Monster Paradise
1244 100 Years Passed By in The Dream
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1244 100 Years Passed By in The Dream

At 8.50 a.m., Lin Huang arrived at Qi Muxiong's ruin as he stepped out of the dimensional portal. He contacted the Eternity Fire in his body while looking at the ruin that seemed like a frozen planet.

"Put the ruin away."

Soon after Lin Huang spoke, tens of thousands of golden glows shot out of the sealed ruin. It looked as if the sun had been awakened.

As the golden flames shot out of the seal, the white icy crystal wall collapsed like an avalanche. There were also cracks that could be seen by the naked eye appearing on the thick icy chains. On top of that, the cracks were expanding at an astonishing speed. A few seconds later, the icy chains broke into hundreds of sections. They then disappeared into the air.

The entire thing lasted less than ten seconds. Just like that, the seal the Dragon Sovereign Bai Bing set collapsed completely.

As the seal collapsed, Qi Muxiong's shiny ruin was as glaring as a burning sun. However, the sun only shone for less than a second. It shrunk to the size of a sesame seed and penetrated Lin Huang's forehead through a stream of light.

In the next second, Lin Huang summoned the dimensional portal directly without any hesitation. He stepped in right away.

Within half a minute, Lin Huang disappeared. The original area where Qi Muxiong's ruin had been experienced a dimensional turbulence. Slowly, a gigantic silhouette came out of the black dimensional whirlpool.

It was none other than one of the Three Sovereigns in the virtual zone, the Dragon Sovereign, Bai Bing!

His icy-blue pupils glanced at the original position of the ruin quickly. He was clearly stunned when he saw nothing there. Subsequently, he frowned and scanned the area with his Divine Telekinesis.

Naturally, his search was futile as Lin Huang had left through the dimensional portal. Not only had he returned to Division 7, but he had arrived at the Butterfly Sovereign Shelter with Bloody at that moment.

Having found nothing after the Divine Telekinesis search, Bai Bing was enraged. "How dare anyone touch my stuff!? No matter who you are, I swear I'll dig you out of your grave!"

As soon as Lin Huang, who had disguised as Grimace, and Bloody arrived at the entrance of the Butterfly Sovereign Palace, a beautiful lady approached them.

The lady looked like she was only in her early 20s. She wore a long, purple dress. The most unique thing about her appearance was a pair of butterfly wings on her back that was purple as the base color. They were embellished with pastel colors and bright colors such as orange and red. They were a refreshing burst of colors to one's sight.

Lin Huang and Bloody immediately recognized that this lady in purple butterfly wings was the Butterfly Sovereign's personal God's Servant.

"Master, the Butterfly Sovereign has acknowledged your arrival and got me to bring both of you in. Follow me." The lady in purple nodded lightly and did not say anything unnecessary. She turned around and led both of them into the Butterfly Sovereign Palace right away.

Soon, under the guidance of the lady in purple, Lin Huang and Bloody passed through a tiny path and saw the Butterfly Sovereign who was in a white dress once again.

The Butterfly Sovereign looked like a 15 or 16 year old lady just like before. However, she was no longer dressed as casually as before. Her white dress reached the ground like a blooming lily. She had a bloody crown on her head that was adorned with divine patterns all over it. Lin Huang and Bloody could tell that it was a god rule relic. Also, she was no longer bare-footed. Instead, she had a pair of red heels on her feet. Compared to the plain air she carried the first time they met, the Butterfly Sovereign's get-up matched what Lin Huang and Bloody were expecting to see before meeting her.

The Butterfly Sovereign sat on the throne that looked like a giant, white flower. She held her head down as she looked at them with a very subtle smirk on her lips.

"Have you guys decided?"

"We have." Lin Huang, who was disguised as Grimace, nodded while smiling lightly.

"So, your final decision is…"

"We'll stay and work for you for a year. When the contract reaches a year, we hope that you will do as you promised, Master Butterfly Sovereign, which is sending both of us to the great world," Lin Huang shared his decision.

The Butterfly Sovereign could not help but raise her brows when she heard him. To be frank, Lin Huang's decision was out of her expectations. Initially, she thought only one of them would stay. However, both of them were staying now.

"Aren't you guys in a hurry? How come the both of you are staying now? Don't you need me to send one of you away to handle your matter?" The Butterfly Sovereign could not help but fire the few questions at once.

"We've discussed it in detail in the past week and we've come to a decision that we'll both stay. We actually lied about only being able to stay for a week at the most so that we could leave the virtual zone as soon as possible. In reality, we can stay much longer than a week in the virtual zone," Lin Huang explained.

All the Butterfly Sovereign's suspicion dissolved. "Alright, we'll sign a contract then. From today onwards, both of you will be under me for a year. You'll follow my orders. A year later, when the contract expires, I promise to send you away!"


Lin Huang was finally relieved when he saw the contract signing go smoothly in the dreamland. "The contract has finally been signed!"

"Yeah, we're pretty fortunate that we succeeded on the first try. I was worried that she might spot something off and struggle out of the dreamland!" Bloody could not help but exclaim.

The Nightmare Tapir, who was next to them, could not help but add, "You guys don't actually have to worry. She only has a combat strength of first-rank True God. The intensity of her spirit is common among True Gods, so it's still within my range of control. Even if I fail the first time, I can still do it again by resetting the dreamland. Although the possibility of her finding out about the strange occurrence will increase every time I reset the dreamland, judging by the intensity of her spirit, it shouldn't be a problem to do it within three attempts. There'll only be a small possibility of her noticing it if I were to do it more than five times."

Although the Nightmare Tapir only had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-9, his rank was higher than the Butterfly Sovereign's. Apart from that, since the Butterfly Sovereign's spirit intensity was mediocre, she was dragged into Nightmare Tapir's dreamland without noticing. That was how Lin Huang and Bloody witnessed whatever happened earlier. 

A year had passed in the dreamland in the blink of an eye. 

With Lin Huang's disguise and Bloody's assistance, the Butterfly Sovereign developed much more than the Dragon Sovereign and the Lion Sovereign. Her growth could be described as prosperous.

Although the Butterfly Sovereign was still the weakest among the Three Sovereigns, the gap between her and the other two sovereigns had undoubtedly shrunk significantly. With the two capable warriors, the Butterfly Sovereign almost went all out and finally convinced the duo to stay.

Years had passed in the dreamland.

With Lin Huang and Bloody's help, the Butterfly Sovereign's organization only spent 12 years catching up with the Lion Sovereign. She even surpassed the Dragon Sovereign in the 18th year, becoming the number one organization in the entire virtual zone.

In the 78th year, the Butterfly Sovereign finally elevated to a second-rank True God.

In the 99th year, she successfully took over the Lion Sovereign's organization. Later on, she spent two years taking over the Dragon Sovereign's organization. She was the overlord of the virtual zone by then.

In the 102nd year, the Butterfly Sovereign finally agreed to let her capable warriors, Lin Huang and Bloody, leave to the great world under their persuasion.

In reality, it had only been less than ten minutes in the real world.

The moment when the Butterfly Sovereign was going to activate the dimensional gateway, the Nightmare Tapir projected what the Butterfly Sovereign was doing in the dreamland into the real world, putting her into a mode as if she were sleep-walking.

As the Butterfly Sovereign activated the dimensional portal in the dreamland, she also activated the same gateway in the real world.

Lin Huang and Bloody looked at each other and smiled when they saw the dimensional portal forming. The duo brought the Nightmare Tapir into the gateway.


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