Monster Paradise
1239 Nightmare Tapir VS Ice Dragon
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1239 Nightmare Tapir VS Ice Dragon

The Eternity Fire described the Ice Dragon in the northern frozen ocean in detail, "The Ice Dragon in the frozen ocean in the north was a carp that went through evolution twice. There seems to be an extremely faint ancient spirit beast's bloodline in her body. Perhaps because the ruin was affected by me, the purity of her bloodline went through a certain level of boost, causing her to elevate to a True God.

"She's the monster with the most powerful ability in this ruin. Although she has the same combat strength as the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon whereby they're both first-rank True Gods, her ability is much stronger. Furthermore, the frozen ocean is her territory.

"Within hundreds of kilometers around her, almost no life form below virtual god-level can get close to her. Those who have low combat strength will be turned into ice sculptures within a few seconds as soon as they get closer."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Although the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon could not hear the conversation between Lin Huang and the Eternity Fire, it could not help but finally speak when they approached the frozen ocean in the north, "The Ice Dragon has lived deep in the frozen ocean for a long time. She has pretty amazing abilities and the frozen ocean is her territory. I fought her before, but I didn't get anything out of her."

Despite the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon's indifferent admission, in reality, Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir could tell that it must have lost really badly. According to what the Eternity Fire said, the Ice Dragon was also on virtual god-level when it was released into this ruin. The intensity of her consciousness and spirit were way above the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon's. Furthermore, overall, she had a more powerful ability and the frozen ocean was her territory. One could imagine what happened to the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon for finding fault with her.

"But she won't be able to do anything if the Boss, the Nightmare Tapir, were to fight her." The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon peeked at the Nightmare Tapir carefully. It was secretly anticipating to see how the Ice Dragon would look like after the Nightmare Tapir defeated her.

They finally arrived at the frozen ocean when it was past six in the morning, and the sky had just turned bright in the ruin.

Looking from above, the frozen ocean was black. It was so deep that they could not see the bottom.

However, the surface of the ocean was peaceful, appearing more like a lake.

Before Lin Huang could speak, the Nightmare Tapir hopped off the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon's back.

In the next second, the pupils of the Nightmare Tapir that was standing in mid-air proudly turned pitch-black. At that moment, the frozen ocean at dawn seemed deathly silent as night fell.

The Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon was worried that it might be affected by the battle impact, so it flapped its wings and retreated a distance away.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang, who was riding on its back, got the Nightmare Tapir's help to get into the dreamland quietly again, so he became a member of the audience now.

Lin Huang noticed that everything before him was different as soon as he entered the dreamland. 

Earlier, they were above the frozen ocean, but now, he dove into the ocean with the Nightmare Tapir.

Piercing cold sent a jolting shock through his body. Although he was protected by the dreamland, Lin Huang clearly felt that the cold surpassed the limit his real body could take.

"There're no monsters below virtual god-level that can approach her within hundreds of kilometers. The Eternity Fire wasn't exaggerating," Lin Huang could not help but exclaim secretly, "This is done by the Element God Rule against the material world. It's unbearable even though the god rule only affects the areas close to her."

Meanwhile, the Nightmare Tapir dove to the bottom of the ocean quickly as if it was not affected at all.

Lin Huang went after it immediately.

Nobody knew how long they swam for. Lin Huang finally caught up with the Nightmare Tapir at the bottom of the ocean. It was then that he finally saw the legendary Ice Dragon.

It was a dragon whose body seemed to be made of ice and snow. It looked like an ice sculpture but was also like a flawless jade sculpture. It was much smaller than the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon.

Lin Huang might have thought she was really a sculpture if the Ice Dragon did not observe the Nightmare Tapir curiously after noticing him.

After studying each other for a while, the Ice Dragon took the initiative to speak.

"You came with that skeleton dragon, am I right? So, did he send his underling to hell because he's a coward himself?"

Clearly, the Ice Dragon misunderstood the Nightmare Tapir's intention. She could tell that the Nightmare Tapir's combat strength was only Virtual God rank-9. Furthermore, she sensed the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon's aura earlier from far away and found out that they came together. Naturally, they thought the Nightmare Tapir was Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon's underling.

"I'm not his underling. On the contrary, he's considered my underling now," the Nightmare Tapir explained with a grin.

Clearly, its answer was beyond the Ice Dragon's expectation. She could not help but be stunned when she heard its explanation. She subsequently guffawed.

"Do you think I'll believe that? You're only on Virtual God rank-9 while he's already on true god-level, though he's the weaker one among the true god-levels. Tell me whatever he asked you to say. Stop beating around the bush and fooling yourself."

"Indeed, that big guy has a higher ability than I do, but I suppressed him. He would've been dead if he didn't yield, so he became my underling," the Nightmare Tapir gave a simple explanation and proceeded to speak, "I'll give you two options now. Surrender or die. Pick one."

The Ice Dragon finally looked serious now after hearing what the Nightmare Tapir said.

Initially, the Nightmare Tapir was nothing to her. Although Virtual God rank-9 was only a step away from true god-level, the difference was like heaven and earth. All True Gods mastered the god rule; that alone defeated virtual god-level powerhouses. However, now that the Nightmare Tapir said it had defeated the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon, it did not seem like it made it up. That proved that the Nightmare Tapir should have some special techniques to fight god rules or even master god rules in advance.

The will to kill flashed through the Ice Dragon's eyes as thoughts raced through her head.

In the next second, she opened her mouth directly while white frost rushed out like a river towards where the Nightmare Tapir was. 

She even ignored the options that the Nightmare Tapir gave and attacked without hesitation after confirming his intention. She was very decisive!

The spreading of the white frost was up to 1,000 times faster than the speed of sound. It drowned the Nightmare Tapir almost immediately.

The Ice Dragon was relieved to see that her attack drowned the space where the Nightmare Tapir was while it did not seem to manage to escape. However, she was not so naive to think that she had defeated her opponent just like that. Since the Nightmare Tapir managed to defeat the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon, it proved that it had a terrifying ability, so such an attack should not be able to kill it.

The Ice Dragon glared dangerously at where the Nightmare Tapir stood earlier and retreated quickly, intending to pull a distance away. After all, she was an expert in mastering the Ice Element but not close-range combat.

However, a voice came above her head just when she was going to move. "Retreating a distance away? Wise choice."

The Ice Dragon jolted and lifted her head to see where the voice came from immediately. The Nightmare Tapir appeared less than 100 meters above her head, leering at her in mockery.

Although she had many questions in her head, the Ice Dragon did not waste any time to ask. Instead, she flapped her wings directly and began the second round of attack. 

Countless iced crystal blades appeared in the air as she flapped her wings. They went after the Nightmare Tapir like a storm.

'I don't believe you can dodge this!' growled the Ice Dragon to herself. She decided to perform a distanced attack on purpose to see how exactly the Nightmare Tapir managed to escape her attack earlier.

However, she did not see the Nightmare Tapir dodging at all this time as well.

After the barrage of crystal blades ended, the Ice Dragon glared where the Nightmare Tapir was, attempting to see what its deal was. However, a voice came from behind this time. "Why are you staring over there?"

The voice came from right behind her. Whipping her head around, the Ice Dragon had no idea when the Nightmare Tapir got behind her so quietly.

At that very moment, the Ice Dragon seemed to have realized something all of a sudden. She squinted a little. "So, it's teleportation!"


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