Monster Paradise
1230 The Conversation with Qi Muxiong
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1230 The Conversation with Qi Muxiong

Soon after the Nightmare Tapir spoke, Lin Huang also sensed the tanned man's aura. Indeed, it was completely different from before.

He looked at the sinkhole beneath cautiously, unable to figure out what Qi Muxiong had in mind.

The tanned man's aura soon stabilized in the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, the lady in the black dress and the fair, young man, who were fighting not far away, retreated from the battle all of a sudden. They ceased fighting.

The Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth wanted to go on, but Lin Huang got them to stop. They retreated back to him and stopped dwelling on the battle.

The lady in the black dress and the fair, young man stood where they were quietly and froze entirely. They did not look like they were alive any longer. Instead, they were more like two puppets that had lost their marionettist.

Meanwhile, an aura rose from deep in the sinkhole.

Approximately two to three seconds later, the tanned man's silhouette shot up into the sky. He only stopped when he arrived at the same height as Lin Huang and hovered less than 100 meters away from Lin Huang.

Around Lin Huang's arm, the Shackle Serpent's eyes soon experienced a change of color again.

However, this time, the tanned man extended his arm to block Shackle Serpent's seal directly.

"Don't worry. You've passed my test. My God Figurines won't fight any longer."

Lin Huang stopped his God Figurine's Combat Soul from fighting and asked in a testing manner, "Qi Muxiong?" 

"You know my name. It seems like you've obtained the inheritance I left behind in the grave world." The tanned man then observed Lin Huang closely. "I can sense the inheritance in you."

He only spoke again after observing Lin Huang, "To be exact, I'm not Qi Muxiong. I'm just a sliver of consciousness that he left behind. I'm not even considered a soul remnant. My current condition is just a soul remnant living in a God Figurine."

"Young man, how do I address you?" Qi Muxiong asked after giving a simple explanation about his identity.

"Lin Huang." 

Lin Huang asked again before waiting for Qi Muxiong to speak again, "How can you prove that you're Qi Muxiong?" 

"Prove?" The tanned man was stunned to hear the challenge and laughed subsequently. "The inheritance I left behind in the gravel world was incomplete. Even some of the information is fake. Now, I can give you my complete inherited memory. That should prove that I'm Qi Muxiong, am I right?" said the tanned man as he pointed his finger from where he was.

A golden glow formed at his fingertip and hovered slowly, then it stopped before Lin Huang.

Lin Huang extended his hand to grab the golden glow the size of a thumb. The golden glow penetrated his palm slowly and disappeared.

The second the golden glow penetrated his body, a steady stream of information was added to Lin Huang's head.

Even some of the information coming from Qi Muxiong was drowned in the new information that came in.

Lin Huang digested the information with his eyes closed slightly for two to three minutes. He finally finished reading the inheritance roughly by then.

He stared at the tanned man in shock after opening his eyes. "Your combat strength is only imperial-level?!"

"Is that surprising to you? Aren't you on imperial-level as well?" The tanned man seemed to act like everything made sense.

Lin Huang was speechless at that moment. He had always thought that Qi Muxiong's real combat strength was virtual god-level. Never had he thought he would have the same combat strength as him, which was merely imperial-level.

"I thought your first question would be what's a traveler or what's a Goldfinger." The tanned man looked at Lin Huang and smiled. "Never had I thought that you'd be more honest than I imagined."

Lin Huang did not respond to that. Neither did he deny that he was a traveler, nor did he admit that he was one.

The reason he did not pretend to not know what a traveler was that he guessed there was a certain possibility that the person already sensed the existence of a Goldfinger in his body. Just like how he roughly sensed Qi Muxiong's Goldfinger.

"Since you had an ability close to True God, why didn't you disguise your combat strength as virtual god-level in the gravel world? Why did you disguise as a demigod-level instead?" Lin Huang changed the topic after falling into silence for a moment.

Fortunately, Qi Muxiong did not plan to dwell on the previous topic. 

"While there were a handful of Virtual Gods in the era that we were in, there were many demigods. Disguising as a Virtual God would be too attention-seeking. There were many demigods, so nobody would pay attention to us."

"Is your main body still alive?" Lin Huang proceeded to ask the third question.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The tanned man's expression finally became slightly serious upon hearing that. "I'm not too sure."

"I guess he's dead, but I'm not ruling out the possibility that he's surviving by using some unique methods. It's also possible that he has been reincarnated. I don't know the exact situation."

"What exactly happened to your main body? Theoretically, with your talent, your potential and the help from your Goldfinger, it was only a matter of time for you to elevate to a Lord. Why did you die all of a sudden?" Lin Huang was very curious about that. The inherited memory Qi Muxiong had provided him with had no related memory.

The tanned man only spoke slowly after a moment of silence, "My main body explored an ancient ruin when he was in the gravel world. He accidentally found a clue left behind by a traveler. He was elated to find that clue because he thought someone of his own kind was there. Never had he thought the clue was the beginning of an unfortunate series of events.

"He spent over a year and finally found another related clue in another ruin. He used the clues as his target and headed to the great world. He never thought those so-called clues would lead him into a trap. It was a deadly trap set up by the Raiders."

Lin Huang could not help but frown when he heard that. It was not his first time hearing about the term "Raider".

Yang Ling had mentioned Raiders too. According to his description, Raiders were a bunch of dangerous travelers who hunted other travelers exclusively to take their Goldfingers.

Yang Ling's Goldfinger was taken away the bunch of people, causing him to resort to a low life for hundreds of years.

"In reality, travelers don't only come from the planet where my main body came from. Many of them came from other planets and civilizations, even from different times and universes. Therefore, not all travelers are nice to their own kind.

"The Raiders are a group of people who have ill intentions towards other travelers. They hunt travelers exclusively and rely on the other travelers' Goldfingers to strengthen their own Goldfingers. In order to reach their goal, they use evil techniques.

"My main body encountered this bunch of people in the great world following the clues left behind in the ruins. They appeared very friendly on the surface, but they actually faked it. Fortunately, my main body realized how unusual it was and found the opportunity to escape to where this bunch of Raiders was gathered. However, he was chased because of that. He was severely injured and almost died.

"He only escaped from them when he returned to this virtual zone. However, he was too badly injured at that time and was worried that he could not hold on until he returned to the gravel world. All he could do while he had the ability to was to set up this ruin and leave me behind, which is but a sliver of consciousness. I've no idea what happened after that."

"When exactly did all these incidents that you told me happened?" Lin Huang asked immediately, "Do you know the exact year it happened?"

"Year 5536." The date the remnant of the consciousness revealed was the old era calendar.

"The Virtual Eye opened in Year 5538, which was two years after Qi Muxiong set up this ruin. In other words, Qi Muxiong had no Goldfinger during the war over 800 years ago because he left it in this ruin. Furthermore, there's a great possibility that his body had yet to recover. He might've even been dying back then. Therefore, the rumor that Qi Muxiong had died in the war might be true."


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