Monster Paradise
1249 The Best Solution
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1249 The Best Solution

As the deep voice boomed, a majestic silhouette stepped into the lounge after the door was opened.

Even Lin Huang and Bloody could not help but lift their heads because the person who came was at least 3.5 meters tall. It was a giant indeed.

When looked closely, one would notice that he only looked 90% like a human. There was something that differentiated him from a human. There were four almost invisible tiny holes on each side of his neck under his chin.

However, the detail alone made Lin Huang and Bloody realize who the person was. The human form, the gigantic body, and the breathing holes on his neck were clear descriptions of those in the monster guide. The person was definitely a member of the Whale-man Tribe under the Fish-man Tribe.

"I'm Dust Shelter's guardian, Whale13. Welcome both distinguished guests here!"

"I'm Grimace. This person next to me is Bloody," Lin Huang shared the identity of his current disguise, "Both of us passed by this wonderful place by accident. We thought we have to pay you a visit since there's a Fish-man Tribe senior guarding the Shelter."

Although he was disguised as a Protoss member, the person was a True God after all. He deserved to be called a senior.

Whale13, on the other hand, was over the moon when he heard what Lin Huang said. It was not that he had never met a Protoss before, but those that he met were arrogant. Even those juniors who were not even on virtual god-level were rude when they met him, a True God. However, these two juniors who were not even on virtual god-level before him kept calling him a senior, so he was pleased to be speaking with them.

'How wonderful would it be if all Protoss juniors are as courteous as them,' Whale13 could not help but think to himself.

"Haha, this Shelter is quite a crude and remote one. Apart from my few best friends and tribe people, there are usually very few guests on normal days, let alone Protosses like both of you. It's destiny that brought you here today. Give me a minute. Let me get people to arrange a banquet to welcome both of you."

Whale13 treated the duo passionately. The level of his friendliness made Lin Huang and Bloody suspect that he might have some ill intentions.

Fortunately, nothing unpleasant happened.

The three of them chatted while drinking tea. Soon, a fish-man came to inform them that the banquet was ready. Whale13 then dragged Lin Huang and Bloody to the table.

On the dining table, Whale13, who was tipsy from the drinks, finally revealed how Lin Huang and Bloody were different from other Protoss. At the same time, he criticized what he was unsatisfied with.

Lin Huang and Bloody were not sure whether to laugh or cry when they learned why Whale13 was so friendly to them.

After they were done with the brunch and made sure that Whale13 was treating them out of genuine kindness, Lin Huang asked for the star map and the request to access the archive calmly.

"I can provide the star map for you guys for free, but there's no way that I can give you full access to the archives. Grade-3 Shelters are guarded by Protoss, and there are some documents that only the guardians can access since they're confidential to the outside world. There's no exception for Protosses like the both of you," Whale13 spoke in all honesty.

"Then, give us the access that's opened to us," Lin Huang nodded while smiling.

"Don't mind me asking this. My Dust Shelter is remote, and you should be able to find most documents available at Shelters above grade-3 in the Protoss archive. What are you guys looking for to be coming to our archive intentionally?" Whale13 could not help but raise a question.

In the God Territory, ever since humans helped build the Internet and archives, all sorts of documents and information in grade-3 and above Shelters were stored in a copy in the Protoss's great archive that was similar to a cloud system. The Protoss members could read up within their access limit at all times.

Lin Huang and Bloody knew that too.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking of how to answer Whale13's question, next to him, Bloody spoke, "Well, I've loved reading stories since I was young. I would collect local stories wherever I go, including local folklores and historical information since they're also in my reading range. Moreover, there are some folklores and history that can't be found in the archives. Therefore, I always request to go to the archive whenever I go to a Shelter, no matter the size."

Clearly, Whale13 suspected nothing from Bloody's explanation."Oh, I see. Ms. Bloody, you sure are knowledgeable. This whale is embarrassed."

After the banquet, Whale13 made a copy of the star map and sent it to Lin Huang. He left after leading the duo to the archive.

The Dust Shelter was a grade-3 Shelter after all. Its archive was much bigger than the grade-1 Shelter earlier, and the documents were much more complete.

As Bloody was reading the documents, Lin Huang was checking the star map that Whale13 had sent him.

After a while, having browsed through the star map thoroughly, Lin Huang spoke to Bloody through voice transmission, "This star map still has no coincidental points in the star map in Qi Muxiong's memory. However, we can basically confirm where we are now."

"The star zone that we're currently in is called the Dust Zone. It's under the Northern Desert Star Zone, under the territory of grade-5 Shelter, the Golden Sand Shelter. The Northern Desert Star Zone is rather remote, almost at the northwestern border of the God Territory.

"Although the Golden Sand Shelter is considered the weaker one among the grade-5 Shelters. They have over 24 grade-4 Shelters and some 120 grade-3 Shelters under them. As it's rather remote, the management guardians are pretty weak. Most of the Shelters are quite dangerous. Besides that, there are many fugitives who escaped here.

"Also, there is almost zero humans in the Northern Desert Star Zone. The God Territory isn't a friendly place for humans, and the discrimination is even worse in the Northern Desert Star Zone. If I appear as myself, I'm afraid there would be people who are eager to beat me up.

"However, the problem is that my Disguise Card can only last for a day. It would mean that if I'd like to stay in this grade-3 Shelter, I would need to use one Disguise Card every day. My cards are my trump card. This would mean that I would have to use a trump card that could save my life even if I did nothing everyday. That's not going to work in the long run."

Although Lin Huang had disguise skills, given his imperial-level combat strength, he could not even deceive Virtual Gods, let alone true god-level powerhouses.

Bloody multitasked while giving Lin Huang a solution directly after hearing what he said, "There are actually two solutions to your situation. The first solution is to use a disguise god rule relic. You won't expose yourself and you'll save on your cards. If you're still concerned, you can even use two god rule relics.

"The second solution is to appear as my God's Servant. If that's the case, you can use your human identity in public without a disguise.

"I'd recommend the first one of the two solutions. I think it's better that you don't expose your identity and appearance. This is the great world after all, and powerhouses are everywhere. It's better to be cautious before you have definite confidence.

"However, true god-level is the most a god rule relic can deceive. There's a chance that you might be exposed when you meet heavenly god-level powerhouses or top True Gods. All grade-4 Shelters have top high-rank True God guardians and Heavenly Gods in Shelters above grade-4. If you go for the first solution, you won't be able to enter Shelters that are grade-4 and above.

"However, if we don't go into the God Territory's core zone, the information we get will be very limited, so I'm thinking that it's best that we go our separate ways for our next journey. You're a human, so you'll encounter trouble everywhere you go in the God Territory. However, it's a different case for me. Although I'm not a God's Blood, it's easy for me to join the Protosses with my quadruple-mutated wisdom-type complete human form. The Protoss is different from before; it's not a world full of pure God's Bloods any longer. All monsters of quadruple-mutation and above with complete human forms can join."

"I'm worried about letting you go into the God Territory's core zone alone." Lin Huang thought about it for a moment and said while shaking his head, "I'll go for the second solution, which is to go into the core zone with you as your God's Servant."

"If you decide to be my God's Servant, you'll need to spend most of your time with me. There will be a significant restriction on your mobility. If that's the case, it's very difficult for you to elevate your combat strength as you planned. After all, we only have a year. Moreover, your combat strength level will affect mine directly. You'll have to seize every second to elevate your combat strength.

"If you're still worried, you can summon Kylie to be with me. Kylie is a pure God's Blood. Not only does she have powerful combat ability, but she also has her own army, as well as her speed and spatial divine abilities. My safety should be guaranteed since I have her with me.

"That's the best solution that I can think of. Let's go our separate ways. Kylie and I will get intel at the core zone while you'll have to do everything you can to elevate your combat strength."

Lin Huang nodded eventually after falling into silence for a long time. He knew that Bloody had indeed come up with the best solution available.


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