Monster Paradise
1245 Shelter No.1245
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1245 Shelter No.1245

"We're finally out!"

A black whirlpool consolidated midair in a wilderness from nowhere, before a man and a woman stepped out of it.

The young man in a black trench coat could not help but smirk as he lifted his head to look far ahead, bracing the strong wind that swept up the dust that covered the wilderness sky with weed.

"If I'm not mistaken, we should be somewhere close to the grade-1 Shelter No.1245."

"According to Butterfly Sovereign's plan in the dreamland, the destination we've been teleported to should be close to Shelter No.1245. However, we still can't confirm our current coordinates before seeing Shelter No.1245." The lady in red next to him hovered midair as she turned her head and looked at the young man.

Naturally, the two people who appeared out of thin air were Lin Huang and Bloody that the Butterfly Sovereign had just teleported to the great world by means of the Space God Rule.

The Butterfly Sovereign had set the coordinates close to Shelter No.1245 when she was in the great world back then. Due to Lin Huang and Bloody's persuasion, the Butterfly Sovereign who ruled the entire virtual zone was intending to return to the great world growing in her. The Butterfly Sovereign would occupy Shelter No.1245 as her first plan before stealthily expanding and developing her influence.

Shelter No.1245 was just an inconspicuous grade-1 Shelter, and the most powerful guardian was only a demigod. If there were not millions of them, there were at least hundreds of thousands of such shelters throughout Protoss territory. No powerhouses would give attention to such a place at all.

With the Butterly Sovereign's capability, it would not take her long to elevate this shelter to a grade-3 shelter once she took over. Eventually, she would make it into a significant organization. Later, she would apply to be a grade-5 shelter's affiliate and with a grade-5 shelter's protection, the organization would have their feet planted in the great world. She would develop it further later on and attempt to breakthrough to the heavenly god-level, and as soon as she broke through, the shelter's grade would be elevated to grade-5. By then, she would also consider an overlord in the great world.

That was the plan Bloody came up with for the Butterfly Sovereign in the dreamland.

Even if the Butterfly Sovereign had no interest in the beginning, her greed grew significantly after ruling the virtual zone in Bloody's dreamland.

No matter how big the virtual zone was, it could no longer contain her greed.

The black whirlpool behind Lin Huang and Bloody began to fade and disappeared gradually as the duo chatted.

Lin Huang peeped at the gateway's exit that was disappearing. He raised his brows slightly. "I thought she'd come after us. That lady is much calmer than I imagined."

However, it seemed to be in Bloody's expectation, "No matter what, she's the overlord of the virtual zone. If she can't even handle such a situation, she can't be the Butterfly Sovereign of the virtual zone."

"If it was me, I might even bomb Butterfly Sovereign Palace if I found out I was tricked in the dreamland and was being used to activate the gateway toward the great world." Lin Huang chuckled softly.

"She must be secretly crushed but she knew very well that she's no match for Nightmare Tapir. She'd most probably die if she came after us. After all, she fell into the trap earlier without even noticing. There's a high possibility that she'd fall into the trap for the second and third time. No matter how upset she is, she can only tolerate in silence." What Bloody said seemed to reflect the Butterfly Sovereign's current mood.

At the Butterfly Sovereign Palace in the virtual zone, Butterfly Sovereign Cai Yi clenched her fists tightly while watching the dimensional gateway fade slowly in rage.

There were a few times when she attempted to rush in. However, she decided to be rational and finally gave up on that thought.

"Grimace! Bloody! I'll remember both of you! I'll definitely kill the both of you in the future!"

Although she said that while clenching her teeth, Cai Yi had little faith in succeeding in that endeavor.

Until this moment, she was still unsure of when she fell into the trap and got dragged to the dreamland. That aside, she also knew full well that she stood little to no chance of a victory should she see the duo again despite them both only having the combat strength of people at the virtual god-level.

She began recalling everything that happened in the dreamland over ten minutes as she calmed herself down. All of a sudden, a strange expression could be seen on Cai Yi's face.

"Although it was just a dream, the development strategies, and combat skills that girl Bloody provided seem to really work… What if I carry them out in reality…"

Cai Yi's eyes lit up, she seemed to have completely forgotten that she was tricked…

However, Lin Huang and Bloody who was, at this moment, far away in the great world knew nothing about that.

The duo rushed along their path and soon arrived at the protoss shelter that was closest to their sensing range.

Lin Huang and Bloody attracted the shelter guards' attention just as they were descending from midair. There was fear in their eyes.

"Are both you masters entering the city?" the monster guard with crocodile head asked carefully. 

A protoss would have three forms and would usually appear in their mortal form, which was a human form. The reason was that their original form was usually gigantic, making it inconvenient for them to move around. Meanwhile, their immortal form would drain their energy at all times since energy was the main source of retaining that form.

Clearly, the complete human forms had proved that the duo were legitimate members of the Protoss. The grade suppression from Bloody and Lin Huang disguising into Grimace alone was enough to make the guards tremble just from standing there. It was the kind of suppression that a human could not fake.

"What's the code of this shelter?" Lin Huang asked coldly. He even only peeped at the two guards coldly.

Since he disguised into a Protoss, he should naturally portray a Protoss' arrogance as well. Courtesy was unnecessary when asking questions.

"Master, this is Shelter No.1245." The two guards did not find Lin Huang's question odd. The reason was that most of the shelters below grade-3 only had codes but not names. Hardly any members of the Protoss would visit shelters below grade-3, so it made sense that they did not know of the shelter's code.

Lin Huang and Bloody turned their heads and looked at each other after hearing the guard informing the code. The duo was finally relieved, as the Butterfly Sovereign sent them to the correct coordinates.

"Let's take a look at the shelter," Bloody signaled to Lin Huang.

This was the first shelter that the duo discovered in the great world. Naturally, the first thing to do was to collect some basic information.

"Masters, do you want to see the master guardian?" the crocodile-head guard asked softly.

"I hope that isn't too much… I mean, lead the way," Lin Huang was about to say 'I hope that isn't too much' by habit. However, recalling that he was a snobbish Protoss, he scrapped that immediately.

Clearly, Bloody who was next to him heard. She could not help but smirk, she almost laughed out loud.

Soon, the duo arrived at the guardian residence under the crocodile-head's guidance.

The Shelter's guardian was a dog-headed person with blonde hair. Although he only had combat strength of imperial-level while he was approximately two meters tall, Lin Huang was tempted to pat its head since his golden hair was shining like a purebred Golden Retriever under the sun.


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