Monster Paradise
1273 Four Quotas
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1273 Four Quotas

After having got his hands on the three sets of god rule relic telekinetic weapons, Lin Huang purchased some food and water. He was finally done with all of the necessary preparations before he went into the secret zone.

He rested for the night. At approximately eight the next morning, someone knocked on his hotel room door not long after he had finished his breakfast.

Lin Huang knew that the Death Sickle had probably sent someone to pick him up.

A tall lady stood in front of him when he opened the door.

Her legs were so long that they could compare to Yi Yeyu's. Her skin was healthily tanned, and her red hair barely touched her earlobes. If one had to point out any flaws, it was her chest that was almost flat.

Lin Huang was taken aback a little when he saw the lady, it was his first time seeing another human ever since he had come to the great world.

However, the thought merely flashed past his mind. He immediately realized that the person was not human at all but a real Protoss. The human form he was seeing was just the mortal form of the person's three forms.

The lady took a good look at Lin Huang as well.

However, since Lin Huang was covered in the black robe and Thousand Face mask the Buried Heaven had given him, he was shielded from being detected from the outside. Hence, she could not sense anything about him at all.

Since she could not find anything, she did not bother to try. Instead, she spoke directly to confirm his identity.

"Are you Xie Lin?"

"That's me." Lin Huang nodded.

"Master Buried Heaven sent me to pick you up."

"Let's go then." Lin Huang had checked out of the hotel when he was having his breakfast.

The lady nodded and summoned a Dragnet Spider.

The Dragnet Spider was completely white, and it was so much more decent than the one he had seen before. He knew that such spiders came in many colors.

"To the headquarters," the lady ordered. Then, the little white spider waved its front crawls as if it was doing a fancy dance on her palm. Following that, a Dimensional Whirlpool appeared out of thin air. 

The little spider then spat two spider webs that clung onto Lin Huang and the lady before they leaped into the Dimensional Whirlpool.

A moment later, when Lin Huang had just managed to stand still, he realized he was standing before a humongous building.

Skyscrapers could be seen around the humongous building when one looked over. There were monsters of all forms traveling in the air, and it was crowded. The hustle and bustle was nothing below a grade-A foothold or more in the human world.

"Follow me." The lady did not even turn her head, and she walked straight toward the humongous building's entrance.

Lin Huang caught up to her immediately.

The duo walked through the door with one in front of the other as they entered the building.

There was a gigantic lobby behind the door. Monsters of all kinds crowded the place, there were strong and weak auras among them.

Lin Huang could clearly sense that many of them were on virtual god-level and true god-level. There were also two auras that terrified him. They were most probably the heavenly god-level powerhouse guards.

However, Lin Huang had not sensed any of them amidst the sea of auras until he had walked through the door.

The lady slowed down as she continued to walk toward the lobby. She turned her head to peep at Lin Huang, she seemed to want to see if he had revealed anything. However, she then looked away after failing to get anything out of him.

"We will meet at meeting room No.1 first."

The lady walked toward the left side of the lobby after saying that.

Lin Huang asked rather curiously when he caught up to her, "Are you one of the participants too?"

"Do I look like one?" The lady stopped walking and turned her head to look at Lin Huang. She asked as she raised her brows.

"You do," Lin Huang was stunned for a second to which he nodded and then responded expressionlessly. He almost forgot that he portrayed Xie Lin as a cold person.

The lady did not bother starting an awkward conversation after hearing Lin Huang had given her such a brief response. She proceeded to walk forward.

Lin Huang thought he would say something wrong if he talked more, so he decided not to speak at all.

The duo passed through the lobby and through a corridor before they finally arrived at meeting room No.1.

The meeting room was small, and it was merely 50 to 60 square meters big. There was a meeting table in the middle of the room.

Apart from Lin Huang and the lady, there was nobody else in the meeting room.

"The other two should arrive by 8:30, let's take a seat first," the lady said as she got herself a seat.

Lin Huang sat down two seats away from her.

The lady then projected her screen and began playing games. She ignored Lin Huang's existence completely.

On the other hand, Lin Huang began looking at the news.

Some ten minutes later, someone pushed open the meeting room door. Lin Huang turned his head to look, it was a young man who was so handsome that he looked flawless. He looked like he was in his early 20s.

"I thought I was the first to arrive, how's it possible that you're here earlier than me, Fallen Star? Don't you always have trouble waking up in the morning?"

"I had a mission this morning." The lady pouted in Lin Huang's direction without lifting her head. She continued playing her games while ignoring the rest.

"Eh, are you the one who got the fourth quota?" The young man seemed to only pay heed to Lin Huang's existence.

He walked toward Lin Huang as if he knew him and pulled a chair over to sit. He began observing Lin Huang from a close distance.

"Aren't you warm, wrapping yourself like that?" 

The young man began chatting him up while smiling since he was unable to sense anything from him.


"Can you just sit still and not disturb anyone, Destiny?" The lady named Fallen Star lifted her head to glare at the young man.

"I'm just curious about him, aren't you?"

"It was Master Buried Heaven who appointed him the quota," Fallen Star responded coldly, "If you have any questions, ask Master Buried Heaven yourself."

Hearing the name Buried Heaven, the young man could not help but withdraw his neck. "I shall keep quiet..."

As soon as the young man finished speaking, two female voices were heard in unison coming from the door. It sounded like two little girls were talking.

"If we're not mistaken, he should be the mysterious man who killed Wine Ant Queen and Spider Empress two months ago."

A lady with two heads walked in as the meeting room's door was pushed open.

The lady with two heads looked around 12 to 13 years old. She wore a white dress. 

"Is Twin right about that, sir?" the lady's two mouths asked at the same time as she chuckled.

As the lady gave her name, Lin Huang was sure that they were the participants who were going to join him in the mission, They were the top three on the Black Sickle Leaderboard.

They were Fallen Star, Destiny and Twin.

The three of them were also the outstanding virtual god-level powerhouses who ranked on the top of the Virtual God Leaderboard of the Gods Leaderboard.

Fallen Star ranked No.4 on the Virtual God Leaderboard, while Density ranked No.10. On the other hand, Twin ranked No.17.

"He killed the Wine Ant Queen and Spider Empress?" Fallen Star paused the game she was playing and lifted her head to look at Lin Huang in shock.

"I assume you guys checked the information exchange section even though you guys don't check the forum, am I right?" Twin's left head asked. 

However, her right head replied immediately, "The thread on the information exchange section was deleted less than half a day after it was posted. It makes sense that they didn't see it. Also, the thread on the forum was deleted after it was posted for less than two days ago."

"You're talking about the thread on the information exchange section? I saw that, but I didn't click into it after seeing the title." Destiny pouted. "I thought the thread was deleted later on? It proves that it was fake even more."

"The person before us knows the best whether it's real or fake," Twin's both heads said at the same time.

Lin Huang could only nod lightly, seeing that the three of them were looking at him in unison. "I considered killing them, I used some tricks."

A gleam of shock flashed through Fallen Star's eyes hearing that. 

Meanwhile, Destiny's face had an expression of shock as he was stunned.

Only the twin sisters who had guessed the truth were rather calm. However, excitement was written on their faces. 

The doubt the three of them had was gone since Lin Huang himself had admitted that Buried Heaven was the one who had given him the quota.

The three of them were aware at that moment that the thread had been deleted not because it was fake. Instead, it was to protect the mysterious man before them.

Although Lin Huang had told them that he had used some tricks, the three of them were sure that he was way stronger than them. After all, no matter how many tricks the three of them used, they would not have been able to take the lives of the Bug Queens with the presence of hundreds of millions of Bug Tribe armies.

"Big brother, you're my big brother from now on! You must cover me in the secret zone!" Destiny held onto Lin Huang's arm with an exaggerated expression on his face.

"No matter how close you stay with him, he won't be able to cover you. No two people have ever been teleported to the same place by the Great Heaven Territory," Fallen Star said while pouting.

"It's okay. We can add each other's contacts, so we can keep in touch even after we get out of the Great Heaven Territory," Twin's right head said while smiling. Her left head agreed immediately, "That's right, let's keep in touch!"

Lin Huang did not have the heart to decline Twin's suggestion.

Twin and Destiny added Lin Huang's number immediately. Meanwhile, Fallen Star seemed to be holding onto her dignity whereby she sat still.

After adding both of them, Lin Huang turned his head to look at Fallen Star. "Let's add each other's contacts."

Fallen Star only nodded in agreement then.

A young man appeared in the meeting room without anyone noticing while the four of them were adding each other's contacts.

"It's rather crowded here."

The four of them turned their heads immediately to look at the source of the voice.

"Master Buried Heaven!"


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