Monster Paradise
1253 Death Sickle
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1253 Death Sickle

Within two hours, close to 40 million Divine Stones worth of items that Lin Huang was selling in Royal's market were almost sold. In reality, over 90% of them were purchased by Money Boss.

Lin Huang was finally relieved to have gathered enough money to buy god rule relics during his trip to the God Territory this time.

"I've got you a bargain. It will be a 22% discount for Night. The original price was 25 million and now it's 19.5 million. You get 25% off for Shadow, which was originally priced at 21 million and is 15.75 million now. In other words, you're only paying 35.25 million for something that was 46 million. The difference is 10.75 million. I'll be taking 30%, which is 3.22 million. Let me round it up for you. Just transfer me 3.2 million after you've paid the buyers."

"So, how do I trade with the sellers?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"You'll have to send the sellers a personal message. Tell them that you're the buyer Money Boss mentioned. After that, just follow the steps they teach you."

"Sure, I'll transfer you the commission after the deal is done." 

Just when Lin Huang was done messaging Money Boss, he contacted both sellers immediately. The sellers changed the price of the items without hesitation as they changed their privacy to be visible to Lin Huang's account.

The Royal trading system was very unique. Product logistics on the page did not matter, whereby the products would be transferred to the storage equipment the buyers set up directly as long as the purchase was successful.

The next official trade was completed smoothly within a minute. Lin Huang was finally relieved to see two extra god rule relics in his storage space.

He scanned through his storage equipment with his Divine Telekinesis and checked properly, confirming that both god rule relics were fine. Lin Huang then clicked Money Boss's account and transferred the 3.2 million Divine Stones in commission over.

"I've transferred the Divine Stones to you. Please check."

"Got it. It's a pleasure working with you! Please get me to bargain for you again if you're getting more god rule relics or business that's more than 10 million Divine Stones in the future," Money Boss replied almost instantly.

Lin Huang could not help but smirk when he saw the message. "I'll definitely look for you next time." 

"Is it done?" Bloody had been sparing a portion of her attention to Lin Huang's progress.

"I've gotten both of the god rule relics. I've checked them and all are good." Lin Huang nodded.

"I'm basically done on my side too, but it's a little inconvenient to finish the master plan now." Bloody was also cautious. After all, they were in someone else's territory now. "Let me give you a rough idea. We'll discuss the details after I'm done with the master plan and I'll send it to you tomorrow.

"First of all, you'll have to summon Kylie after leaving this Shelter. The three of us will head to the Start Shelter to pick up our identity rings. Later on, Kylie and I will head to the core zone of the God Territory. You'll disguise yourself and head to the next grade-3 Shelter.

"I've given a good thought about your identity. It's best that you aren't a lone ranger. The great world is different from the gravel world, and you'll encounter plenty of trouble since you have no organization background. Although Royal is a huge organization, its headquarters is in a human territory that's too far away from the God Territory. Distant water cannot quench the present thirst, thus it's best that you join an organization in the God Territory.

"There are a couple of major organizations in the God Territory, but currently there are only two that are recruiting and are suitable for you. One would be the Combat God Temple while the other would be the Death Sickle.

"The Combat God Temple is the best choice for your need to kill a great number of virtual god-level monsters alone. The Combat God Temple is the biggest mercenary troop in the God Territory, whereby they take on all sorts of group hunting missions all year long. If you join them, not only can you hunt all sorts of monsters, but you'll be given mission rewards from the Combat God Temple too.

"However, the biggest disadvantage of joining the Combat God Temple would be the lack of freedom. The reason being, all members will be put into a small troop and they'll have to move as one unit. Although the troop can choose their own missions most of the time, sometimes there are some compulsory requisitions that you can't say no to."

Lin Huang frowned a little upon hearing this point. "Tell me about the Death Sickle then."

"The Death Sickle is the biggest assassin organization and its main business is all sorts of assassination missions.

"The Death Sickle is very lax on their member recruitment. Almost all tribes can register as their reserve members regardless of their ability. The reserve members have all the freedom they want, and they can even reject all the missions. Of course, that would mean not having benefits at all.

"As long as the reserve members complete three assassination missions within a year or accept three specific missions within ten years, they'll become an official Black Sickle Assassin."

"So, there are ranks among Death Sickle members?" Lin Huang could not help but interrupt to ask.

"Yes, the ascending order of ranking in the Death Sickle would be the reserve, Black Sickle, White Sickle, Golden Sickle, and Blood Sickle. There are only seven Blood Sickle Assassins, all of whom are on heavenly god-level. The seven of them control all of Death Sickle's decision-making."

"So, what're the benefits of the higher ranks?" Lin Huang asked again.

"The higher the ranking, the higher the grade of mission one gets and the better the reward. Reserve, Black Sickle, White Sickle, Golden Sickle, and Blood Sickle correspond with the grade of the mission. Reserve members can only take missions below virtual god-level, Black Sickles can only take missions below true god-level, White Sickles can only take missions below heavenly god-level missions, and so on and so forth…

"Not only are there mission rewards for completed missions, but there're also accumulated points. One will earn a place on the Death Leaderboard when they have sufficient points. There are three leaderboards for the Death Sickle, which are the Black Sickle Leaderboard, the White Sickle Leaderboard, and the Golden Sickle Leaderboard. There are only 100 names on each leaderboard which will be renewed every day at 00:00. Throughout the month, those who manage to rank the top ten will receive a handsome reward.

"Those who are usually on the Black Sickle Leaderboard are top virtual god-level powerhouses. Those who rank the top three will receive a reward that is at least comparable to a god rule relic each month. The rewards for the White Sickle Leaderboard and the Golden Sickle Leaderboard are even better."

"One per month would mean that one will get 12 god rule relics in a year. I've only gotten two god rule relics after my hard work in the gravel world and spending most of what I had. Meanwhile, the few of them on the leaderboard can earn that within two months! So, what's the disadvantage of joining the Death Sickle?" Lin Huang turned his head to ask Bloody immediately.

"You must complete at least three missions each year if you become a Black Sickle. You can pick the missions within your own level. If you fail to complete a few of them in a year, you'll be given a few specific missions in the next year. The specific missions are usually those that basically nobody is willing to do because they're very risky."

"Secondly, the number of hunts will definitely be lesser than those in the Combat God Temple if you join the Death Sickle. After all, the killing in the Combat God Temple is done in battles with many enemies. It's more suitable for you to elevate your combat strength."

"I'll join the Death Sickle. I can go to battles on my own when there's no mission. I just won't get the reward that the Combat God Temple will be giving," Lin Huang shared his thoughts, "To me, the Combat God Temple's restriction is too much. Besides that, I'll have to fight in a team, so there'll be many techniques that I can't use. I think the Death Sickle is better for me since I can fight on my own."

"I figured you'd choose that." Bloody shrugged helplessly.


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