Monster Paradise
1262 Completed Like A Piece of Cake
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1262 Completed Like A Piece of Cake

The Bloody Battleground was one of the rare low-grade battlegrounds in the God Territory.

Ever since Protoss won the war in the great world, the God Territory had entered into a time of peace. On unanimous agreement from all the tribes, a few battlegrounds were left behind for army training.

The main reason why all the tribes had agreed to set up temporary battlegrounds like this was so they could train their tribe armies there as well.

The Bloody Battleground was one of the few battlegrounds that the God Territory and Bug Territory had agreed to set aside for Virtual Gods to train their armies.

The battleground had a Great Dao Barrier that had been set up by both the Protoss and Bug Tribe Lords. Only powerhouses under true god-level could enter the area. If someone happened to elevate to True God in the battleground, they would instantly be teleported out.

Initially, the Great Dao Barrier was supposed to restrict Virtual Gods from entering the battleground. However, the God Territory figured that young geniuses below virtual god-level might need to cultivate in there, so they conferred with the Bug Tribe to relax the combat strength restrictions a little.

The purpose of relaxing this particular condition was to benefit people from the God Territory, which now gave Lin Huang his opportunity. 

After completing his temporary identity registration, Lin Huang officially became a non-permanent member of the Combat God Temple.

The Combat God Temple had many battlegrounds under their jurisdiction, but they did not restrict non-permanent members' activities.

After registering himself, Lin Huang purchased a set of battleground maps at the Temple. He then donned light battle gear and headed straight for the territory of the Wine Ant Queen.

The Wine Ant Queen had come to the Bloody Battleground more than a decade ago and had soon become an overlord of the area. Since her elevation to Virtual God rank-9 during recent years, it was only natural that she became the No.1 overlord of the entire battleground. 

Countless people in the God Territory had tried to kill her, to the point where various powerful organizations had allotted high rewards for such assassination missions, but nobody had succeeded yet.

Nobody below True God level, not even the elites among the Protoss, had managed to withstand the Wine Ant Queen's bug horde attack.

Lin Huang encountered a few God Territory members and some Bug Tribe monsters while he was on his way to the Wine Ant Queen's territory. However, he did not stop at all and headed straight for his destination.

Just as he was entering the Wine Ant Queen's territory, Lin Huang ran into two other Virtual God rank-9 God Territory members.

Upon seeing that Lin Huang was heading in that direction, the duo shouted, "Don't go any further, you'll be in the Wine Ant Queen's territory if not!"

Lin Huang smirked under his mask, "That's where I'm headed!"

He passed the duo before he was done speaking, continuing on his way.

"Another guy who is full of himself. I think his combat strength is only Virtual God rank-3."

"Every now and again, there're always reckless fools who think they're the chosen ones, trying to complete missions that ordinary people can't. We warned him but he refused to listen, so if he wants to go to his death, who are we to stop him?"

Naturally, Lin Huang could not hear the duo's discussion.

After passing the duo, the number of ant beasts increased visibly as he headed some 100 kilometers deeper into the area. Not only that, all the ant beasts possessed virtual god-level combat strength.

Without needing to look at the map, Lin Huang knew that he was almost at his destination.

He then summoned the Combat Soul of his God's Figurine, Nightmare Tapir. Instantly, all the ant beasts ignored them both.

Just like that, Lin Huang led Nightmare Tapir in without encountering any interference along the way. There were more and more ant beasts the further they went, and the distribution of the ant beasts became denser.

Lin Huang finally saw the ant colony's entrance when they arrived in the inner area that was marked on the map. It was a gigantic sinkhole, like a huge crater made by a fallen meteorite.

Hovering above the sinkhole, Lin Huang looked down but darkness was all he could see; he could not tell what lay in the depths of the sinkhole.

However, he did not hesitate at all but headed straight into the sinkhole with Nightmare Tapir. 

Only when he was inside did Lin Huang realize that the walls were densely covered with holes.

These caves were of various sizes and were irregularly distributed. There were at least several hundred of them.

Hovering in mid-air, Lin Huang turned his head and looked at Nightmare Tapir beside him.

Nightmare Tapir rapidly sorted out the memories that he retrieved from the ant beasts' brains, picked a cave and slipped in. Lin Huang followed close behind him.

Once inside the cave, the path within twisted and turned. Not only that, there were forks every now and then. Sometimes there were two forks, sometimes three or four, and sometimes there were even more than ten forks.

Very soon, Lin Huang was dizzy from the journey. Fortunately, Nightmare Tapir knew the route like the back of his hand.

There were many ant beasts in the road forks. Initially they were merely Virtual God rank-1s and rank-2s; later there were Virtual God rank-3s and rank-4s, even Virtual God rank-5s and rank-6s. The deeper the duo went, the more powerful the ant beasts' combat strength was.

However, the number of ant beasts above Virtual God rank-4 visibly dropped. They only bumped into a few Virtual God rank-6 ant beasts.

Under Nightmare Tapir's divine ability, all of the ant beasts ignored the duo.

Human and beast entered a barren land with no enemies in sight. It did not take them long to penetrate deep into the core of the colony.

The core of the colony was a gigantic underground space. It was like a massive cave, with ant beasts densely crawling all over the ground and the walls.

All of the ant beasts here were at least Virtual God rank-6. At a cursory glance, Lin Huang saw at least 1,000 Virtual God rank-6 ant beasts, up to a hundred Virtual God rank-7 ant beasts and dozens of Virtual God rank-8 ant beasts.

Meanwhile, the ant beasts had cleared a space in the middle that was approximately hundreds of square meters in size.

A huge red Ant Queen was lying there. There were four Virtual God rank-9 bug guardians at each cardinal point, guarding the Ant Queen.

The Ant Queen and four bug guardians were alerted as soon as Lin Huang and Nightmare Tapir appeared.

The rest of the ant beasts were still under the influence of Nightmare Tapir's divine ability; they ignored Lin Huang and Nightmare Tapir's existence completely.

Without waiting for the Wine Ant Queen and the four bug guardians to react, Nightmare Tapir's pupils turned black in the dark cave. The next second, the four bug guardians had been rendered dazed and immobile.

Meanwhile, the Wine Ant Queen only had time for a struggling gleam to flash through her eyes before she was overwhelmed completely, unable to move.

Lin Huang had thought that the Wine Ant Queen's soul and spiritual intensity were extraordinarily powerful since she was mythical-level and had conquered over a hundred million Ant Tribe members. By right she should not fall prey easily to mind control; he had not expected that she would be completely powerless against Nightmare Tapir.

"Retrieve their memories first, see if there's anything useful. Spare no one after that."

Lin Huang was so decisive mainly because he needed a considerable amount of Godheads to elevate his combat strength. Although massacring this Ant Queen's tribe would almost certainly draw the Bug Tribe here for investigation and revenge, there was little difference in the consequences, whether he killed just the Ant Queen or slaughtered the whole tribe.

A moment after Nightmare Tapir's command, the sea of bug beasts lost their vitality without warning. They looked like they had fallen into a deep sleep.

Those that were crawling on the walls fell onto the ground like chips of rock, stirring up waves of dust…

At the same time, Lin Huang could clearly sense a sea of spiritual energy seeping into his body.

Seeing the Ant Queen slowly losing her vitality in front of him, Lin Huang summoned a Queen Mother army immediately to clear the battleground and pick up the bug carcasses…


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