Monster Paradise
1267 Young Man with Gray Hair
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1267 Young Man with Gray Hair

Never had Lin Huang thought that the bug carcasses that he submitted for the missions could not be verified. He would have to wait for the experts from Death Sickle's headquarters to verify themselves. He could only submit the missions when everything was made sure to be right.

Initially, he was planning to leave the Iron Fist Shelter and head to the next destination. Now he could only stay.

Feeling helpless, Lin Huang could only put up at a nearby hotel temporarily.

After checking himself into the room, the first thing he did was to log onto Death Sickle website's mission section to look for missions that were suitable for him.

He only returned to the message section after some filtering and accepting two missions. He wanted to see if there were any news. 

He had his eyes on the first message on the first page of the message section.

The title was 'The Missing Bug Kings and Bug Queens Suspected to be Killed!'

It had been less than ten minutes since the thread was posted and there were already hundreds of comments.

Lin Huang was stunned for a while before he then clicked into the thread.

He frowned slightly under his mask after spending a couple of minutes to finish reading the thread.

"So, this is what happened, I was wondering why do they have to verify the bug carcasses…"

The thread had a screenshot of another thread from the forum, as well as some pictures too.

After reading the thread, Lin Huang realized that the mission receptionist who attended to him thought he was a liar who had forged the bug carcasses. He was mistaken for wanting to use fake bug carcasses to cheat for rewards.

However, the person who posted the thread on the message section seemed to know something about the Bug Tribe. He speculated that the bug carcasses were most probably real judging by the many angles from the pictures taken. Not only that, he concluded that the Bug Kings and Bug Queens that went missing out of nowhere two months back might have been killed.

Meanwhile, suspicions drowned the comment section.

Most people were convinced that the bug carcasses were forged, while only very few people thought they might be real. However, they disagreed that the Bug Kings and Bug Queens were killed. Instead, they thought someone picked up Bug Kings and Bug Queens' carcasses after they were dead for some other reasons.

After reading the thread, Lin Huang could not help but return to the forum exchange section. He wanted to check out the original thread and the comments on it.

He clicked into the forum exchange section, the thread that ranked No.1 was the original thread that he was looking for. There were over 10,000 comments by now.

As he looked through the original thread, Lin Huang was almost 100% sure that it was the mission receptionist attended to him who posted it.

Judging by the original thread's use of words, the poster made it clear that he loathed Lin Huang the 'forger'.

Lin Huang smiled and proceeded to read the comments below.

Up to 10,000 comments on the comment section were condemning the forger. Many of them even condemned that Lin Huang did that to be viral.

Only a few of them could tell that the bug carcasses were real through the pictures. However, their voices were soon drowned in the comment section.

Lin Huang forced a smile and shook his head after reading the comments. He even saw some of them claiming to be Death Sickle's mission receptionists who supported the poster in the comment section.

"I suppose things would turn out the same way even if I was attended by another mission receptionist. It seems like I can only wait for the people from the headquarters to verify the carcasses over again."

After putting the missions aside, Lin Huang began to plan his next step.

Following Bloody's plan, elevating his combat strength was the No.1 priority. However, since he had already elevated to imperial-level rank-9 while he had yet to find the way to elevate further, he could only look for other ways to do so.

According to Bloody's plan sequence, the second priority was to elevate his God's Figurine's Combat Souls' combat strength. Now that all ten of his God's Figurine's Combat Souls had elevated to Virtual God rank-9, he would need to hunt for True Gods to obtain True Gods' spiritual energy to elevate further.

Lin Huang thought about it and decided to put this aside as well. The reason being he was only a Black Sickle member at Death Sickle at the moment. He could not take on any missions to kill True Gods, neither could he obtain true god-level targets' details easily.

Bloody's third priority for him was to expand the hive army.

In reality, Lin Huang was already doing that. When he killed the Bug Kings and Bug Queens earlier, apart from obtaining their spiritual energy and Godheads, expanding the hive army was one of the main reasons to take up the missions.

"I must look for more missions to kill Bug Kings and Bug Queens. Since there's no such mission now, I can look if there's any information about Bug Kings and Bug Queens on the message section. Or I'll look for related information through some other ways."

Lin Huang had already put that in his schedule.

"Fourth is to elevate my brute ability, such as cultivating Sword Dao and Divine Telekinesis. I can't slack on them…" 

"Fifth is to obtain all sorts of cultivation resources…"

After sorting out his next plan and route roughly, Lin Huang thought he would cultivate Seamless the few days while waiting for the experts from Death Sickle's headquarters.

What he had no idea was that a 'young man' came to Death Sickle's estate in the Iron Fist Shelter soon after the mission receptionist posted the thread.

The young man had gray hair and looked exactly like a human. He looked to be 15 or 16, was short at only approximately 1.6m tall.

He wore a black and red intersected long jacket with the collars lifted. He wore a black scarf on his neck, covering his neck entirely. The jacket's hoodie covered most of his hair, only revealing a little of it to show its gray color.

He wore a pair of black long pants, both of his hands were in the pockets. 

He walked into Death Sickle's estate as if it was his home.

"Sir… Is there anything that I can help you with?" The lady attendant at the entrance was startled at first when she saw the young man, but she became respectful subsequently.

Only Protoss dared to walk around in human form in the God Territory as they wished.

Although the person looked young, she dared not delay her service at all.

"Who was the attendant who attended to the forger on the forum exchange section some half an hour earlier?" The young man lifted his head to look at the lady attendant and asked. "Although he was anonymous on the forum, you guys should know who he is?"

"Well…" the lady attendant looked rather troubled.

"He's not in trouble," the young man with gray hair added.

"Oh. His name is Ji Bai, he's at counter 11," the lady attendant only nodded and gave the name.

"Thanks," the young man thanked her briefly and walked to counter 11 directly.

The lady attendant watched as the young man walked to the counter and only looked away when the counter's shield was activated automatically. The counter was covered now.

"Why does that young man look rather familiar? I think I've seen him somewhere but I can't remember who he is…"

The lady attendant was pondering for a moment when she saw the counter's shield deactivated automatically. The young man with gray hair had walked away from the counter.

"What is he doing? He only went to the counter for only less than five seconds…"


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