Monster Paradise
1250 You Wish
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1250 You Wish

Half an hour had already passed when Lin Huang and Bloody left the archive.

In reality, Bloody spent less than ten minutes reading all of the documents. She spent the rest of the time discussing the year-long plans and arrangements with Lin Huang.

As the duo walked out of the archive, Whale13 appeared before them in a flash. "I just recalled there's a Mr. Shu in this Shelter who loves telling all sorts of stories. Since, Ms. Bloody, you love listening to stories, both of you can stay a few days at my guardian residence. I'll get someone to bring Mr. Shu over."

"There's no need for the trouble…" 

Bloody took over the conversation just when Lin Huang wanted to reject him, "There's no harm staying a day or two."

Lin Huang peered at Bloody in doubt. He did not ask more since Whale13 was still standing next to them.

Bloody only explained through voice transmission after Whale13 left with their confirmation, "We only discussed the rough steps at the archive. I'll need a little bit of time to prepare and arrange the detailed plans for this year. We can avoid interruption and being spied on if we stay at his guardian residence for now. Moreover, both of us don't have authentic Protoss identities yet. We'll expose ourselves if we stay at a hotel.

"Now, the priority is to have someone to get us an alternate identity. Also, you'll need a disguise god rule relic. Get it as soon as you can."

"An alternate identity…I've already figured who to get that from." A person's face soon appeared in Lin Huang's head. "I'll check out the disguise god rule relics in the Royal Market."

Under the arrangement of Whale13's butler, Lin Huang and Bloody soon checked into the guest room in the guardian residence.

The butler had arranged for a suite at the top floor of the guardian residence. Apart from the great view, it was connected straight to the little garden at the rooftop.

Lin Huang and Bloody could not help but look at each other when they saw the garden.

"The design of this garden is pretty unique. It seems to be the work of a master," Bloody exclaimed to Lin Huang. She clearly wanted the butler to hear that.

As expected, the butler revealed a faint smile on his face. "Your humble one designed this garden. I learned gardening from a human master when I was younger, so I know a little bit about it."

"No wonder…Humans indeed are brilliant in some aspects," Bloody responded with a smile.

In reality, Lin Huang and Bloody could tell that the garden was designed by a human as soon as they saw it.

"That's right. There are actually many humans that are very talented—" The butler stopped speaking all of a sudden. He seemed to have realized that the duo was Protosses, so it was inappropriate for him to compliment humans before them. He changed what he was going to say immediately, "However, no matter how talented humans are, they're no match for the Protoss geniuses in our God Territory."

Noticing that he was being inappropriate, the butler dared not speak nonsense again. He left right after he arranged their accommodation.

"It seems like not everyone in the God Territory discriminates against humans." Lin Huang felt consoled about that.

"Indeed. However, the butler's response earlier proved even more that it's normal for humans to be discriminated in the God Territory." Bloody, on the other hand, recognized the different perspective of the incident.

They talked about serious business after a brief chat on the humans' position in the God Territory.

"Did you find anything useful from all of the documents that you read in the archive?"

"Yes, it's much more detailed than the grade-1 Shelter earlier which only had official news documents. They only recorded the major incidents in the God Territory. Apart from news documents, the Dust Shelter archives have many other documents. They even have some recordings of incidents outside the God Territory.

"That organization Royal that you joined earlier...they have quite some information recorded here too. The latest news was from seven years ago when a Prince elevated to heavenly god-level. One of the Prince's positions has been vacant ever since then."

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that news.

A Prince of Royal was different from that from Dynasty. The lowest qualification for being a Royalty was a supreme genius. As long as they were alive, almost all members had the potential to elevate to true god-level.

That applied to normal members too. The criteria for the candidate was much stricter for a Prince of Dynasty.

Dynasty's royal court would first vote among the candidates to be Prince. The royal court would then send the chosen candidates' detailed documents to one of the Lords of Dynasty. After the Lord looked through the documents, he would have to approve the candidate himself to make the candidate a Prince.

As soon as one was awarded the Prince title, he would become one of the Lords of Dynasty's nominal disciples. He might even be taught by the Lord himself.

In reality, for those who managed to enter the royal court list, they were basically guaranteed of their potential and quality in elevating to lord-level by the royal court.

However, the greater difficulty in achieving the title as Prince was that there was only a quota for 12 Princes of Dynasty in the entire great world.

The quota was almost always full and was hardly vacant.

Under normal circumstances, there would only be two situations when there was a vacancy. One was when a current Prince was dead while the other would be when a current Prince had elevated to heavenly god-level.

Lin Huang knew what the position of a Prince of Dynasty was as soon as he joined Royal. However, he did not care about that because it was too far away from him.

Although he was named the No. 1 genius of the era in the gravel world, he knew that the great world was much greater. To him, there must be many young people who had greater talents and gifts compared to him in the great world.

He did not think much about it even though he just heard about a vacant Prince position at the moment.

"This news was from seven months ago. There's no more news about Royal deciding on a Prince since then. It means since seven months ago, they probably have yet to find a suitable replacement for the Prince of Royal. I think you stand a chance." Bloody turned her head and looked at Lin Huang connivingly while smiling.

"Royal picks most of the candidates who are already on virtual god-level as their Prince. Before cultivators achieve virtual god-level, there are many unstable factors. No matter how powerful a genius is, they might be no different than an ordinary person as long as he doesn't find the correct way to elevate to virtual god-level. I don't even qualify the first basic condition with my imperial-level combat strength, so stop fooling around with me." It was not that Lin Huang had no confidence, but he never believed in blind confidence.

"There are only two possibilities why Royal has yet to have a Prince since seven months ago. The first one would be that there's no one suitable one among the candidate list who deserves the position. There's even a high possibility that the Lord has rejected the candidate lists submitted by the Royal court many times. The second possibility would be there are many suitable candidates, but they can't decide on one due to internal differences.

"If it's the first possibility whereby the Lord hasn't seen anyone that he likes and keeps rejecting the Royal court's list, you'll elevate to virtual god-level or even straight to True God if that drama drags out for a year. Won't you be qualified by then?" Bloody shared the possibility in all seriousness.

'You wish!' Lin Huang could not help but scoff to himself at the moment.


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