Monster Paradise
1246 Could There be Precious Treasures Nearby?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1246 Could There be Precious Treasures Nearby?!

It was not Lin Huang's first time seeing a dog-headed person. In reality, he had seen such a monster in the wild zones more than once during his first year of travel to the gravel world.

However, the dog-headed person that Lin Huang saw back then looked like a strange, mixed breed. They were ugly with messy hair and looked many times filthier than most strays on earth. Most importantly, their intelligence was lower than most dogs on earth. All they could do was bite and eat.

It was Lin Huang's first time seeing a dog-headed person that was of pure Golden Retriever breed at that moment. This made him think back to the Golden Retriever he had as a child back home before traveling to the gravel world.

The dog-headed person did not mind Lin Huang being out of the zone at all. He greeted them passionately.

"Let me know if there's anything that both of you masters need. I'll definitely help if I can."

Bloody took over the conversation after noticing that Lin Huang was distracted.

"If that's the case, we won't hold back. We need maps of the nearby areas along with access to this Shelter's archive. The more versions we have of the map, the better. Also, the higher the access level granted to us for the archive, the better."

A surprised expression flashed through the dog-headed person's eyes when he heard Bloody's requests. However, he agreed directly without much hesitation.

"Sure, I'll arrange accommodation for both of you first. After that, I'll bring both of you to the archive, sort out the maps and send them over to you."

"There's no need for accommodation, it won't take long for us to read the documents. Just send the maps to the archive directly."

The Divine Telekinesis Virtual Gods possessed the ability to retrieve various information at a blinding speed. With Bloody's Supreme Intelligence, her speed of retrieving information was hundreds of times faster than ordinary virtual god-level powerhouses, and probably only required less than half an hour to read all the archives in a grade-1 shelter. Naturally, this made it unnecessary for them to stay in this shelter.

"Alright then, I'll lead both of you to the archive now." The dog-headed person nodded immediately.

The archive was located at the back courtyard of the guardian residence. The dog-headed person led Lin Huang and Bloody through a graveyard with various creatures' carcasses buried and stopped when they arrived at a small house.

Lin Huang could not help but frown slightly as they were walking here.

He knew about dog-headed people's bad habit of burying carcasses a few years back. He never thought that the spotless golden retriever he saw before him had the same bad habit as the mixed breed dog-headed people.

The dog-headed person seemed to be embarrassed by himself as he kept his gaze low while they walked through the backyard, walking faster than before. He only spoke again when they arrived at the little house in the backyard.

"This little house isn't the real archive. There's a red worm guarding it in there, and only people that I bring in won't be attacked. The real archive is underground. To be exact, in the maze built by the red worm, only the red worm and I knew the correct route."

Although Lin Huang had never seen a red worm, he was not a stranger to it. He remembered a monster with that name when he saw it in the monster guide for the first time because it looked like an earthworm that had been enlarged countless times. Apart from the difference in size, the red worm had sharp teeth that looked like spikes all over its mouth and a long tongue that could be shot out rapidly.

It could burrow underground like an earthworm and enjoyed setting up mazes in its territory. The red worm mainly eats rotten flesh and would also attack creatures that trespasses into its territory.

However, to Lin Huang and Bloody, the red worm's maze was nothing to them no matter how difficult it was. They could see everything in the maze clearly by just scanning it with Divine Telekinesis.

The dog-headed person could only defend against imperial-level enemies at most. After all, the red worm that was hiding under the little house only had combat strength of an imperial-level. It would be killed immediately as soon as it encountered a virtual god-level powerhouse.

"Hong Hong, I brought some people here." The dog-headed person took a step forward and knocked on the little house's metal door three times.

A humming sound soon came from the house in response to the knock.

Then, the dog-headed person turned his head around to nod at Lin Huang and Bloody. "You may now enter, masters. Please follow behind me, and try not to make a sound."

The dog-headed person extended his hand and opened the metal door as soon as he was done speaking before entering hastily.

Lin Huang and Bloody followed him immediately.

As Lin Huang expected, the inside of the house was small — only less than 30 square meters. However, there was a big, four-meter diameter hole in the middle of the house that had a gigantic monster extending its head from the hole.

The dog-headed person took out a rotten beast carcass from his storage space and tossed it at the monster. It opened its mouth, caught the carcass, and began eating it happily.

Lin Huang took this opportunity to observe the monster.

According to the monster guide, the highest combat strength ever recorded for a red worm found in the gravel world was only at the holy fire-level. There were no immortal-level red worms ever found.

However, the one before him had a solid imperial-level purple gold-rank combat strength despite its size that did not look much different from what the monster guide described. It was just an earthworm that was enlarged countless times with a mouth full of sharp teeth. The only thing that was different from the description in the monster guide was there were many faint, tiny purple spots on its wrinkled, red skin.

In less than ten seconds, the red worm ate and swallowed the beast carcass that weighed hundreds of pounds. There was not a single bone or anything left over.

The dog-headed person only spoke again when the red worm was done eating.

"Please send these two masters to the archive. There are errands that I need to run. I'll come back later. Send them off for me if these two masters need to leave before I return."

The red worm released a hum like it was responding to the dog-headed person.

The dog-headed person then said to Lin Huang and Bloody in relief, "Please ride on its back, masters. It'll bring you to the archive. I'll go on to sort out the map. I'll return later."

"Sure!" Lin Huang swallowed the 'thanks' that almost slipped out of his lips.

Both of them rode on the red worm's back, it then turned around to the ground and crawled towards the destination quickly.

After seeing both of them off, the dog-headed person only looked away a while later. He seemed like he was in deep thought.

"The two Protoss came out of nowhere, they requested to look at our archive and maps… Judging by the duo's responses, there must be precious treasures close to the shelter!"

"But I've looked through all of the areas that are open around the shelter throughout the decades here. I didn't find anything valuable, let alone items that are attractive to two Protoss… There should be something that's happening if it's something that only appeared during recent decades. Still... I don't recall anything happening during the past decades.

The dog-headed person shook his head feeling helpless after failing to come up with anything. He left the little house with a head full of doubts.


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