Monster Paradise
1255 0618
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1255 0618

After a night at the small hotel, Lin Huang's communication device vibrated all of a sudden before dawn came.

He tapped it opened and realized that it was an unknown number.

"Your stuff should arrive at the Start Shelter in the afternoon today. If you guys aren't there yet, please get there as soon as you can to pick them up. There are plenty of flaws in the God Territory's logistics system. It's very common for some Shelters to lose parcels. The longer the parcels are left at the receiving point, the higher the chances of them being lost."

Lin Huang knew it was Yang Ling who sent the message without even looking at the signature.

"We arrived yesterday." Lin Huang turned off the communication page after the brief reply. He peeked at the time. It was only 4.51 a.m. Through the window, he could see that the sky was still dark, so he turned around on the bed and pulled the blanket over himself, shutting his eyes again.

He slept all the way past seven in the morning, only stirring calmly upon hearing the chatter between Bloody and Kylie.

Lin Huang walked to the living room to see both Bloody and Kylie there. He said through voice transmission, "Yang Ling said the stuff will arrive around the afternoon. We'll have breakfast soon and walk around. In the afternoon, we'll head there straight to pick up the stuff."

After washing up, the three of them put on their black robes again and headed out.

Lin Huang was already disguised as a man in a black robe. Meanwhile, as Bloody and Kylie looked exactly like Protosses, they would definitely attract unwanted attraction if they were to check into such a small hotel in their own forms. Therefore, they put on a cloak and a mask just like Lin Huang did when they checked into the hotel. Both their cloaks and masks were god relics. However, the small hotel was located in the central zone of Start Shelter which was close to the guardian residence. Not many True Gods would step on Start's feet and pry with their Divine Telekinesis as they wished.

Moreover, most people who would stay at such a small hotel were usually problematic. They were either fugitives or were hiding something embarrassing. They knew where they stood, so they would not pry to avoid any unnecessary incidents.

It was only 8 a.m. after spending some 20 minutes eating their breakfast.

The auctions and markets at the Shelter had yet to open. However, the underground market was already opened for business.

The Start Shelter black market was in an alley somewhere next to the guardian residence. In reality, the guardian, Start, was the mastermind behind the black market. Most of the people in the Shelter knew that, but nobody dared say it out loud.

Start had a Heavenly God supporting him, and as a Protoss himself, nobody dared to report his business. Everyone knew that the most that would happen to the black market would be it closing down even if someone were to report it. With Start's background, it was basically impossible for him to be punished.

The three of them took a stroll at the black market. They spent over two hours to look at all the shops and stalls. Since they did not see anything they wanted, they left the black market alley empty-handed.

After getting out of the black market, they casually strolled through the auctions and markets that had been opened for a while. 

It was past 1 p.m. when they were done shopping. Figuring that he had yet to receive any notification about their parcel, Lin Huang took Bloody and Kylie to a restaurant with a good reputation for lunch.

As they began eating after the dishes were served, Lin Huang's communication device vibrated all of a sudden. Again, the message still came from an unknown number. Lin Huang knew it was Yang Ling who sent it as soon as he tapped it open.

The message was brief with only two sentences. "The logistics system on my side shows that the stuff has arrived at Start Shelter. If you're not busy, it's best that you pick them up today. I took some time to check the God Territory's receiving point, and I found out that the Shelter always loses parcels."

Naturally, Bloody and Kylie saw the contents of the message since Lin Huang's communication device messages were set to pop up.

"Let's go there right after we finish lunch," Bloody said instantly as she was concerned that the stuff might get lost.

Lin Huang nodded and turned off the communication page. He then proceeded with lunch. It was not even 2 p.m. when they exited the restaurant and headed straight to the receiving point immediately. 

The receiving point was on a main road. The shop was pretty large, and there were two lines queuing at the entrance. The longer line was for the delivery of mail with some 20 people there. The pick-up line was shorter as there were only six people queuing.

Lin Huang and the other two queued quietly behind the pick-up line and waited for the people before them to collect their stuff patiently.

The first of the six picked up their stuff and left successfully. When it was the second person's turn, he began arguing with the shop owner.

"My stuff should've arrived last night! The pick-up details on my communication device clearly state that my stuff arrived at 11.21 last night. Now, you're telling me that you didn't receive them?!" It was a muscular elephant-person who was yelling loudly.

"Why are you screaming?! I told you that we didn't receive it. Isn't it normal to lose parcels? You're not the only one whose parcel is lost," responded the shop owner who was a skinny and short human-faced monkey around 1.4 meters tall. Although he was almost a meter shorter than the elephant-person, the latter was nothing to him.

"You guys are doing logistics as your business. Does it make sense for you guys to lose stuff?!" The elephant-person was enraged to hear such a nonchalant answer.

"You should ask around and see which receiving point in the God Territory never loses their parcels." The human-faced monkey did not intend to apologize at all. "I can only say that you have shoddy luck to lose your parcel. There's no one to blame. Stop blocking my way and interrupting my business."

"I won't leave if you don't give me my stuff! I'll block your entrance and paralyze your business!" The elephant-person began throwing a tantrum.

"Are you sure you want to block my way?!" A cold gleam flashed through the human-faced monkey's eyes. Almost at the same time, a terrifying aura came out of his body for merely a second.

Even the pupils of Lin Huang and the other two who were queuing at the back shrank. The human-faced monkey's aura was clearly at peak virtual god-level. They could tell by the intensity of his aura that he was but a step away from stepping to true god-level.

The elephant-person who was supposed to collect his parcel peed in his pants then and there. He only had imperial-level combat strength and had never come in such close contact with a Virtual God before. 

Fortunately, the aura was fleeting. If it really suppressed him, losing control of his bladder might not be the only thing that would happen; his soul might collapse shortly.

"Get lost!" The human-faced monkey scoffed. In turn, the elephant-person turned around and ran away while shuddering. He dared not stay even for a moment.

The expression of the people queueing at the back became complicated when they looked at the human-faced monkey again.

"Next!" The human-faced monkey pretended like nothing happened as he called out to the next person.

The pick-up queue was moving fast. It was Lin Huang and the rest's turn within three minutes. Not one of the next five people after the elephant-person lost their parcels, much to their relief.

"Pick-up code: 0618," Lin Huang stated his pick-up code directly.

The human-faced monkey lifted his head to peer at Lin Huang and subsequently glanced at Bloody and Kylie who were wearing masks and cloaks. He spoke a moment after lowering his head, "I can't find your pick-up code here."


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