Monster Paradise
1233 You Bastard!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1233 You Bastard!

As the Eternity Fire pulled Divine Power out of the three God Figurines, the trio soon turned into three sculptures size of a palm.

Lin Huang waved and put away all three of the God Figurines into his storage space.

Later on, he put away the few God Figurine's Combat Souls including the Ninetails Lynx, leaving only the Nightmare Tapir with him.

"Is there any other God Figurine?" Lin Huang asked the Eternity Fire in his body through voice transmission.

"No, Qi Muxiong only left three behind." The Eternity Fire explained further, "Apart from this ruin that was set up preliminarily, he didn't leave many things behind. Apart from the three God Figurines, the valuables in this ruin are basically influenced by me, whereby they were bred automatically throughout over 800 years."

Lin Huang recalled the gigantic plants when he just entered as he listened to this part. They must have been affected by the Eternity Fire and were mutated into giants.

'Since ordinary plants can be mutated like that, theoretically, monsters and items with Life Power must've gone through an even more significant change.' Lin Huang's eyes lit up as he thought about that.

The Eternity Fire proceeded to speak, "There are a few spiritual volcanoes in the southern part of the ruin. They've elevated into Divine Power volcanoes now. There are a few Molten Divine Crystals mines at the bottom of the volcanoes, and they're considered the richest mines. There's a god item that came out of the biggest volcano. It's a Molten Lotus that has mastered the Molten Law preliminarily.

"At the far northern part of the ruin is a frozen ocean. There's an ice crystal mine deep in the ocean which is also a god-level mine. However, there's an Ice Dragon guarding the place and it's also on true god-level.

"To the east side of the ruin is the Eastern Ocean. There's an isolated island in the middle of the sea with a Buddhist Tower on it. It was initially a torn god item, but it absorbed my energy throughout the centuries. Not only was it repaired on its own, but it has even evolved into a god rule item. It suppresses the monsters in the entire Eastern Ocean, and even become the totem that all of the monsters in the Eastern Ocean worship.

"There's a desert on the west side of the ruin. It used to be the place Qi Muxiong piled his monster carcasses up. I don't know if it's because of me or this ruin's nature, but the monster carcasses and skeletons review one after another throughout these over 800 years. They're even more powerful now than before they died. The most powerful one would be the Crimson-Eyed Skeleton Dragon. It's already a True God now.

"Monsters of all sorts in the middle of the ruin and the areas around it have undergone a boost in their size. Those monsters that were regular-sized became giants without knowing why. Some of them even become supreme giants. Even a minority of them got rid of their bodies directly and become pure energy.

"Some of the broken god relics and god relics that are scattered everywhere have gone through all sorts of changes…"

Lin Huang knew he would be busy for the next few days after hearing the Eternity Fire's introduction about this ruin.

"Will it negatively affect the ruin if I hunt god-level monsters?" Lin Huang decided to ask before moving.

"It won't affect much. Their energy will belong to me when they're dead. If the beasts' souls are taken, only a drop of life form will remain in the ruin. However, there aren't many god-level monsters anyway. Even if you killed all of them, it would be less than 1/10,000 of a drop. The number will be remedied soon as long as the monsters in the ruin breed as usual. However, it takes time to breed god-level monsters all over again."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I'll only hunt for god-level monsters. I won't touch the rest." Lin Huang nodded after he listened and gave his promise.

He then turned his head to look at the Nightmare Tapir after he spoke, "See if there are any god-level monsters around."

The Nightmare Tapir spread his God Territory up to a range of 10,000 kilometers around them. It forced a smile a moment later. "Almost all of them were killed by the impact of the battle earlier."

Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard the update. He paid all attention to using his ocular skill to record the true god-level battle earlier. He did not notice that the spiritual energy filled his body at all.

As he looked into his body, he found out that the clouds of colorful spiritual energy had been filtered into a milky liquid by Divine Fire. They had accumulated into a river.

Lin Huang thought about it for a moment and filled the Nightmare Tapir's body with the spiritual energy that had accumulated into a river directly.

As spiritual energy filled its body, the Nightmare Tapir's aura began growing continuously. It was getting close to achieving Virtual God rank-9. However, its combat strength did not break through eventually after all the spiritual energy was transferred.

"How far away are you?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"I still lack five to six Virtual God rank-9 monsters," the Nightmare Tapir answered after checking its condition.

"Then, let's go to the south first. The mines over there are relatively easy to obtain. We'll kill the virtual god-level monsters along the way." Lin Huang soon made up his mind.

Naturally, the Eternity Fire and the Nightmare Tapir had no objection to that.

Lin Huang summoned Thunder and flew all the way to the south of the ruin.

The Spider Queen at the entrance of the ruin woke up from her deep slumber.

Her 16 eyes opened one after another while her 12 long legs propped her body up slowly. However, she still felt drowsy. Her sleepiness had yet to fade completely.

"The sky is dark… What happened earlier?"

Night slowly fell in the ruin.

The sky had yet to go into complete darkness at the moment, but it was enough for the Spider Queen to estimate that it had been hours since her last memory.

"We came into the ruin at 9 a.m. Judging by the sky, it's at least 6 pm. or even past 7 p.m. In other words, I've been sleeping at the entrance for close to ten hours…" The Spider Queen recalled what exactly happened carefully. 

"I remember coming in with Wu Fei and we waited until everyone left. I felt a sense of sleepiness envelop me all of a sudden." The Spider Queen spread her Territory skill out immediately to see if Lin Huang was around. Naturally, he was not within hundreds of kilometers of her range.

As her sleepiness faded, she started to think clearly. The Spider Queen seemed to realize what happened.

Her 16 eyes glared cruelly while she released a raging shriek far away, "Wu Fei, you bastard! How dare you get rid of me!?"

As the Spider Queen was waking up, all sorts of monsters that participated in the trial in the ruin had undergone through close to ten hours of hunting. Some of them even began to familiarize themselves with the environment in the ruin slowly.

They had learned to stay away from dangerous zones as they looked for targets that suited themselves.

Some even reaped rewarding results, but some were struggling to stay alive.

However, nobody could compare to Lin Huang when it came to rewards.

At the moment, he was done digging three Molten Divine Crystal mines and only had one last mine that he had yet to dig.

Lin Huang gazed at the biggest Divine Power volcano far away in the nightlight.

"I wonder how's the Molten Lotus's ability like. I can test it first. If it's too much trouble, I can only give up on the mine temporarily. After all, I only have six days left in here."


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