Monster Paradise
1270 Great Heaven Territory
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1270 Great Heaven Territory

Lin Huang sat next to Buried Heaven with his legs crossed. The cultivation room was silent at the moment.

Buried Heaven seemed like he was not in a rush to talk. He brought out two bottles of drinks from his storage space and passed one to Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took it and could not help to ask before he opened the bottle.

"Are you here to talk to me about the mission that you mentioned yesterday?"

Buried Heaven opened the bottle leisurely. He only nodded after taking a sip.

"That's right."

"Isn't it faster for you to tell me this through text?" Lin Huang asked in slight confusion.

"Short messages won't be able to explain it. Moreover, I dislike typing," Buried Heaven explained.

Lin Huang thought to himself secretly, 'You can send voice recordings if you don't like to type…'

However, Lin Huang did not say that out loud as there was a possibility that Buried Heaven did not know of such a voice message function, or perhaps he had other reasons for visiting. No matter what it was, it would be awkward for Lin Huang to expose him.

"So, what is this mission about?" Lin Huang almost teased Buried Heaven but he held back. He began asking about the serious stuff.

Buried Heaven put down the drink in his hand and turned his head to look at Lin Huang. His expression turned serious and said, "Go into the Great Heaven Territory, retrieve Great Heaven's inheritance and secret treasures!"

"Great Heaven Territory?!" Lin Huang was familiar with that name.

Noticing that Lin Huang's tone seemed to be a little doubtful, Buried Heaven explained briefly, "Great Heaven was the No.1 genius of the last era in the entire God Territory. He was also the most powerful powerhouse among the Heavenly Gods of the last era. The Great Heaven Territory is the God Territory he left behind after he passed on."

In reality, Bloody had described this place to him when she was sorting out the information earlier.

The Great Heaven Territory was one of the most popular secret zones in the God Territory. Rumor had it that Great Heaven's inheritance and treasures were hidden in this secret zone.

Meanwhile, the documents that Bloody left behind had information about Great Heaven too.

In the last era, Great Heaven was known to be invincible among the Heavenly Gods. He had suppressed other genius powerhouses in the entire era. Regardless if it was Protoss or other tribes, no Heavenly Gods were a match for him. Rumor had it that he had even defended a Lord's attack that contained Great Dao Power.

Theoretically, it was easy for such a talented genius to become a Lord.

However, Great Heaven had chosen a cultivation method that was different from the ordinary. Eventually, the cultivation failed, and he died. 

The God Territory that he had left behind after his death slowly evolved into a secret zone.

The documents that Bloody left behind also recorded that although the Great Heaven Territory was a Heavenly God's remnant, Great Heaven seemed to have set up some restriction in his God Territory when he was alive, whereby people above Virtual God were prohibited from entering. 

The reason why Lin Huang remembered so many things about the Great Heaven Territory was because Great Heaven was a powerful sword cultivator too.

Lin Huang could not help but ask after pondering in silence for a while.

"It's been many years since Great Heaven left behind this secret zone. Theoretically, it should've been opened many times. Nobody managed to retrieve his inheritance and secret treasures?"

"Heavenly Gods' God Territory's size is calculated based on the star zones. There are up to a billion stars alone in the Great Heaven Territory, excluding other celestial bodies. Meanwhile, all participants would be teleported in there randomly. Nobody knows which celestial body the inheritance and secret treasures are hidden," Buried Heaven shook his head.

"Why are you guys sure that I would be able to retrieve the inheritance and secret treasures?" Lin Huang asked while finding it strange.

"We're not sure about that, we merely felt that the chance of you retrieving the inheritance is higher than the rest," Buried Heaven replied honestly. "You're a sword cultivator, so was Great Heaven. Moreover, your ability is more powerful than people of the same combat strength." 

Buried Heaven even glanced at Lin Huang when he was speaking halfway. He seemed to be observing his reaction.

"I guess this mission isn't mandatory?" Lin Huang thought about it and asked Buried Heaven.

"No." There were not any emotions on Buried Heaven's face, however, a gleam of disappointment flashed through his eyes. "You can reject the mission."

"What are the benefits if I were to accept it?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

Hearing Lin Huang's question, Buried Heaven turned his head to look at him again.

"If you managed to retrieve the inheritance, it would belong to you. Death Sickle is only asking for a copy. If you managed to retrieve Great Heaven's secret treasures, you'll take 50% of them. If you managed to retrieve other inherence and secret treasures, everything would belong to you if they didn't belong to Great Heaven himself."

"50%…" Lin Huang mumbled softly. He seemed to be unsatisfied with the ratio.

"50% is quite a lot." Buried Heaven added, "Great Heaven's secret treasures are worth nothing below a Lord's secret treasure. You can request if there's anything that you desire among the secret treasures."

Lin Huang thought about it and figured it was Death Sickle who gave him the quota after all. Otherwise, there was no way of him getting in at all. Therefore, he stopped grappling on the ratio. He knew that even if he fought for it, it would be great if he could get 5% extra, which made not much of a difference.

The rewards that Death Sickle offered were indeed handsome.

"Apart from that, I can personally give you something in advance," Buried Heaven took out a golden mask from his storage space as he spoke.

Lin Huang's entire body went into alert mode automatically as soon as he saw the mask.

The aura on the mask terrified him a little.

"This mask is a…god sequence relic?" Lin Huang asked in a testing manner.

"Yes. It's called Thousand Face, I used it in the past," Buried Heaven nodded lightly. "If you managed to retrieve Great Heaven's inherence, I'll give you Thousand Face. If you failed, I'll be lending you temporarily. You can return it to me when you get out of the Great Heaven Territory." 

"Alright then…" Lin Huang thought about it. He figured it made sense he would not be given a god sequence relic that was used by a Heavenly God for nothing.

He thought of something else immediately. Buried Heaven giving him this mask meant he had found out about him as a human. Giving him this god sequence relic was to give him a better disguise to prevent others from detecting his real identity.

'Since Buried Heaven already found out that I'm a human, there's a high chance that other Death Sickle's upper echelons are aware of it too. Under such circumstances, Death Sickle is still willing to give me the quota to enter this secret zone. It seems like Death Sickle isn't against humans. At least I don't have to worry about exposing my identity at Death Sickle from now on.'

"There will be a total of 300 people entering the Great Heaven Territory this time. They're all top geniuses trained by major organizations. I bet most of them are ranked on top of the Gods Leaderboard and a handful of them are supreme geniuses that are secretly trained. Their abilities are not to be underestimated."

"There's a low chance of you encountering them, but if you did, don't show mercy if you need to kill. There are no consequences for you if you did kill. It's very common to die in a secret zone. Nobody would hold you responsible after you exit from there."

"This time, Death Sickle has four quotas. Try not to fight with the other three. Do whatever you want with the rest."

"The secret zone's opening time would be on the 8th of next month. Someone will pick you up by then."

"Ask if you have any questions now. Don't text me after I leave, I dislike typing."


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