Monster Paradise
1272 Generous
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1272 Generous

After accepting the Great Heaven Territory's mission, Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation once again.

He continued cultivating Seamless again during this round of closed-door cultivation.

The reason why he cultivated Seamless was that there would be a direct boost in his abilities with each telekinetic thread he obtained.

Although there was room for improvement for his Sword Dao as well, not only would he have to spend a great amount of time to break through level-6 which was Deity, he would have to find an opportunity for that breakthrough.

Fortunately, the cultivation speed of Seamless had gotten a few folds faster ever since he had ascended to imperial-level rank-9.

Compared to the additional 100 telekinetic threads per hour previously, it was currently 300 threads per hour.

He only cultivated for 12 hours on the first day. Nevertheless, he managed to gain 3,600 telekinetic threads. Hence, he had a total of 58,100 telekinetic threads.

The number of telekinetic threads he had had increased by heaps.

For six consecutive days, Lin Huang did not eat, drink, nor rest as he immersed himself in cultivating Seamless.

By the middle of the night on the sixth day, he had accumulated 100,000 telekinetic threads!

He was at the peak of Seamless' level-6 cultivation.

Lin Huang was finally, completely sure that the legend of Qi Muxiong controlling 108,000 telekinetic threads at the same time was not all that he had mastered.

The reason being, the peak of Seamless' level-6 was 100,000 telekinetic threads. Hence, the limit of the number telekinetic threads would be 300,000 threads once one had gotten to the next level, which was level-7.

Furthermore, according to the memory he had inherited, Qi Muxiong had actually cultivated Seamless to the peak of level-8. Following Seamless' level-8 description, he should have been able to control a million telekinetic threads.

"I'm still very far away from reaching Qi Muxiong's level." Lin Huang could not help but compare himself with Qi Muxiong. "Fortunately, my spirit is powerful enough since I've ascended to imperial-level rank-9. Level-6 isn't my limit." 

Lin Huang did not perform a breakthrough right after he got to the peak of level-6. Instead, he rested where he was and ate some snacks. After he was done eating, he slept for a full 12 hours before he sat with his legs crossed again. Then, he adjusted his body to his peak and began constructing the path to Seamless' level-7 in his spirit.

Perhaps there was a great boost in his spirit as the construction went incredibly smoothly. He was completely done in half an hour.

As he employed Divine Telekinesis and began a circulatory cycle, he officially stepped into level-7 of Seamless.

The breakthrough in Seamless gave Lin Huang a clear sense whereby there was a boost in his Divine Telekinesis.

His spirit and Divine Telekinesis were already at the peak of Virtual God rank-9 when he ascended to imperial-level rank-9. This breakthrough had brought Lin Huang's Divine Telekinesis to True God standard.

"With the intensity of my Divine Telekinesis now, I should be able to control god rule telekinetic weapon relics. Although I won't be able to activate their God Rule Powers, the intensity should be enough to surpass ordinary god relics." Lin Huang did not waste any time after checking the changes in his telekinetic power. A short while later, he immersed himself in his spirit and began another round of closed-door cultivation.

The cultivation of level-7 Seamless was slightly slower than that of its level-6. He could only grow 200 telekinetic threads per hour.

However, Lin Huang chose to cultivate without resting. The number of telekinetic threads he had did not stop increasing by 4,800 each day.

Time flew by, and 21 days passed just like that.

Lin Huang only stopped cultivating after he had accumulated 200,000 telekinetic threads. 

He did not stop because it was the limit of the number of telekinetic threads, he stopped because the Great Heaven Territory would open in three days.

After he had stopped cultivating, Lin Huang spent less than ten minutes eating some snacks and drinking some water. He then went to sleep.

His sleep went on for almost two nights.

It was one day before he was to go into the Great Heaven Territory when he woke up.

"Sleep sure is refreshing!" Lin Huang had never felt better after waking up from his sleep.

"Now I'll purchase some stuff before going into the secret zone. However, there's something I need to do before that," Lin Huang mumbled to himself as he logged in to Royal's trading page.

After clicking into the telekinetic weapon page, Lin Huang filtered the selection to only god rule relics and sorted the items based on their price from low to high.

Although that was the case, the trading conditions of the first telekinetic weapon that met Lin Huang's caused him to inhale sharply.

"3,200 Divine Crystals! We only accept Divine Crystals or expert-grade god rule sword relics."

"3,200 Divine Crystals means 32 million Divine Stones, and they don't take Divine Stones…"

Although the ratio of Divine Crystals to Divine Stones was 1:10000 based on their value, nobody would be willing to trade Divine Stones for Divine Crystals. Even if someone really needed Divine Stones, they would trade for them in blackmarkets. The ratio was at least 1:13000 or even more.

Lin Huang looked helpless. In order to purchase the earlier two god rule relics, apart from the equipment he had kept for himself, he had sold almost all of his god relics and demigod relics for Divine Stones. He only had some 20 million Divine Stones with him at that moment. He did not even have a single Divine Crystal with him. Even if he was eager to purchase the item, he could not even afford a god rule relic.

Out of curiosity, Lin Huang proceeded to look further down the page.

The number of telekinetic weapons on the page was very little after he had set the filter. There was only a total of 106 items.

The cheapest one cost 3,200 Divine Crystals. However, there were only three items that were priced below 4,000 Divine Crystals. Most of the remaining ones were priced between 4,000 to 7,000 Divine Crystals. The most expensive one was priced at 28,000 Divine Crystals.

Meanwhile, all of the telekinetic weapons on the entire page could either be traded for Divine Crystals or by following other trading conditions. However, none of them allowed the trading of Divine Stones.

Lin Huang thought about it after aborting his plan to purchase a god rule relic. He filtered the page again whereby he included low-grade items. He also changed 'god rule relic' to 'god relic'.

Changes took place on the page immediately.

The sorting settings of the marketplace was the same, and the price of the first telekinetic weapon that appeared was 340,000 Divine Stones.

There was an adequate amount of god telekinetic weapon relics whereby there were a total of 281 items.

Lin Huang glanced through the page and scrolled to the bottom.

The most expensive item cost 1.8 million Divine Stones. However, there was a remark on its trading condition, '20% discount if purchased with Divine Crystals'.

"Expert-grade items are all priced above 800,000. I already have a god telekinetic weapon relic, but I need at least two to three more sets to accumulate enough telekinetic threads. I need at least 2.4 million to purchase them…" Lin Huang did not place the order after thinking through it for a while.

Although he had enough Divine Stones to purchase god telekinetic weapon relics, he thought that it would be a waste. He could activate god rule relics now. Moreover, his enemies would at least be true god-level powerhouses from now on. He would only use the god relics a few times if he were to purchase them.

"It would be great if I could rent them…" Lin Huang's eyes lit up as soon as he mumbled that out loud.

As he projected his contacts page, he soon found a stranger's number he had acquired a month ago. He made a call.

A moment later, the call connected.

"You told me before that I could look for you at any time if I have questions about missions," Lin Huang said directly before the person could speak.

"Tell me," the synthesized voice responded briefly.

"I want three to four sets of god rule telekinetic weapon relics. It would be best if they're the same or of similar models. It's sufficient if the weapons add up to 200,000 to 300,000 pieces in total after being disintegrated," Lin Huang gave his conditions once and for all. He paused for a moment before continuing, "Rent them to me for a month, give them to me in advance, or deduct the cost from my rewards later on.

"With the way how you handle things, there's no need for you to worry about me running away with those god rule relics…"

Lin Huang gave a bunch of details to prevent the person from declining his request. However, the person responded before he was done speaking.

"Sure. Three sets of telekinetic weapons, they'll be your gifts for joining us. I'll send them to you later.

"Anything else?"

"No," Lin Huang was not expecting the person to agree to his conditions so simply. Not only that, but they were going to give them to him as gifts.

The person on the other side hung up after hearing Lin Huang's reply.

When Lin Huang heard that the signal had been cut off from the communication device, it came to his mind that he had not asked how and when he would receive the stuff. The person had not asked for his address as well.

As he was debating whether or not he should send a text to ask him, a message suddenly popped up on his communication device.

"The stuff has been sent, please take note of the items' arrival."

"Already sent? Where did they send it?" Lin Huang looked around left and right. The cultivation room was minimalistic whereby he could see everything in a single glance. Nothing popped up.

"Check your storage space," the stone tablet in Lin Huang's body said to him through voice transmission.

Lin Huang then looked in his storage space. He found three big, golden birds covered in flames flying around. It was as if they were playing in his storage space. 

He was stunned to see that. He subsequently realized that they were simulated beasts that had been made from the telekinetic weapons.

"They're of fire attribute, the simulated beasts seem to be phoenixes…" Lin Huang's eyes lit up as he looked at them. Judging by their aura, they're ultimate-grade god rule relics. If I can bring out the God Rule Power in them, together with sufficient Divine Telekinesis, I bet I can kill a ninth-rank True God."

"They gave me three sets of god rule relics without even blinking, so generous!" Lin Huang finally realized that he seemed to have joined a terrific organization.


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