Monster Paradise
1240 The Power of Slaps
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1240 The Power of Slaps

In the beginning, the Ice Dragon was curious about how the Nightmare Tapir dodged her attack. After attacking in a testing manner twice, she finally realized the technique the Nightmare Tapir was using.

The Ice Dragon held her head high and looked at the Nightmare Tapir that was beneath her while revealing an expression as if she was winning the battle. "I might be afraid of you if you mastered the Space God Rule, but it's unfortunate that you're only a Virtual God. No matter how powerful your divine ability is, it's not a god rule after all."

The Ice Dragon spread her wings wide as she spoke. In the blink of an eye, she looked like she had turned into an ice sculpture that had existed for tens of thousands of years. A frigid chill was spreading towards all directions.

Compared to the chill that came naturally, this bitter cold clearly contained a god rule.

Even the seawater that would not normally freeze at zero degrees Celsius finally broke its limit at that moment as it began to freeze.

The seawater froze at a speed that was 1,000 times faster than the speed of sound. It swelled to the Nightmare Tapir immediately, so it was frozen into a perfect ice sculpture as if it could not fight it. 

Seeing that the Nightmare Tapir was frozen, the Ice Dragon descended to the same level as he was. She was moving freely in the ice crystal like how she had been moving in the ocean earlier.

"Since you're using the Space Rule, I'll freeze the space then. Let's see how you're going to escape this now!" The Ice Dragon stared at the frozen Nightmare Tapir with a smirk.

However, before she could do anything else, a soft cracking came all of a sudden. Almost at the same time, Lin Huang saw the ice crystals around the Nightmare Tapir's body begin cracking.

Never had the Ice Dragon thought that the Nightmare Tapir could break her god rule when he was only a Virtual God. One must know that a god rule was a Rule Bending Power, so it definitely surpassed most divine abilities and skills. The difference between the two was almost like a mountain and a rock. Just like an ordinary person, he could carry rocks of a certain weight with both his arms, but it was impossible for him to carry a mountain.

At the moment, the act of the Nightmare Tapir breaking the ice crystals was almost the equivalent to a person moving a mountain.

As the Ice Dragon was still in shock, the ice around the Nightmare Tapir's body began to break, crushing into bits almost immediately. Even the entire frozen space was cracking and disintegrating to a greater degree.

It only took the Nightmare Tapir a mere flash to get out of the frozen space. Right after that, he slapped the frozen space that had yet to completely collapse in front of the Ice Dragon.

That slap clearly possessed the Destructive Divine Mammoth's Superhuman Strength. An intense bang exploded from the slap, and subsequently, the entire frozen space collapsed like an avalanche.

Witnessing that, the Ice Dragon finally found out how the Nightmare Tapir got out of her Ice God Rule. It was through pure brute strength.

Upon realizing that, the Ice Dragon was not sure whether to laugh or cry. The battle earlier made her think that the Nightmare Tapir was an expert at speed. However, it looked like it was also an expert in strength. Its strength was so great that it was terrifying.

'This guy doesn't seem to have any shortcomings at all. Even the Ice God Rule can't contain him! What do I do now?' the Ice Dragon thought to herself. Initially, she thought she could defeat the Nightmare Tapir by possessing the Ice God Rule. She assumed that it was a sure win. However, now that her trump card was destroyed, she had no idea how to defeat her opponent now.

"Your most powerful Ice God Rule can't defeat me. You're not my match when it comes to close combat either." The Nightmare Tapir did not rush to fight back. Instead, it was advising the Ice Dragon with a grin, "Just surrender. At least, your skin will suffer less if you surrender now."

"You wish!" the Ice Dragon rejected directly without even giving it a thought.

Before the Nightmare Tapir could speak, the icy wings on her back spread open again. Her body turned into a chilly hell once more, freezing everything around her.

Once again, the Nightmare Tapir was frozen into an ice sculpture.

However, the Ice Dragon did not stop after freezing the Nightmare Tapir this time. Instead, she proceeded to charge the Ice God Rule to freeze him in more layers. She only stopped the layering a little unwillingly when she had drained more than half of the Divine Power in her body.

"Let's see how you're going to get out now!" the Ice Dragon recalled her wings and shouted at the frozen Nightmare Tapir in rage. She then glared dangerously at the ice crystal where the Nightmare Tapir was frozen. 

Time passed by. Just when the Ice Dragon was secretly relieved that there was no commotion coming from the Nightmare Tapir, a light crack was heard.

The Ice Dragon widened her eyes when she saw a crack on the ice crystal that the Nightmare Tapir was wrapped within again.

The crack was only as thick as a hair in the beginning and less than a centimeter long. However, in a heartbeat, there were up to a hundred cracks like spider webs. Some of them were as thick as fingers while some were a few meters long.

Almost in the next second that the first crack was formed, the ice crystal around the Nightmare Tapir fell completely as it made it out of the ice again. It appeared not far before the Ice Dragon directly in a flash from the frozen space and taunted her with a smile.

"I've told you that it's futile no matter how many times you try. After all, you're only a first-rank True God whereby your god rule is limited. Even if you charge all the god rules you have in your body, the most you can do is to trap me for a few seconds more. It's useless.

"Perhaps you could really hurt me if you combined this technique with a powerful attack skill. Unfortunately, your most powerful attack technique is an Ice Element, so you can't break through my defense at all."

The Ice Dragon knew very well that the Nightmare Tapir was right. Her biggest weakness was that she lacked a powerful attack technique.

She could restrict someone by freezing them and attacking them with elemental divine skill if she encountered an ordinary opponent. The combination of controlling and attacking was a great technique. However, she could not even show a tenth of her upper hand when encountering the Nightmare Tapir who was an expert at resisting elemental divine skills.

"I'm going to give you one last chance: surrender now or surrender later when I beat you up. It's your choice." Nobody knew whether the Nightmare Tapir was showing sympathy or had some other reason for changing his options from surrendering or dying to just surrendering.

Just when Lin Huang was puzzled, the Nightmare Tapir's voice transmission came into his ears. "This Ice Dragon's inherited memory is rather special. She might have a bloodline that's even more powerful than what you see on the surface. You can try training her."

Lin Huang came to a realization when he heard that. It turned out the Nightmare Tapir had retrieved a part of Ice Dragon's memory. That was the reason why he changed the options, he was not showing sympathy at all.

Meanwhile, the stubborn Ice Dragon on the other side chose to fight further.

However, what she received was the Nightmare Tapir's merciless slaps.

The slaps that went on one after another was like a cat playing with a ball. It was having so much fun. Half an hour later, the Divine Power in the Ice Dragon's body was finally drained completely. She lay dying in a sinkhole under the ocean, unable to even get up.

The Ice Dragon then finally made the correct decision.

"I surrender…"


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