Monster Paradise
1229 The Shackle Serpent Fights!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1229 The Shackle Serpent Fights!

The silver glow shone like lightning and was extremely quick.

It struck the Destructive Divine Mammoth's left eye within the blink of an eye. The Destructive Divine Mammoth did not manage to react at all.

However, the silver glow pierced through the Destructive Divine Mammoth's body in the next second and crashed into a hill far away. Not only was the entire hill wiped out, but it also left a giant sinkhole that was over 1,000 kilometers wide.

Many virtual god-level monsters were impacted by the attack. At least 20 to 30 of them were crushed into dust immediately.

Meanwhile, the Destructive Divine Mammoth's body disintegrated slowly and appeared a few meters away.

Lin Huang was stunned for a moment. He subsequently peeked at the Nightmare Tapir before him. He knew that it was the Nightmare Tapir's doing earlier. He made the Destructive Divine Mammoth an illusory substitute to dodge this attack.

Although he could not pull the opponents into its dreamland, the Nightmare Tapir had illusion and spiritual attack techniques. Despite not being able to use them to fight the enemies head-on, it could be used as solid support and control.

The Nightmare Tapir looked at the lady in the black dress who attacked earlier from a distance after solving the crisis for the Destructive Divine Mammoth.

"A sword cultivator!"

"Can her attack harm the Destructive Divine Mammoth?" Lin Huang asked through voice transmission while frowning.

"A sword cultivator's attack power together with rule power can harm us if they attack our weaker parts," the Nightmare Tapir confirmed, "After all, our combat strength has yet to reach true god-level while our body only comes with a God Figurine's basic defense power. As long as the intensity of their attack can hurt a true god-level powerhouse, it can basically harm our flesh. The female sword cultivator's attack earlier could've killed a first-rank True God."

Lin Huang just realized that the God Figurine's Combat Souls' invincibility was just a matter of relativity. In the gravel world, they were naturally invincible since there were no True Gods.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth that was almost hurt on the battlefield was completely enraged. It swung its trunk and attacked the lady in the black dress who had secretly attacked it earlier in a frenzy.

Upon seeing that, the Ninetails Lynx took the initiative to block the other two God Figurines.

The Nightmare Tapir also joined the battle, supporting both of them as a team.

Theoretically, God Figurine's Combat Souls that had no consciousness should only have battle instinct and not the ability to strategize battles. However, the three God Figurines were in sync when they fought as if they were alive.

Lin Huang was frowning deeper and deeper as the battle went on for over ten minutes.

Among the three God Figurine's Combat Souls, the lady in the black dress had the highest attack capability. She was a sword cultivator and she must have mastered Sword Dao. Her attack could even tear and crack the Destructive Divine Mammoth's body that was supposed to be invincible in defense.

Even the Ninetails Lynx was scared of being hit by her. A God Figurine might bleed if they were hit. If their vital parts were hit, they might be severely injured.

The tanned man's defense technique was pretty difficult to defeat too. Besides creating a defense wall with the rule power, he could even create armors and shields at the very last minute. The defense techniques coming from the rule power could basically block over 90% of the impact of the Ninetails Lynx and the rest's attack.

Furthermore, the three of them were God Figurines. Their defense was nothing below the Ninetails Lynx's. In fact, it was even more powerful.

Meanwhile, the fair, young was mainly an expert in the Wind Element Law.

Not only could he control wind element attacks, but he could also even play a cameo in aid to speed up his partners' attack or restrict the Ninetails Lynx and the rest's movements.

The trio were the perfect team. The upper hand coming from the rule power created a great restriction to the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth.

Over ten minutes had passed, but the Ninetails Lynx and the rest had done almost nothing to the God Figurines.

Killing any one of the God Figurines aside, they could not even harm the three of them at all.

Lin Huang held back his urge to use a Combat Strength Upgrade Card. After a moment of reflection, he summoned his fourth God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Shackle Serpent!

Although it was only on Virtual God rank-7 while its sealing ability might not be able to really seal True Gods, it should make a difference.

The victory of a battle between compelling powerhouses usually happened within split seconds.

If the Shackle Serpent's sealing managed to create that split-second effect, it was sufficient for the Ninetails Lynx and the rest to kill their opponents.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It twisted its black body that was approximately a meter long around Lin Huang's left arm. Then, it lifted the upper half of its body high.

Its black pupils scanned through the three God Figurines, and it soon targeted its prey.

"Both of you will work with the Shackle Serpent for the kill. You guys will attack whoever that it seals. When both of you are attacking, the Nightmare Tapir will be responsible for stopping the other two God Figurines." Lin Huang was not afraid that his voice transmission would be heard by the three God Figurines.

The three God Figurines that took on human forms had no consciousness, so they would not react at all even if they heard what Lin Huang said.

The Shackle Serpent had its eyes trained on the tanned man just when Lin Huang was done speaking. Its pupils turned golden.

Almost at the same time, black shackles began growing on the tanned man's body at a high speed while his aura was plummeting.

At the moment, the Ninetails Lynx took the lead to attack.

It turned into a light stream of light while its sharp claws turned into a golden glow. The claws went through the tanned man's neck like an electric arc.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth's attack came subsequently. It lifted both its legs high, and a golden giant foot soon arose in the air.

The three God Figurines panicked a little as the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth changed their targets out of nowhere.

The lady in the black dress and the fair, young man attempted to save the tanned man, but the Nightmare Tapir created two silhouette illusions to block their way.

The golden giant feet above the tanned man's head came down just when the duo was stalled for a second.


Knowing that it was an opportunity that was hard to come by, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth did not hold back on their attack. They released almost all of the Divine Power in their bodies.

The tanned man's body turned into a black silhouette that shot through the sky. It looked like black lightning that crashed straight into the ground.

The flat land seemed as if a nuclear bomb had been thrown into the sea. A huge chunk of the soil vanished while the land further away had circles of waves ripple like ocean waves. Intense winds that were stronger than a storm blew furiously.

Meanwhile, the place where the tanned man landed had turned into a giant sinkhole that spanned over 3,000 kilometers in diameter. Almost all of the giant gods nearby were killed by the impact.

Lin Huang stood where he was without being harmed at all. The credit belonged to the Shackle Serpent that was twisted around his wrist as it set up a sealed area, blocking all of the impact outside the seal.

"Is he dead?" Lin Huang hovered mid-air while peering into the deepest part of the sinkhole from far away. However, the hole was too deep. Apart from darkness, he could see nothing.

The Nightmare Tapir nodded. "His spiritual aura is gone, so he should be..."

It had a dramatic change of expression before it was done speaking. Its tone became gloomy now. "The aura that vanished earlier seemed to have transformed into another aura. It seems even more powerful than before."


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