Monster Paradise
1241 Leaving the Ruin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1241 Leaving the Ruin

After conquering the Ice Dragon, Lin Huang had basically fulfilled his preliminary goal of entering Qi Muxiong's ruin.

For the next few days, apart from leaving Bai and the rest to dig for treasures on the frozen ocean, Lin Huang had been staying on the isolated island on the Eastern Ocean to digest Qi Muxiong's memory.

Before entering the ruin, Qi Muxiong's memory had a big hole while some of the recollections were even made up. However, since the Eternity Fire penetrated Lin Huang's body, he finally obtained Qi Muxiong's true memory that was close to perfection.

Throughout the past few days, he had been organizing the portions of the memories. He wanted to look for a way to exit the virtual zone, but his effort was to no avail.

Time passed by, and it was the last day of the seven-day ruin being opened.

"The time will be up in two hours. It's time to leave," Lin Huang looked at the time projected from his Emperor's Heart Ring and mumbled to himself softly.

"We didn't miss anything out, did we?" the Nightmare Tapir asked next to him.

"No. Looking at Qi Muxiong's memory, we've basically obtained everything valuable in this ruin." Overall, Lin Huang was satisfied with the reward of this trip.

As soon as he was done speaking, he had his eyes on the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon and the Ice Dragon that were not far away. "How do we bring the two of them with us?"

Lin Huang could integrate god rule relics and god items into his body but not living monsters unless they were pets that he had signed a contract with. They would then be put away in his pet space.

Moreover, the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon and the Ice Dragon were not Monster Cards that were formed after being killed, so they could not be put away in Lin Huang's body.

"I can put them away in my God Territory for a short period of time. However, my God Territory will collapse if they're in there for too long. After all, they're True Gods. Even if they don't activate the god rule, they will affect the God Territory's internal rule. Unless it's a true god-level God Territory, it can isolate the influence of the rule," the Nightmare Tapir explained after hearing Lin Huang's concern.

"I guess we can only leave them in the ruin for the time being." Lin Huang thought about it and chose to leave the two monsters aside decisively. "We'll bring the ruin with us and only release them when we arrive in the great world." 

The Ice Dragon and the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon had mixed feelings upon hearing that. On one hand, indeed, they hoped to leave the ruin that had become a prison to them. On the other hand, they would be controlled if they left with Lin Huang. It would be impossible for them to terrorize a place freely like they used to be.

After settling the Ice Dragon and the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon, Lin Huang put away the Nightmare Tapir, Bai and the rest of the Monster Cards before summoning a dimensional portal. He then returned to the entrance of the coordinates he had set earlier.

As soon as he stepped out of the dimensional portal, he lifted his head and saw a gigantic spider with long legs glaring at him with her 16 pitch-black eyes. There was doubt and confusion in her eyes.

It was the Spider Queen who had had a fling with the Thousand-Legged Centipede!

The Spider Queen was stunned to see a human appear in the ruin out of nowhere. She could not make sense of things at the moment. "A human?! Why is there a human in the ruin?"

On the other hand, Lin Huang reacted immediately. He summoned his imperial monster, Grimace, quickly. While he had considered the possibility of encountering monsters on the way here, never had he thought that he would encounter this Spider Queen. 

Initially, his plan was to kill the monsters that he might encounter. However, after realizing that it was the Spider Queen, he decided not to kill her. After all, she had never showed any ill intentions since the beginning.

"Just erase her memory about seeing me," Lin Huang ordered in his deep voice.

Hearing his instruction, Grimace turned around and lifted his head to look at the Spider Queen while raising his brow. "Isn't this that little spider from before?"

Lin Huang had spared this spider's life before and now he was asking Grimace not to kill her this time. Grimace looked at Lin Huang in confusion. However, he did not plan to go against his order.

Before the Spider Queen, who was not far away, could react, she saw a handsome man in black robes appear next to the human. The man in black robes snapped his fingers all of a sudden, sending a clear ringing sound that went into her head. In the next second, the Spider Queen's giant body slumped onto the ground directly and she fell into a deep sleep.

"Let's toss her out of the ruin." Lin Huang looked at the ruin exit not far away and gave Grimace his second order.

With a pout, Grimace stretched the threads from his Divine Telekinesis to tie the Spider Queen up. He then tossed her hard like a basketball, thrusting her into the whirlpool at the exit of the ruin accurately.

The Spider Queen's gigantic body was soon engulfed by the exit of the ruin and vanished.

Spreading his Divine Telekinesis, Lin Huang kept calm after realizing there was no other monster around though a few were approaching at a high speed. After putting Grimace away slowly, he crushed a Disguise Card again.

A moment later, he disappeared and was replaced by a gigantic Thousand-Legged Centipede.

As soon as the effect of the Disguise Card took place, an insect beast with three pairs of wings flew towards him at an alarming speed. However, after spotting Lin Huang, the beast merely glimpsed at him and entered the exit that was not far away.

Sensing that there were still two monsters approaching at lightning speed, Lin Huang did not rush out. Instead, he began chatting with the Eternity Fire. "From what I know, all monsters that come into this ruin will have their memories erased after they leave. Are you the one who does that?"

The Eternity Fire did not hide the truth. "That's right. To prevent Qi Muxiong's inheritance from being stolen, I set a rule in this ruin. Any living form will forget everything that has happened in the ruin once they leave this place. Any form of records will be erased too.

"Indeed, it prevented the ruin's coordinates being exposed at first. A True God from the virtual zone found out about this ruin later on. Such a rule prevented that True God from stealing the ruin. Anyone he sent into the ruin failed to bring any information out of the ruin effectively."

"So, will I be affected once I leave too?" Lin Huang asked immediately. Theoretically, the Rule Bending Power should be applicable to everyone and he might not be excluded.

However, the Eternity Fire denied his question, "Naturally, your memory won't be erased. I was the one who set up this rule, so I'm immune to it. Since I'm hiding in your body, that means that you're immune to the rule."

Lin Huang was relieved to hear the answer.

At the moment, the two silhouettes that he sensed earlier came one after another. Both of them merely peeked at Lin Huang as they got into the exit of the ruin without stopping at all.

Seeing that, Lin Huang controlled the Thousand-Legged Centipede's gigantic body to lumber out of the exit calmly.


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