Monster Paradise
1259 The Simple Reserve Missions
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1259 The Simple Reserve Missions

Less than an hour after deciding on his missions, Lin Huang arrived on Kraft Planet, the location of his intended target.

The entire planet seemed to reek of rot and decay. Murky raindrops fell from the gloomy sky. There were no plants to be seen, and faint traces of animal claw marks and snake trails were visible in the muddy soil.

"The stench in the air is terrible," Lin Huang could not help frowning a little under his mask.

A moment later, a Bug Tribe army appeared in front of him.

The Bug Tribe army was made up of two pseudo-mythical-level Bug Servants and 20,000 imperial-level purple gold-rank Bug Tribe fighters.

"Both of you take 10,000 fighters each, head to the two respective Shelters on this planet and wipe them out. Bring me both of the guardians' bodies and make sure they're intact, then handle the rest of the carcasses yourselves. Don't forget to look for loot while you're at it."

Both Bug Servants selected 10,000 fighters each and went their separate ways after the order was given.

Perhaps the massive tribes of the Boa Seal Shelter and Violet Rat Shelter intimidated other people; for Lin Huang, that proved no obstacle to his hunt.

No matter how many boas and rats there were, their numbers were child's play compared to his Bug Tribe armies.

The Bug Tribe army produced by the four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers had exceeded 300 million from very early on. Not only that, the weakest Bug Tribe fighter was at imperial-level purple gold-rank in combat strength. Any random fighter sent into battle would be no less powerful than either of the guardians, Vine Boa or Lumi Rat.

Besides, apart from the Bug Tribe fighters, there were two pseudo-mythical-level Bug Servants and seven mythical-level bug beasts that were on the same level as the Queen Mothers.

Two Bug Servants and two 10,000 Bug Tribe armies were definitely sufficient to handle two grade-1 Shelters.

The reason the Shelters had to be wiped out was to prevent news spreading to Protoss about the appearance of the Bug Tribe, which would attract unnecessary trouble.

After the Bug Tribe armies had departed, Lin Huang activated Divine Telekinesis and was very soon able to observe the battle situation.

Within ten minutes of their departure, both Bug Tribe armies encountered hunting teams that were outside of the Shelters.

Both hunting teams comprised over ten elite members of their tribe. However, the poor things were killed almost as soon as they discovered the Bug Tribe armies. As for the Bug Tribe armies themselves, this did not slow them down at all as they advanced towards their targets.

A little over half an hour later, both of the Bug Tribe armies arrived at the Shelters they had been assigned to and commenced a one-sided massacre.

Although the members of both of the Shelters outnumbered the Bug Tribe armies by a hundredfold, the battle was one-sided, as was to be expected. Attacks from countless beasts and rats could not break the defenses that the Queen Mother had so painstakingly drilled into her troops.

Within ten minutes, both of the Shelters were completely wiped out. No lives were spared.

After leaving behind a small team to search for loot, both Bug Tribe armies separated into 100 individual small teams respectively to search for other hunting parties that might still be outside the Shelters.

The 200 Bug Tribe teams spent around two hours combing the entire planet and killing several hunting teams in the process. After making sure that there were no survivors, the Bug Tribe teams reformed their squadrons then returned to Lin Huang in a collective army along with all the beast carcasses and loot.

Lin Huang only collected the loot and both of the guardians' bodies. The rest of the carcasses he gave to the army to bring back to the Queen Mothers as raw material.

Having successfully killed two birds with one stone, Lin Huang immediately headed to his second destination - the Misty Toxin Planet.

Just as its name suggested, the Misty Toxin Planet was a planet covered in poisonous mist.

The entire planet was shrouded in gray mist all year round. Powerhouses below virtual god-level and even imperial-level powerhouses were not immune to the lethal poisons that were to be found within the mist itself.

As Death Sickle only published this mission in the reserve members section and the reward points were a measly 300 points, it was perfectly natural that nobody was willing to take the risk.

Lin Huang had been willing to attempt this mission because it was close to the location of the previous two. Another reason was that since he had Divine Fire within his body, he was not afraid of the toxins on the planet.

However, the moment he set foot on the Misty Toxin Planet, Lin Huang found he could not take the stench of the poisonous mist.

"This toxic mist reeks a hundred times worse than the air on that other planet. It's making me sick…"

He felt disgusted as soon as he inhaled, so he had to stop breathing and put his body into breath-circulation mode.

With his imperial-level combat strength, although he could not keep up this internal breathing mode indefinitely, he could maintain it for three to five days.

The mission for the Misty Toxin Planet was to kill a Poisonous Swamp Frog and retrieve its venom.

It did not take long for Lin Huang to locate the Poisonous Swamp Frog's toxic swamp on the missions map. He summoned Thunder and set off for his destination at a furious gallop.

Thunder took less than two minutes to travel over 8,000 kilometers

 and galloped faster than the local monsters on the Misty Toxin Planet could see with the naked eye. As a result, Lin Huang and Thunder encountered no obstacles along the way.

Lin Huang could not help frowning a little under his mask as they arrived above their destination—a bubbling purple-black swamp with steam rising from it. Before setting out, he had read from the mission details that most of the toxic gases on this planet came from the huge swamp currently below him.

The swamp covered close to a third of the entire planet. It was 500 million square kilometers, which was comparable to the earth's entire surface area.

According to data records, there were less than 100 Poisonous Swamp Frogs in this entire swamp.

Apart from Poisonous Swamp Frogs, the swamp was also home to other monster species; at a count, these ran into tens of thousands. Taken altogether, the various monster tribes added up to at least billions in number.

Finding a Poisonous Swamp Frog in this swamp was definitely like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, Lin Huang had a solution. He gestured with his hands and summoned Grimace.

"What the hell is this evil-smelling sh*tty place?!" Grimace complained the moment he materialized. Subsequently, he shut down his breathing system immediately. 

"A toxic swamp on the Misty Toxic Planet in God Territory within the great world," Lin Huang informed him before continuing, "I accepted a mission to find a Poisonous Swamp Frog…"

Lin Huang projected the Poisonous Swamp Frog's likeness as he spoke, "Capture one for me, I don't care if it's alive or not."

"In this swamp?" Grimace asked.

"That's right." 

"How big is the swamp?" Grimace enquired again.

"Approximately 500 million square kilometers."

"That's not exactly easy," Grimace smirked.

"A set of god relic flying daggers or a god relic puppet, take your pick." Lin Huang knew that Grimace was looking to get some benefits for himself.

"I'll go for the flying daggers then," Grimace gave his answer after some consideration. 

"Sure. Off with you now," Lin Huang nodded without hesitation.

"Alright!" Grimace seemed to be in a good mood since he had managed to get what he wanted. He activated his God Territory directly, covering the maximum radius of 20,000 kilometers.

A moment later, all monsters within the Territory fell under an illusory spell.

Grimace turned his head and asked Lin Huang, "Is one enough? Do you want a few more?"

"No, one is fine." Lin Huang did not expect Grimace to be so efficient.

Lin Huang had almost finished speaking when a gigantic silhouette suddenly thrashed out of the swamp.

Lin Huang scrutinized it closely. The Poisonous Swamp Frog was a gigantic frog monster five meters tall, weighing at least three tonnes. Its body, wreathed in toxic black mist, was bound by Grimace's telekinetic thread. Yanked out from deep within the swamp, it hit the ground hard in front of Lin Huang and promptly fell unconscious.

Lin Huang did not hesitate as he used the telekinetic thread to pick up a flying dagger and slit open the Poisonous Swamp Frog's chin. He retrieved its venom as if he had done it many times before…


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