Monster Paradise
1266 My Name is Ji Bai
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1266 My Name is Ji Bai

My name is Ji Bai. I am a male, demonic plant species. To be exact, I belong to the Charming Flower Tribe. 

Our tribe members are beautiful no matter male or female. In the God Territory, our tribe members are responsible for reception tasks in all organizations. For instance, I'm working as a mission receptionist at Death Sickle's branch in the Iron Fist Shelter.

The Iron Fist Shelter is a classic grade-3 Shelter. Although it's only grade-3, in reality, it's more crowded and hectic than some grade-4 Shelters. The Death Sickle estate that I'm working at is one of the most crowded places in the entire Shelter. Therefore, our daily tasks aren't easy at all…

I shouldn't chat anymore, someone is here to submit his mission.

What, you're asking how do I judge if a person is here to submit his mission, taking a mission or announcing a mission?

That's easy, one can announce and accept missions on Death Sickle's website. Submitting missions is the only time one needs to submit proof. Therefore, they would have to come to the estate in the Shelter.

 There are only a handful of people who do not know how to navigate our website, hence we would remember them after they visit us once.

Alright, I really can't chat anymore. I need to work now.

"Sir, is there anything that I can help you with?" I smiled at the man dressed in black robe before me.

His black robe was big and loose, no details could be seen from the coverage. Even his face was hidden under his hoodie. I could vaguely see a black mist lingering in the shadow of the hoodie. I could not judge what race or tribe he belonged to.

"I'm here to submit my mission," the man in the black robe replied with his extremely deep and husky voice.

"Sure, please tell me your mission code," I smiled as I replied.

Asking for the mission code was the first step to approving a mission.

"Black SSS13, Black SSS14, Black SSS19, Black SSS21," the man in the black robe read out the four codes.

I was slightly stunned when I heard that.

There were categories to Death Sickle's mission code.

'Black' would mean Black Sickle-level.

The alphabet behind it indicated the mission difficulty.

The mission difficulty was categorized from low to high, which are D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

Black D-level was easy, whereby even a Virtual God rank-1 could complete it under normal circumstances.

Black C-level was similar to killing beginner-stage virtual god-level. Meanwhile, Black B-level was similar to killing intermediate-stage virtual god-level and Black A-level was similar to killing high-level virtual god-level.

Black S-level would mean that it was immensely difficult, which was the equivalence of killing Virtual God rank-9. That was the difficulty level of Black S-level.

The Black SS-level, which was even higher meant that one's hunting target was on peak-stage virtual god-level which would elevate to true god-level anytime.

On the other hand, there were very few Black SSS-level missions. Basically, almost no Virtual Gods were able to complete the mission. Some of the hunting targets even surpassed ordinary first-rank True God. Even a genius with Protoss bloodline could barely complete it.

Meanwhile, this guy before me gave four mission codes that are all on SSS-level. Was he crazy?!

I would not believe that anyone could complete four SSS-level missions at once, and on his own.

With doubts, I found the missions with the four codes and began looking through them.

Black SSS13, killing the Wine Ant Queen in the Bloody Battleground…

Black SSS14, killing the kill Spider Empress in the Hunter Battleground…

Black SSS19, killing the Tyrant Bug King in the Mad King Battleground…

Black SSS21, killing the Horned Beetle in the Mad King Battleground…

After looking through them, I'm almost 120% sure that this guy before me was trying to make a fool out of me.

Although there was punishment in Death Sickle for false mission reports, the punishment was not usually heavy. Therefore, there would be trolls lying about their missions for rewards now and then.

This guy before me was here to cheat his way to rewards. Not only that, something was wrong with his head reporting four SSS-level missions at one go.

Such trolls that would cheat for rewards would usually use mission targets that were already dead and submit unrecognizable carcass parts to pass as the mission target's carcass parts.

In reality, on a certain level, missions such as killing the Wine Ant Queen and Spider Empress were the prerequisite to cheat for rewards. The reason being, they had gone missing without any reason. Moreover, it has been proven that they were no longer in the battlegrounds.

However, this man in the black robe had mistaken one thing. Many people were following the few missions such as the Wine Ant Queen and Spider Empress. Although it has been two months since it happened, as a mission receptionist, I couldn't forget about these missions.

To be honest, I was following these few incidents that happened two months back closely. I even discussed it with people on the Internet. It was concluded that these Bug Kings and Bug Queens retreated from the battlegrounds themselves. Otherwise, it would be impossible that they had disappeared with up to a hundred million of armies without any battle signs left behind.

Naturally, I would not show mercy to this guy before me who lied about the missions. As soon as he took out the fake bug carcass parts, I would report him immediately!

Of course, I would not show it on my face. I would remain smiling professionally.

"Sir, I've checked through the mission codes. You can submit the mission target's complete carcasses or carcass parts now. If you're submitting the remains, we might need some time to verify if they're the mission targets."

"There's no need for those troubles, I brought complete carcasses," the man in the black robe took out four bug carcasses from his storage space as soon as he was done speaking.

Four complete bug carcasses!

I was stunned when I saw them, which I subsequently felt the terrifying aura left behind in the bug carcasses.

The lingering aura was still threatening even after death.

'These bug carcasses are real!' Such ridiculous thought flashed through my mind the moment I saw the bug carcasses. 

However, I shook my head in the next second to shake off the ridiculous thought out of my head.

The reason being, to a Black Sickle assassin, it would be impossible for him to complete the four missions.

This guy had used some technique to forge these four bug carcasses!

Since he dares to submit missions under the sun like this, it proves that he's very confident in the bug carcasses that he forged!

I refuse to believe that I could not see any faults in them!

"Please give me a moment to check them, sir."

I stood up and walked out of the counter to the bug carcasses and checked them one by one.

I checked them thoroughly for over ten minutes. I could not find any flaws at all, no matter the bug shell, mouths, even their sizes, and physical characteristics.

I knew that these few bug carcasses had exceeded my verification ability. This guy was too powerful in his forging skill!

"Is there a problem?" The man in the black robe asked in an urging manner.

I knew that the more nervous he was, the more it proved that he was scared that I might find the flaws.

These four bug carcasses were definitely fishy!

"I'm sorry, my verification ability is subpar, I can't verify if these four bug carcasses are the mission targets. I can only inform the headquarters and get their experts to verify again," I said while faking a smile.

This guy would feel guilty that I said that!

"They're bug carcasses, not items. Why do you need to verify them?" The man in the black robe sounded a little doubtful.

See, he's guilty now!

"How long does it take for the second verification to take place?"

"Usually, there would be experts here within 24 hours. If the experts at the headquarters are busy, they would still handle it within 72 hours," I explained while smiling.

"I'll wait then, please let me know when the experts are here." I was surprised that the man in the black robe responded so decisively.

Could it be that this guy was so confident in his forging skill that he thought he could get away from the professional appraisers from our headquarters?!

As I watched him leave, I posted what happened with the encounter with the guy together with a few pictures that I took sneakily here on the Death Sickle's forum. Let me show you guys how crazy forgers were nowadays…


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