Monster Paradise
1232 There Should Be Many Good Stuff in This Ruin, Am I Right?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1232 There Should Be Many Good Stuff in This Ruin, Am I Right?

The Goldfinger, the Eternity Fire's main function was to provide endless energy.

It could convert include almost all sorts of energy. It also had the ability to absorb and assimilate most of the energies coming from outside.

Not only could it simulate Life Power, but it could even create polymeric substances such as Life Seeds, tinder and energy. That was the reason Qi Muxiong's combat strength managed to be boosted so fast and allowed him to master a suite of abilities at such a young age.

"This Goldfinger is even more ridiculous than I imagined. It transformed Qi Muxiong's body into a pure energy body that was similar to a Virtual God when the Goldfinger was only a baby. It even gave Qi Muxiong the ability to create a suite of Life Seeds and tinders, enabling him to obtain thousands of monster skills!

"No wonder his telekinetic power is close to invincibility. He killed hundreds of types of telekinetic monsters, engulfing and assimilating their Life Seeds as well as tinders, then integrated them into his own body."

Lin Huang was a little envious after scanning through the Eternity Fire's memory of Qi Muxiong roughly.

He thought he had obtained many monster skills, but it seemed like he was far behind compared to Qi Muxiong.

When he was on immortal-level, the limit of monster skills his skill tree could contain was 30. Now that he was on imperial-level, it was only upgraded to 50 skills (excluding derivative skills). Meanwhile, Qi Muxiong might have over 100 skills before he became transcendent. He might have already had thousands of skills when he was on imperial-level.

Lin Huang would be lying if he said he was not envious.

"Qi Muxiong didn't make it to virtual god-level with such a Goldfinger?" Lin Huang mumbled softly. 

The Eternity Fire spoke through voice transmission all of a sudden when he was going to look at more memory about Qi Muxiong, "It was I who stopped him from elevating." The voice was thick and loud as it interrupted what Lin Huang was going to do.

"Why?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"His cultivation system is different from the usual system because of me. In reality, there was no Life Palace consolidated in his body when he got to imperial-level, but there was an energy crystal that's similar to a Godhead. Therefore, his imperial-level can also be considered virtual god-level.

"If he wants to get to virtual god-level, he'd have to demote the energy crystal and consolidate a Godhead all over again. However, it's unnecessary to do that. The reason being the energy crystal in his body was made of Divine Power. Its energy density and thickness is no less than a virtual god-level Godhead. Even if he were to consolidate it all over again, it would only be 20% to 30% more powerful than before, whereby there wouldn't be any changes in its nature.

"Therefore, the conclusion we had from the discussion was to simulate virtual god-level, whereby we divided imperial-level into nine steps. We gave the energy crystal nine transformations just like a Godhead. After the nine transformations were completed, he would skip virtual god-level entirely and reach True God after his Divine Fire had been ignited.

"However, he would need some time to digest each energy crystal transformation when he did that. He could only go on to the second transformation when he had completely adapted to the transformed energy to avoid his energy from going haywire. This delayed his time being on imperial-level. When he was setting up this ruin, his energy crystal had only undergone eight transformations."

The Eternity Fire's explanation made Lin Huang recall his own cultivation system. He wondered if he could skip virtual god-level directly too.

"I'll spend some time to discuss with the stone tablet. If I can skip virtual god-level, it'll undoubtedly save me a lot of time."

After putting his personal matter aside, Lin Huang proceeded to ask a few questions that he was eager to know. Since the Eternity Fire started the conversation, he did not bother to look through Qi Muxiong's memories.

"Is this ruin Qi Muxiong's God Territory?"


"How did he consolidate God Territory when he was only on imperial-level?" Lin Huang asked curiously.

"He got it from a virtual god-level monster," the Eternity Fire explained, "The nature of God Territory was actually the reflection and interference of Divine Power on the material world. Naturally, there's a reflection of will on the soul level in between. No matter what, the nature of it would be the reaction of the energy. As long as there's a reaction from the energy, I can assimilate, engulf and convert it. It's just that the assimilation speed will be slower if it's something complicated."

Lin Huang finally understood that Qi Muxiong did not consolidate this God Territory at all. It was the Goldfinger who had created it.

"When Qi Muxiong was building this ruin, he got me to take out a portion of his God Territory. It was approximately a third of his God Territory. Meanwhile, he kept the remaining portion of it.

"I think he must've been dead. Otherwise, it's impossible for him not to come back for me throughout the over 800 years and put away this portion of God Territory."

The Eternity Fire was clearly depressed when it spoke about this.

"Over 800 years ago… To be exact, it was the third year when Qi Muxiong returned to the gravel world that I came from. There was an invasion in the gravel world. According to the historical records, Qi Muxiong participated in the war as one of the main powers and died on the battlefield." Lin Huang provided a simple explanation of what happened in the gravel world. "But that doesn't prove anything. There weren't any True Gods who participated in the war back then, so he might've faked his death. Or maybe he went missing and was recorded dead. He might've gotten the officials to record that on purpose so that he could get out of the public eye."

The Eternity Fire only expressed again after falling into silence for a long time, "No matter whether he's alive or dead, I hope that you can find the trails that he left behind when you return to the gravel world."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Lin Huang nodded to agree to that without hesitation. "No problem. If everything goes as planned, I'll return to the gravel world within a year."

The reason why he could promise that so quickly was mainly that he wanted to look for Qi Muxiong's teleportation god rule relic. Naturally, he respected Qi Muxiong as a senior traveller on the other hand. If Qi Muxiong really was dead, he hoped to bury him properly instead of having his body exposed in the wild.

Qi Muxiong fought the intruders bravely despite missing his Goldfinger while being severely injured just to protect the gravel world. This alone made Lin Huang admire him.

However, Lin Huang recalled something all of a sudden as they talked about the ruin. He then asked the Eternity Fire, "Do you know about the matter whereby this ruin has been sealed by the outside world? There's a second-rank True God-level dragonkin who sealed this ruin with the Ice Law."

"I know that. He kept wanting to come in, but I stopped him." The answer the Eternity Fire gave him went beyond his expectations. "I'm the core of this ruin. Three breaths are all it takes for me to break away from his seal. The reason why I ignored it is that I'm afraid that Qi Muxiong won't be able to find me when he comes back."

"Do you plan to take this ruin away?" the Eternity Fire asked.

"There's no rush. I'll bring this ruin with me when I'm done with my preparation to leave the virtual zone. The Dragon Sovereign might be triggered if I move the ruin beforehand, and it might be a disadvantage towards my plan to leave." Lin Huang did not wish to have any troubles during such a critical time.

If he moved the ruin now, the Dragon Sovereign's first reaction would probably be to seal the entire virtual zone when he found out and prohibit anyone from exiting. As long as he paid his price, the Butterfly Sovereign would give him face and might deny all exit requests within a short period of time.

Although Lin Huang could not bring the ruin away now, the exploration period of the ruin was a total of seven days. He could look for loot in this ruin since he had nothing to do for a couple of days.

Lin Huang could not help but smirk. "Oh yeah, Old Fire, there should be tons of good stuff in this ruin, am I right? Please show me around."


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