Monster Paradise
1227 Are There True Gods Here?!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1227 Are There True Gods Here?!

The three powerful aurae clearly had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-9. They were even a rank higher than the Nightmare Tapir.

Lin Huang was surprised to sense the three monsters' combat strength. 'Qi Muxiong shouldn't have been on Virtual God rank-9 when he was alive. How is it possible that a monster that's guarding his Goldfinger has a combat strength of Virtual God rank-9? And there are even three of them?!'

As Lin Huang was analyzing the facts, the Nightmare Tapir began fighting with the three guardians. It dragged them into his dreamland before Lin Huang could see how they looked like.

Although the Nightmare Tapir's combat strength was only on Virtual God rank-8, which was a rank lower than the three guardians, he had a higher grade that enabled him to overcome the difference in combat strength like a piece of cake. It only took a moment for the three guardians to be dragged into his dreamland without realizing it at all.

Noticing that the battle had begun, Lin Huang split a tiny bit of his consciousness into the dreamland. He became an audience of the battle. He finally saw how the three guardians looked like after entering the dreamland.

"They aren't giants?!"

The largest one among the three guardians was only over ten meters tall while the smallest one was only two meters tall. They were completely different from the other monsters in the ruin. 

The smallest one looked like a feline but was made of silver metal.

Each metal piece on its body had the flexibility and extensibility like muscles and bones did. They allowed the monster to twist its body like a cat and beyond.

Its claws seemed to be made of steel as they shone like glaring white glows under the sun.

The second largest was only eight meters long. It was a huge white bear creature with golden armor covering its body. The armor covered its head and a majority of its body including parts of its limbs. It appeared powerful.

Although it was nothing compared to the size of the giants, Lin Huang never doubted its strength. He guessed that not many virtual god-level powerhouses were powerful enough to fight with him head-on. Most of the Virtual Gods might not even stand a slap from it.

Meanwhile, the largest guardian was a huge tree with a human face. It was approximately 15 to 16 meters tall but was nothing compared to a strand of grass in this ruin.

Apart from the human face on its main branch, this tree looked no different from an ordinary tree whereby its leaves had fallen in the winter. It looked 60% to 70% like a rubber tree with its branches stretched in a distorted way. It took pride in its form although it had no leaves.

The battle started almost instantly in the dreamland.

The feline monster was extremely agile. Compared to the Ninetails Lynx's teleportation, it was just pure high speed. Almost each of its movements reached the limit a Virtual God could achieve.

No matter whether it was its movement or its attack, it was done almost in the blink of an eye, as if the middle process was skipped entirely.

What was more terrifying was that such a speedy physical agility came with the same speed of quickness and neutral response, giving it a scary dodging ability.

Fortunately, the Nightmare Tapir who was in his dreamland borrowed the Ninetails Lynx's ability. Its speed was no slower than the insanely quick guardian.

The duo collided tens of thousands of times within a moment.

The big tree with the human face soon joined the battle. Its branches looked like little snakes that were wriggling alive. They went full swing like a flood of snakes at the Nightmare Tapir.

In mid-air, some of the branches were as thin as spider threads. They turned into a web in an attempt to restrict the Nightmare Tapir's movements. Some of them turned into arrows and shot into the sky with a whistling noise. Some turned into long whips, sweeping towards all directions.

The single attack alone included a few different attack modes. It almost held nothing back.

The Nightmare Tapir was pretty calm while fighting and did not panic at all. It moved in a flash in the air again and again to dodge the opponent's restrictive techniques. It would rip the unavoidable attacks with his claws directly. The opponent's fancy attacks seemed to be child's play to him.

The giant golden-armored bear was the third to attack.

In reality, it attacked at the same time as the two other guardians but was just slow.

The giant golden-armored bear's attack only struck when the Nightmare Tapir was almost done with the first round of battle with the other two guardians.

It slapped the Nightmare Tapir from 100 meters away. A gigantic golden bear paw appeared in the air, covering an area within tens of meters in diameter, which included the Nightmare Tapir.

Its attack mode was out of Lin Huang's expectations. He initially thought the giant golden-armored bear was a monster expert at close combat.

"Judging by its physical structure, it should be a monster expert at close combat. Perhaps it chose to perform a ranged attack from a distance away because it knows that with its speed, it's impossible to catch up with the battle rhythm."

Lin Huang proceeded to watch the battle with little doubt.

The Nightmare Tapir fought the three on his own at ease in the middle of them.

Although its combat strength was a rank lower than the three guardians, its grade was higher than theirs. Besides that, it was close to invincible in the dreamland. The reason being it could perform any skills that it had seen before and copy them perfectly.

One could even say that fighting with the Nightmare Tapir in its dreamland was just as difficult as fighting Lin Huang's ten God Figurine's Combat Souls all at once.

After spending some ten minutes to familiarize itself with the three guardians' attack mode and learning many battle techniques secretly, the Nightmare Tapir was finally going to give its all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The metal feline monster shot out from a single collision. The Nightmare Tapir's claw attack sent it flying 100 kilometers away.

The big tree with the human face's branches were torn and crushed by the Nightmare Tapir's claws. Its body was broken instantly and it was the first to die on the spot!

Meanwhile, the giant golden-armored bear had its armor crushed from the Nightmare Tapir's claws. Bleeding non-stop, it turned around and ran for its life!

However, the giant golden-armored bear that was fleeing and the panting metal feline monster were killed one after another in less than half a minute.

Lin Huang glanced at the three monster carcasses on the ground after getting out of the dreamland. He then turned his head to look at the Nightmare Tapir. "Did you read their memory?"

The Nightmare Tapir shook its head. "I can't. Just like those monsters before, their memories are blocked."

Lin Huang went silent like he had fallen into deep thought for a moment. He only spoke again a while later, "It's actually alright. The three guardians' appearance means that the Goldfinger is close. We just need some time to look for it."

Three powerhouse aurae came out of thin air when Lin Huang was speaking halfway. His pupils shrunk upon sensing the strange phenomenon that came out of nowhere while he was in shock.

"That's… True Gods' aurae?!"


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