Monster Paradise
1252 Money Boss
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1252 Money Boss

In order to get money to purchase god rule relics, Lin Huang only left behind a couple of demigod and god relics that he usually used and sold the rest on the Royal trading market.

To sell all those demigod and god relics, he set them at a rather low price. They were even slightly cheaper than the market price. However, the speed of the goods being sold was much faster than Lin Huang expected.

Within less than ten minutes, up to a hundred demigod and god relics were sold.

"I thought I'd need at least two to three days to gather the remaining 30 million or so Divine Stones despite selling them cheaply. I can't believe I made close to 10 million Divine Stones within ten minutes!" Lin Huang said as he checked the buyer record. However, he began to appear doubtful after doing so.

"What's wrong?" Bloody noticed his expression immediately.

"This person seems to be the only one who bought up to a hundred of my goods just now," Lin Huang said through voice transmission while grinning, "The buyer record shows that it comes from the same account with the username 'Money Boss'."

"One can tell from the username that the person is loaded," Bloody said amusedly, "In reality, it's not strange that this person bought so many things. You priced them slightly lower than the market price since you're in a hurry. Anyone would know that they'd be sold at a much higher price if they were sold at an auction. This Money Boss has most probably bought so many demigod and god relics for reselling purposes.

"Of course, there's another possibility. He might happen to have an underling who's lacking equipment, so he desperately needs demigod and god relics. He bought the equipment for his underling without hesitation as soon as he saw what you were selling.

"The second possibility is too much of a coincidence. Moreover, this person has the username 'Money Boss'. There's a higher chance that he's a businessman..."

As Lin Huang was chatting with Bloody, a message popped up on the Royal trading page all of a sudden. Lin Huang looked closely to see a message from Money Boss that he was discussing with Bloody.

"Why's that guy looking for me?"

Skeptically, Lin Huang tapped open the message that the person sent through the Royal trading page.

"Hi, Mr. Lin, I saw that you're selling many demigod and god relics today. They're slightly cheaper than the market price. I suppose you're in need of money, aren't you?"

Lin Huang did not create a username on the Royal trading page and only showed his family name which was the default setting. He could not help but raise his brows upon receiving such a message coming from Money Boss out of nowhere.

"Why do I have a feeling that this is an usury advertisement? Is this guy offering me usury?"

Though skeptical, Lin Huang decided to chat with him to see what exactly this buyer wanted. He did not answer the person's question. Instead, he gave a straightforward reply, "Give it to me straight and don't beat around the bush."

Money Boss's message came one to two minutes later. "Well, I'm a businessman. Apart from doing some middleman business to make some commission, I do loans too to make some money from interest. I'm sending you this message to see if there's a chance if we can come up with a business deal, Mr. Lin."

As expected, it was an usury advertisement!

Lin Huang chose to reject decisively, "I won't take a loan from you."

"Usury isn't what I'm doing. The annual interest is only 4% as long as you pay it off within three years. You can consider it, Mr. Lin." Money Boss had yet to give up.

Lin Huang did not expect the rate to be even lower than the housing loan on Earth. "What if I fail to pay everything back within three years?" he asked curiously.

"The interest will be doubled for payback within three to ten years, which is 8%. It will double again for payback ten to 20 years, which is 16%..."

'And you said it isn't usury..,' Lin Huang thought to himself secretly.

"I was just asking out of curiosity. Neither do I have the habit of borrowing money, nor do I have any interest in your usury business."

Lin Huang thought the person's hopes would be killed and he would stop clinging onto him after his reply. Never did he expect another message to pop up just when he was going to turn off the trading page.

"Since you aren't interested in taking a loan, we can talk about another business, Mr. Lin."

Lin Huang frowned slightly and replied with a question mark.

"I've looked through the number of goods and prices that you are selling this time. I speculate that you're in need of money, Mr. Lin. The price of goods you're letting go is 30 million Divine Stones. To be exact, it's over 35 million Divine Stones. No offense, but may I know if you're going to purchase something with the money?"

"I think that's none of your business!" Lin Huang thought the person was nosy.

"I don't mean to disturb you. Perhaps I can help you get a bargain if you're using the money to purchase goods. I'll apologize for disturbing you if the money is for something else and I'll no longer disturb you."

"Get me a bargain?" Lin Huang was skeptical. This person's way of making business was clearly out of the ordinary.

"Yes, I'll get you a bargain. I'll take 30% of the difference while you'll enjoy 70% of the discount."

Money Boss seemed to be worried that Lin Huang might not understand and soon sent another message. "Let me give you an example. If an item's original price is 10 million Divine Stones, I'll save two million for you if I manage to bargain for eight million instead. You'll pay me 30% of two million as commission, which will be 600,000. That means you only pay 8.6 million for something that was originally 10 million."

"You mean you'll purchase the goods at a bargain and resell it to me? How can I trust you not to sell it to me at a higher price? It's totally possible for you to purchase a 10 million item at eight million and sell it at 12 million to me. If I'm desperate for the item, I suppose I'll have to accept the price you offer, wouldn't I?" Lin Huang voiced his doubt.

"I've considered such risk and doubts in trust for my clients' sake. Therefore, I'll only be responsible for getting the bargain for you. You'll have to complete the purchase yourself as I won't be participating in the deal. After the purchase is done, you'll pay me the commission as agreed," Money Boss replied.

"Do you really trust your clients? What if I take my word back and refuse to pay you the commission after the deal is done?" Lin Huang thought the person was pretty naive.

"I've encountered clients who've backed out on their words. However, they died soon after the deal was done without exception."

Lin Huang did not think that the person was boasting after hearing what sounded like a threat. After all, the person dared to trust his clients. It proved that the person had a high possibility of being able to control the risk of his clients breaking their promise.

"What's the confidentiality of the deal like?" Lin Huang was a little tempted now. After all, the two items would add up to 46 million. Even if the person only managed to get a 10% discount and take the 30% commission, he would save over three million which was quite a significant figure.

Clearly, Money Boss came to Lin Huang upon noticing that he was purchasing something expensive.

"I'm just a businessman who wants to do business. I won't reveal a word about the business of all of my clients to anyone. There's nothing to worry about, Mr. Lin."

"Alright, there are indeed two items that I'd like to purchase. I'll need to discuss the collaboration details with you to decide if we have a deal." Lin Huang finally agreed to discuss more with the person since Bloody, who had been sparing a portion of her attention to observe the conversation, nodded.


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