Monster Paradise
1251 Night and Shadow
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1251 Night and Shadow

After a while of chatting, the duo soon began working on their own.

Bloody began coming up with a detailed plan for the coming year following the information and documents she had.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, created a message with his communication device and sent it out.

"Old Yang, I'm Lin Huang. I've just arrived in the God Territory of a great world today. Are you still doing what you were before? I'm in a hurry for three fake identities; the sooner, the better. It's inconvenient for me to make video calls and phone calls to you here, so we can keep in touch by text."

Although there was a shield-like restriction in the guest room, theoretically, the outside world would not find out about whatever that was happening in the room. However, it was Whale13's territory after all. Nobody knew if the room was bugged, so Lin Huang thought it was better to err on the side of caution.

He got a reply within ten seconds the text was sent. "Send me the names and photos. Come up with your identities. I can make Protoss identities too, but they are easily exposed in a God Territory above grade-5, thus I don't suggest doing that. Also, no matter what identities you're counterfeiting, you'd better disguise yourself properly and not expose any flaws."

"I'll send you the identities right away. Give me a minute. Can I ask approximately when I'll get them?" Lin Huang replied as soon as he saw Yang Ling's reply.

Yang Ling responded again a moment later, "It doesn't take long to create fake identities. It can be done within half an hour at the most. However, it takes time for the logistics of the identity rings. If you're in human territory, tomorrow will be the latest you can get them. However, since you're in a God Territory, there'll be a transfer in logistics. They'll only reach at least three days later.

"Moreover, not all God Territories have goods receiving points in the Shelters. All Shelters of grade-5 and above undoubtedly have receiving points, but only approximately 10% of grade-3 Shelters and around 30% of grade-4 Shelters have receiving points.

"Send me your Shelter code. I'll check the closest receiving point for you. I'll send the goods to the receiving point then, and you'll have to pick them up yourself."

Lin Huang had never expected a God Territory's logistics system to be so backward.

"Sure, I'll pick them up myself. I'll send you the documents soon."

Lin Huang began discussing with Bloody again after exchanging messages with Yang Ling for a while.

"I've come up with a rough identity, but I'm not sure which tribe to use. I'll get Yang Ling to make one up for me. You should think of an identity to disguise as. Come up with one for Kylie too."

After all, they were in Whale13's territory. For safety purposes, Lin Huang did not summon Kylie directly.

"The both of us will use our real identities," Bloody replied almost without hesitation, "We're going to stay in the core zone for a long time after all, and we might need to talk to people often. It might backfire easily if we disguise as other people, so we'll just use our names and tribes."

"It's too risky to use your real identity." Lin Huang frowned slightly when he heard her suggestion.

"There's no harm actually. Kylie's and my characteristics will stand out even more if we use our identities. Under normal circumstances, if something were to happen, it's easy for one's real identity to be tracked. Then, it'll be more difficult for one to get away. It might be troublesome to others, but you can recall us back into card form which can wipe all trails immediately. If something really were to happen, all I need is to send you a message to get you to recall us back into card form." Bloody seemed to be adamant about using her own identity. 

"Besides that, they don't lack powerhouses with high access in the core zone of the God Territory. There'll be even more trouble if they find out about our fake identities. By using our real identities, even if they discover something wrong, we can say that we're from a mini world. To avoid trouble, we bought fake identity rings, but we registered our authentic details. Even if the Protoss contacts our tribe to verify, there won't be any problem at all."

Lin Huang thought Bloody's explanation made sense indeed.

Although Yang Ling had superb skills when it came to creating fake identities, this was the great world after all. Moreover, just like Bloody said, the core zone of the God Territory had many powerhouses with high access. If someone's access was high enough to track their fake identities, that would spell trouble for them. However, if they were to register their fake identities with genuine information, even if the Protoss was to expose them, the most they could prove was that their identity rings were fake but their identities were authentic.

Even if Bloody could not find the exact tribe, other wisdom-types would definitely come forward to vouch for her. Meanwhile, Kylie was a pure God's Blood herself who belonged to the Nephilic Judge Tribe which belonged to the superior bloodline among the Protoss. Among the superior bloodlines, there were only a few of them. As soon as she was exposed, the Nephilic Judge Tribe would definitely come forward for her.

Bloody only made the decision after some careful consideration and concluded that it would be safer to use their real identities.

Lin Huang stopped disagreeing with Bloody's decision after some careful thoughts to himself.

After creating the three identities, Lin Huang sent them together with the Shelter code to Yang Ling.

Yang Ling soon replied with two messages, "Your location is really remote. I've checked. There are two receiving points that are closest to you. One is the Start Shelter (grade-3) and the other would be the Jupiter Shelter (grade-4). While the grade-4 Shelter is slightly closer to you, it doesn't make much difference. So, which receiving point do you want me to send them to?

"Also, I've told you that fake Protoss identities are easily exposed in the God Territory. Are you sure you want your summoning beast, Kylie, to disguise as a Protoss? I'm not responsible for any after-sales service if there's any problem with that."

Lin Huang replied while smiling after reading Yang Ling's message, "Send the goods to the grade-3 receiving point then. As for Kylie's identity, it's alright to disguise her as a Protoss. I won't force you to take responsibility if something goes wrong."

Two words popped up within three seconds Lin Huang sent the message. "Got it!"

After sorting out the fake identities, Lin Huang opened the Royal trading page and began looking at disguise god rule relics.

Soon, he saw two relics that he desired.

One was a black mask named Night. The mask was pure black and was adorned with golden droplets so tiny that one almost could not see them with their naked eye. They were like stars that lit up the night sky. Apart from that, there was a white precious stone the size of a thumb mounted on the forehead, resembling a full moon.

The effect of the mask's rule could isolate any energy from penetrating from the outside. Not only did it block Divine Telekinesis and Divine Power, but it could also block a majority of energy impact, creating a certain level of defense.

The second relic was a cloak with a hood named Shadow. The cloak was pure black without any decoration or patterns. The effect of the rule was disappearing, including blocking one's aura from being detected by the outside world.

In the beginning, Lin Huang struggled a while as he wondered which one to purchase. In the end, he decided to purchase both of them.

The starting price of a god rule relic was up to a million Divine Stones. Both god rule relics were expert-grade, so their price exceeded ten million Divine Stones. To be exact, both of them cost 46 million Divine Stones. It was not a small figure even to the wealthy Lin Huang. 

He happened to only have just over ten million Divine Stones. He would have to sell lots of his resources to gather 46 million Divine Stones. That was the reason why he was struggling with which to purchase in the beginning.

However, after some consideration, he eventually decided to splurge on both the god rule relics for safety purposes.


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