Monster Paradise
1263 Mission Complete
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1263 Mission Complete

Having settled the matter of the Wine Ant Queen, Lin Huang did not linger in the Bloody Battleground.

Instead, he retreated from the area immediately and headed straight for his second destination—the Hunter Battleground where the Spider Empress was.

Like the Bloody Battleground, the Hunter Battleground was an area for army training.

The Spider Empress and the Wine Ant Queen were similar in terms of circumstances; both rapidly become overlords after coming to their respective territories.

Although the Spider Empress' abilities were not as powerful as the Wine Ant Queen, the traps and poisons in the spider lair scared off many people. The difficulty of killing the Spider Empress was just as high as that of killing the Wine Ant Queen.

Lin Huang spent almost a whole day getting to the Hunter Battleground.

Although he did not refine Godheads during that time, he had allocated the sea of spiritual energy in his body to the Combat Souls of his God's Figurines accordingly.

Ninetails Lynx and Destructive Divine Mammoth who were initially Virtual God rank-8, as well as Shackle Serpent and Undead Styx who were initially Virtual God rank-7 had been allocated 90% of Lin Huang's spiritual energy. All of them had been elevated to Virtual God rank-9 right away.

Meanwhile, the remaining 10% of spiritual energy had been assigned to the other five God's Figurine's Combat Souls, including Divine Sun Tree. They had elevated from Virtual God rank-7 to Virtual God rank-8.

Although there were no changes in their combat strength, their overall abilities were significantly upgraded. 

Upon entering the Hunter Battleground, Lin Huang used the non-permanent member identity from his registration the day before at the Combat God Temple. He was approved immediately.

Although the registration staff saw that Lin Huang had just been to the Bloody Battleground yesterday, they did not find it odd that he was here at the Hunter Battleground today.

In reality, there were many non-permanent members like Lin Huang. Most of them would take on missions in different battlegrounds and then head straight to the next battleground after completing their mission at the first one. It was very common.

After entering the Hunter Battleground, Lin Huang followed the map and headed straight to the spider lair

, where he used the same strategy as yesterday. Under Nightmare Tapir's divine ability, the duo managed to go deep into the spider lair without being discovered.

However, as they had to avoid all sorts of traps inside, they spent a much longer time in the spider lair than they had in the ant colony.

The mission took a total of about two hours, from entering the Hunter Battleground to Nightmare Tapir dragging the Spider Empress into his dreamland.

The population of the Spider Tribe was much bigger than initially speculated. The official figure was around 50 million but in reality, there were some 70 million that perished under Nightmare Tapir's control.

Lin Huang gave this round of spiritual energy to Divine Sun Tree, Enchanted Fairy, and Death Butterfly. The three of them elevated from Virtual God rank-8 to Virtual God rank-9.

After disposing of the bug carcasses, Lin Huang recalled all of his cards and God's Figurine's Combat Souls. He then left the Hunter Battleground right away and headed to his third destination.

The area where the Tyrant Bug King had his territory was called the Mad King Battleground.

In this battleground, although the Tyrant Bug King had conquered the Bug Tribe army with extraordinarily powerful ability, it was not ranked as No.1. Instead, the honor fell to another quadruple mutated prime-grade bug beast - the Horned Beetle. 

In fact, the Horned Beetle was also listed in the Black Sickle's mission section as No. 3 of the Top 3 Most Deceptive Missions.

The killing of the Horned Beetle ranked above the Tyrant Bug King because the Horned beetle, a prime-grade bug beast, was protected by a chitinous black exoskeleton. Its defenses were comparable with a god rule relic.

The Horned Beetle's strength and speed were also at true god-level. It could face a first-rank True God head-on with its brute force and thick shell alone.

It was almost impossible even for a first-rank True God to kill it.

Lin Huang had not taken up the mission to kill the Horned Beetle because it was not always in the battleground. It only appeared occasionally, so encountering it would be through sheer coincidence and luck. 

Moreover, one could gain a large number of card pieces and complete cards by hunting bug hordes. There was only one Horned Beetle. The chances of getting a complete Monster Card from killing it were almost zero, so this did not interest Lin Huang very much. 

After entering the Mad King Battleground, just like before, Lin Huang headed straight to the Tyrant Bug King's territory.

Right as he was about to step into the Tyrant Bug King's territory however, he sensed an intense collision impact from a distance.

The collision impact came from a powerhouse of at least Virtual God rank-9.

"Someone took the mission before I did?!"

Lin Huang could not help but frown as he watched sparks flying into the air from the collision of powerhouses in his target destination. 

However, he did not feel troubled. It was not unusual for someone to take up the mission since it had been distributed to all organizations. After all, the Tyrant Bug King was not a Queen Mother. It could not produce a Bug Tribe army, which rendered the mission difficulty much lower.

Despite that, nobody had managed to complete the mission in the two to three years of its initial announcement. Naturally, Lin Huang did not think that the person who had first taken the mission could complete it either.

"Let's just go over and watch, don't do anything yet," Lin Huang said to Nightmare Tapir with a smile.

Human and beast easily made their way deep into the Tyrant Bug King's territory in the presence of countless bug beasts, without being discovered.

Once he was near enough to the battleground to see the situation clearly, Lin Huang's expression was one of great surprise under his mask.

Initially, he thought that the person fighting the Tyrant Bug King would probably be a member of the God Territory, with a high possibility of them being a Protoss. However, now he realized it was actually a Bug Tribe beast that was fighting the Tyrant Bug King.

Meanwhile, the Tyrant Bug King was not fighting alone; it had formed a battle formation with dozens of high-level virtual god-level Bug Kings. They were locked in combat with a black bug beast.

"I guess this is the Horned Beetle? Is it going to usurp the Bug King's place?"

Although Lin Huang had never seen the Horned Beetle before and had not even checked on its mission details, he recognized the bug beast as soon as he saw it.

It was gigantic and covered with a thick, heavy black shell. However, its speed was not affected at all and it was incredibly strong.

The Tyrant Bug King was also a quadruple mutated prime-grade bug beast but even with a battle formation, it could gain no headway over the Horned Beetle. In fact, the Bug King was even at a slight disadvantage.

Lin Huang watched as the Horned Beetle fearlessly collided with the Bug King's gigantic bug beasts and could not help exclaiming, "I'm afraid this Horned Beetle's bodily power and strength might be on par with the Tyrant Bug King. Its explosive force isn't as great, but it's faster and more agile. Monsters with such physique usually have unbelievable stamina. The longer the Tyrant Bug King takes for this battle, the more at a disadvantage it's going to be…"

Lin Huang had only watched the battle for less than ten minutes before he saw that the Horned Beetle was obviously gaining the upper hand. Meanwhile, the Tyrant Bug King's situation was also getting worse.

Lin Huang finally decided to interrupt things when he noticed that the Tyrant Bug King was about to be defeated. 

As Nightmare Tapir's pupils turned black, a colorless wave began to radiate outwards over the entire battleground and everything went silent. All of the bug beasts, including the Tyrant Bug King and the Horned Beetle, seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

Just as he had done previously, Lin Huang had Nightmare Tapir retrieve all the bug beasts' memories, and send them into eternal slumber.

Lin Huang smirked a little upon seeing the Horned Beetle's carcass, which had lost all of its vitality without the need for a single casualty.

"Seems like I might need to take on the Top 3 Most Deceptive Missions on that leaderboard when I get back…"


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