Monster Paradise
1231 Eternity Fire
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1231 Eternity Fire

'Qi Muxiong managed to kill Virtual Gods with his imperial-level combat strength without his Goldfinger. He's really a genius!' Lin Huang exclaimed secretly. He admired Qi Muxiong, his senior.

"The information about my main body should be included in most of the inherited memories that I shared with you earlier. Ask whatever questions that you might have. Don't ask trivial questions. A remnant of consciousness like me can't hold on for long." Qi Muxiong's remnant of consciousness that was conversing with Lin Huang for a while could not help but urge him.

"Alright then." Lin Huang nodded and asked in all seriousness after a moment of reflection, "According to your description, Qi Muxiong went to the virtual zone from the gravel world to get to the great world. He also returned to the virtual zone after that and went back to the gravel world. I want to know how he managed to do that."

"He has a god rule relic for teleportation. The god relic records the gravel world and virtual zone coordinates. He depended mainly on that god relic to escape from the great world alive."

"He must've depended on that god relic to return to the gravel world as well. In other words, that god rule relic should've been left behind in the gravel world up till now…" Lin Huang asked the tanned man again after mumbling to himself, "Do you know where he's hiding this god rule relic now?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I've no idea." The tanned man shook his head while smiling. "I've no idea what happened after my main body set up this ruin. However, theoretically, there should be related records in the inherited memories my main body left behind for you. He's already given you the inheritance, so there's no reason for him to keep the god rule relic."

"His inherited memories have been sealed by categories. It was unsealed automatically after I elevated to imperial-level. However, there was too much information after it was unsealed, so I didn't look at it thoroughly. I only saw the part on cultivation."

Lin Huang did not rush into checking whether Qi Muxiong left behind the coordinates. He knew that it would be useless for him even if he found it now. The reason being, he could not return to the gravel world within a short period of time. Furthermore, without that god rule relic, it would mean that he would not be able to leave the virtual zone with the same method.

Lin Huang asked again after thinking to himself for a moment, "Apart from that god rule relic, do you know if there's any other way to leave this virtual zone? I could return to the gravel world or head over to the great world, whatever works."

"I've no idea about that either. The memory that my main body has left behind for me only has one method, which is the god rule relic," answered the tanned man, shaking his head.

Lin Huang sighed helplessly after hearing that answer. "It seems like I must get help from the Butterfly Sovereign."

Apart from getting Qi Muxiong's Goldfinger, he actually wanted to learn how to leave the virtual zone. That was the other reason why he entered Qi Muxiong's ruin. However, it seemed like his plan came to a dead-end completely.

"Are there any other questions that you have? I think I only have three minutes left," the tanned man urged again, "Ask any questions that you have now. My main body has something to tell you."

Lin Huang thought about it and asked the question that he had been wanting to ask, "Why did Qi Muxiong make this ruin trial so difficult? I think nobody else apart from me can defeat the three true god-level God Figurines at the very end. Basically, nobody can possibly pass a trial of such difficulty, am I right?"

"There are two reasons. Firstly, as a remnant of consciousness, I can only be activated once. I'll fade automatically as soon as I'm done with my mission. I won't be welcoming the second participant. The reason why the trial benchmark is set so high is that he wanted to choose only the qualifiers to receive his inheritance.

"Secondly, my main body has a high benchmark for the participant's ability because he hopes that the person can avenge him in the future. Therefore, he doesn't expect the participant to have abilities that surpass his, but it has to be, at least, close to his. Otherwise, avenging him would be a suicide mission.

"In reality, he didn't set up the final guardians to defeat the participant. The participant will pass as long as he survives for an hour. Meanwhile, you killed one of the guardians directly, causing the assessment to end ahead of time."

"I see…" Lin Huang could roughly understand why Qi Muxiong set the standards so high.

He proceeded to ask another question that he was interested in after putting aside the matter of avenging Qi Muxiong, "I've got another question. It's about the three God Figurine's Combat Souls. I want to know who was controlling the three God Figurine's Combat Souls since Qi Muxiong isn't around. Was it you?"

"Of course, it wasn't me!" The remnant of consciousness in the tanned man declined directly. "Do you think I could provide the three of them Divine Power with my current condition?"

"Who was it then?!"

"The Goldfinger, of course. It also provides the power in the God Figurines' bodies." The remnant of consciousness did not hide anything. Since Lin Huang had inherited Qi Muxiong's inheritance, the Goldfinger would belong to him sooner or later.

Lin Huang narrowed his eyes lightly. A daring idea soon developed in his mind. "How many God Figurines can that Goldfinger control at the most?"

"Its power is almost endless. Theoretically, it should be able to control countless God Figurines," answered the tanned man to Lin Huang's shock.

Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard that.

He had already collected tens of extra God Figurines. He was annoyed that the number of God Figurines his body could contain was full, so he would not be able to use any more. Never had he thought he would find the solution here.

At that moment, he was already thinking of building his God Figurines army in his head…

Seeing that Lin Huang was silent for a while, the tanned man could not help but speak again, "If you've got no more questions, I shall tell you the conditions."

Lin Huang was stunned for a moment and nodded immediately.

"My main body only has two conditions. Firstly, you can't refine his Goldfinger. You can use it, but not refine it to upgrade your own Goldfinger. If you think the function of the Goldfinger doesn't fit you and you don't want to use it, please terminate the contract and let it go.

"Secondly, avenge my main body! Three people attacked my main body and caused him to almost die in the great world. The leader is a Raider called Shentu Zetian. He was already a high-rank True God in Year 5536, but I've no idea what his exact rank is. Meanwhile, the other two were called Wang Ze and Huang Yu. The duo were on medium-rank True God-level back then.

"The three of them were Raiders with Goldfingers. Shentu Zetian's Goldfinger seems to come with the effects of disguising and deceiving. The other two's Goldfingers's effects are unknown. However, it's confirmed that the three of them have techniques to sense others' Goldfingers from a distance away. However, we don't know if such techniques came from one of the Goldfingers."

"I can agree to the first condition." Indeed, Lin Huang was going to refine Qi Muxiong's Goldfinger. However, now that he found out that Qi Muxiong's Goldfinger could control God Figurines, he changed his mind.

"As for the second condition, the traveler was already a high-rank True God over 800 years ago who also possessed a Goldfinger. He might've already broken through to heavenly god-level! Although the other two were only on medium-rank True God-level back then, they might've already broken through to heavenly god-level. I'm speculating that I can only complete this mission when I'm at least a high-rank True God or a Heavenly God."

"There's no rush in that. My main body doesn't want you to go on a suicide mission anyway. Naturally, he only wants you to do that when you have the confidence." The remnant of consciousness's voice faded when it was still speaking. "I don't have any time left. I hope that you can keep your promises."

"I will." Lin Huang nodded lightly.

Just when Lin Huang said that, the tanned man stood where he was without moving. Just like the two other God Figurines far away, he seemed to have become a puppet that had lost its marionette.

A sphere of golden glow came from underground slowly at the moment. The golden sphere that was like a sun looked like the size of a fist, but it had terrifying energy like a star.

The golden sphere rotated around Lin Huang and disappeared after penetrating his chest.

Lin Huang closed his eyes to feel the new Goldfinger. He raised his brow lightly when he opened his eyes slowly a moment later. "Did Qi Muxiong give you the name Eternity Fire?"


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