Monster Paradise
1269 I’m at Your Door
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1269 I’m at Your Door

Noche Super Star Zone in the God Territory.

As one of the six super star zones in the God Territory, there were many grade-5 and even a couple of grade-6 Shelters' headquarters here.

Among them, Death Sickle's headquarters was also located in the grade-6 Blood Sickle Shelter. In this super star zone, the Blood Sickle Shelter that was closest to grade-6 was undoubtedly the overlord here.

At the moment, it was rather crowded at Death Sickle's headquarters' meeting room in the Blood Sickle Shelter. 

Seven people gathered at the round table in the meeting room.

A young man with gray hair stood five to six meters away from the round table.

If Lin Huang was here, he would recognize immediately that the young man was Buried Heaven who had just visited him not long ago.

"How was the assessment, Buried Heaven?" A voice came asking from the round table.

"The bug carcasses are real," Buried Heaven had his eyes on the person who had just spoken as he continued, "The entire bug carcass' body had no injuries at all, must be killed with some Spiritual secret skill." 

"Are all of the bug carcasses the same?" Another person asked.

"I've only seen one, the rest of them looked like they're perfectly intact judging from the photos," Buried Heaven responded with a poker face.

"So, what's that rookie Xie Lin's combat strength like?" 

"His combat strength is rather weird. His aura intensity seems Virtual God rank-9 to me, there's Divine Power activated in his body and there's even Divine Fire's aura. However, he has no Godhead consolidated in him. He must have some unique cultivation method," Buried Heaven could not help but frown at the mention of Lin Huang's combat strength.

"Do you think this rookie is reliable?"

Buried Heaven hesitated for a while on that question. He then gave a puzzling answer.

"I don't know." 

After saying those three words, Buried Heaven added, "He said 'I guess' when I asked him whether he killed the Bug Kings and Bug Queens. Although he didn't deny that, neither did he give a definite answer. I can't confirm his exact, real ability." 

"Also, he has a fake identity. His past experiences were also made up. I was skeptical about this in the beginning, but my suspicion was all gone after meeting him."

"And the reason?" Another person at the round table asked.

"He's a human." The entire meeting room fell into dead silence upon Buried Heaven's words.

At the meeting table, six of them looked at the seventh person almost at the same time.

The man in a skull mask tapped the table with his translucent, jade-like finger once and chuckled softly as he spoke, "Never had I thought that kid is of my kind."

The female creature with white fluorescent light glowing on her body sitting next to the man spoke too, "Given the situations of humans in the God Territory at the moment, it's forgivable that this rookie disguised himself. There's no need for us to get to the bottom of this." 

"Combat God Temple and we, the Death Sickle, are the only top organization in the God Territory that are recruiting. He could only hunt around the outer ring if he joined Combat God Temple with his fake identity. Naturally, joining our Death Sickle would be a better choice."

"Since we give rewards based on the missions, with his combat strength access, he would not have access to any confidential information."

The flame monster sitting across the white fluorescent light creature spoke as soon as she was done speaking.

"But that mission is top secret, are you guys sure that you want to get an unknown kid to join?" 

"Only god order-level (True God) life forms can only enter that place. If that unknown kid that you're talking about had really killed the Bug Kings and Bug Queens, he's undoubtedly the most powerful destiny-level (Virtual God) in this era. There's a high chance that he's the person who can bring out the thing that we desire." 

"Moreover, with his destiny-level (Virtual God) combat strength, he would have no ability and guts to pocket the thing himself. As soon as he brings the thing out, it will naturally belong to us Death Sickle. By then, I believe that he would give the thing willingly to us as long as we give relevant compensations and promises." It was the human man with the skull mask who spoke this time.

As the argument on both sides was still going on, a man at the round table asked Buried Heaven all of a sudden.

"Buried Heaven, since you came in contact with that rookie in person, do you think he should take the mission?"

Buried Heaven went silent for a moment upon hearing that question.

"Based on my instinct, there's something in him that I can't see through. That mission has been hanging for years. If there's someone that could complete it, he might be the one with the highest chance of completing it among everyone that I came in contact with."

"Of course, that's only my instinct, it might not be accurate," Buried Heaven added.

"Then… let's vote on that," the questioner turned his head left and right to look at the other six.

A moment later, the seven of them at the round table had voted.

"Five in favor, two opposes," the creature wearing a golden crown on his head announced in a unique voice. "Then that's settled, rookie Xie Lin will be added to the list!"

"Buried Heaven, if you're available, you'll be handling everything related to this mission."

"Sure, but I have a condition," Buried Heaven requested shamelessly.

"Do tell."

"If he got it, I want a share of that person's inheritance!"


Buried Heaven bowed at the seven of them after getting the confirmation. He turned around and left the meeting room.

The seven of them remained in the meeting room.

"Let's move on to the next subject. There's something that my real body has to deal with, I better not clone myself further."

"My real body is somewhere rather dangerous too, let's get this meeting done with soon." 

At the Iron Fist Shelter, Lin Huang rushed to the cultivation room that he had booked as soon as Buried Heaven left. He began a short, closed-door cultivation.

Since Buried Heaven said that the assessment was over, there was no need for him to submit the missions immediately. He had to wait for a few days for new missions to be announced, hence it would not be too late for him to submit the missions when he got out of his cultivation then.

Time flew by, one day had passed.

As Lin Huang was deep in his Seamless cultivation, a message came all of a sudden from a stranger's number.

"Pause your cultivation, there's something that I need to talk to you about."

Lin Huang was stunned for a second when he saw the message, "Who is this?"

"We just met yesterday," the person replied within seconds.

"Buried Heaven? Why is he looking for me again? Could it be that he's going to tell me about the mission that he mentioned earlier? Why didn't he just text me directly or announce the mission from the back-end?" Lin Huang was puzzled. Nevertheless, he replied anyway, "Where are you? I'll get out of my cultivation and go to you." 

"I'm outside your cultivation room."

"Err…" Lin Huang was speechless. He got up immediately and opened the cultivation room's door.

As expected, a 'young man' with a black scarf was waiting at his door.

"Let's go inside and talk," Buried Heaven walked into the rather small cultivation room when Lin Huang opened the door.

"Shouldn't we go somewhere that's more suitable for a chat?" Lin Huang raised his brows.

"It's pretty good here," Buried Heaven had sat on the floor with his legs crossed by then. He patted the floor space next to him and said, "Close the door, let's sit and talk."


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