 'group chat' that Lin Huang was observing.

A message in gold text came through.

"Inform the troops we will attack in three minutes!"

"This message is probably from one of the true god-level Queen Mothers!" Lin Huang immediately guessed who had sent the gold texts.

Based on the overall battle situation, each of the three true god-level Queen Mothers was responsible for overseeing the wars in at least a few dozen planets. This meant that their attention would be split between all of these various places.

Despite that, the Queen Mothers coordinated the efforts of the Bug Tribe army confidently and effortlessly. 

The Queen Mothers' orders would only go to the Bug Kings leading the troops and the Bug Tribe commanders. They would naturally make the necessary arrangements to realize the Queen Mothers' orders.

A voice sounded in Lin Huang's ears as soon as the Queen Mother sent the message.

"Get ready, we attack in three minutes!"

Seeing that all of the bugs around him were standing up one after the other, Lin Huang realized that the order was not solely directed at him.

'That wasn't voice transmission, so it ought to be the Bug Tribe's message delivery system. The message would be heard by everyone; what a highly efficient technique.'

In less than half an hour of being disguised as a bug, Lin Huang had witnessed two different yet highly efficient communication techniques. This had completely overturned the original assumptions he had made about the Bug Tribe.

Initially, he had thought that most Bug Tribes were of low intelligence. The reason why they were powerful was because of their massive numbers and the fact that they could devour everything. However, if one could infer the whole from a single instance, this meant that the Bug Tribe possessed high intelligence which was on par with that of humans. 

Humans had invented communication tools, while the Bug Tribe had invented its own 'group chat'. Humans had come up with voice transmission techniques, while Bug Tribe had their very own message delivery system. Furthermore, their system was much more efficient and detailed than human voice transmission.

Clearly, the Bug Tribe had been continuously learning and evolving.

Lin Huang abandoned his sense of superiority and suppressed his aura to avoid being exposed.

As soon as the three minutes of preparation were up, a gold text appeared in the group chat.


Almost simultaneously, Lin Huang heard an order in his ears.


As soon as the order came, almost all the Bug Tribe members stopped what they were doing and charged at the nearby city!

Tens upon millions of Bug Tribe armies surged toward the human city like a flood.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang kept a low profile in the great mass of bug beasts and followed the army into the city.


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