Monster Paradise
1226 The Ruin Miracle
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1226 The Ruin Miracle

The ruin called Miracle was unique. Anyone who came in would forget everything that happened in this ruin whenever they got out.

Whatever monsters they encountered in the ruin or caves they invaded and the type of battles they experienced… There would be zero trails left behind as if someone had removed their memories.

Of course, although there would not be any related memory, basically every participant who entered the ruin would bring back loot as long as they made it out alive. Some of them even experienced a boost in combat strength.

Therefore, many monsters in this virtual zone would still go mad for this ruin. As for Lin Huang, he had heard about this before he came in, but he was not terribly concerned.

No matter how powerful Qi Muxiong's technique was, it was just a Virtual God's technique. Due to the faulty rule of the gravel world, it was impossible for him to have made it to True God level.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had three God Figurines whose ability could fight True Gods. He did not think that his memory would have been erased.

He looked around as soon as he passed through the dimensional portal and began observing his surroundings. However, he was stunned as he looked around.

"What the hell?!" Lin Huang lifted his head immediately. "Those are weeds?"

The weeds before him were lush and gigantic, standing tens of meters tall.

Lin Huang controlled the Thousand-Legged Centipede to lift the first half of his body up and peer further away. All he saw were taller and bigger plants.

He felt like he had entered a world of giants where all the plants were enlarged by hundreds of times. What surprised Lin Huang even more was that those plants were just ordinary plants. They contained no cultivator's aura.

"The ordinary plants are already so big. It's no wonder that there are many giants in here."

Although no useful information had ever leaked out about this ruin, many of the participants had brought all kinds of giant monster carcasses out. Almost everyone knew about that.

"The plants here are massive!" Just when Lin Huang was figuring how to explore this ruin, the Spider Queen's voice came all of a sudden. He recalled that he had yet to handle this problem.

Seeing the Spider Queen approaching, Lin Huang peered around and did not dodge. He allowed her to twist her long leg around his front leg.

"Where do we go now?" the Spider Queen turned her head to ask Lin Huang.

"There's no rush. Let's see where the rest are going." Lin Huang stood watching the remaining participants leaving one after another.

The Spider Queen grinned when she heard his response. "Are you planning to go where most of the monsters are so we can kill them from behind?"

Lin Huang glared at her and said nothing.

This spider seemed to be thinking that both of them were a couple. However, Lin Huang clearly did not share the same sentiment.

No matter how pretty she was, Lin Huang would stay as far away as he could from a girlfriend who treated him that way, let alone a giant spider that completely defied his sense of beauty.

He only turned his head to look at the Spider Queen after waiting for the remaining 98 monsters to leave and were no longer in his territory range.

"Are you sure you want to follow me?"

"I won't believe your nonsense this time and let you go." The Spider Queen's claw that was holding onto Lin Huang's front leg gripped even tighter now.

"Alright then." Lin Huang crushed a Monster Card as soon as he was done speaking.

In the next second, Grimace appeared before the Spider Queen quietly in a black robe with golden patterns.

The Spider Queen was stunned to see Grimace. Before she managed to react, a black wave rippled in Grimace's eyes.

The Spider Queen's 16 black eyes shut immediately. At the same time, she let go of her claw that was clutching onto Lin Huang's leg. She had fallen into a deep sleep.

Then, Lin Huang removed the effect of the Disguise Card and recovered his own appearance.

"Why didn't you get me to kill her directly?" Grimace asked.

"It's unnecessary."

Lin Huang did not think that the Spider Queen was a threat to him at all since the beginning. She was just a little irritating.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After getting rid of the Spider Queen, Lin Huang soon found the location where Qi Muxiong had hidden the Goldfinger in his memory.

The part of the memory only unsealed automatically just when he entered the ruin.

"33,000 kilometers towards 1 o'clock…"

After confirming the coordinates, Lin Huang turned around to look at the direction of the coordinates and subsequently summoned Thunder.

He waved at Grimace, and both of them hopped onto Thunder's back. Flapping its wings, Thunder flew towards the 1 o'clock direction after turning into a bolt of purple lightning.

It spent less than three minutes flying 33,000 kilometers away. 

However, Lin Huang, Grimace and Thunder clearly sensed that the closer they got to their destination, the more monsters there were. In addition to that, the monsters' combat strength got higher the closer they were.

Most of the monsters in this ruin seemed to be giants. As their proximity to the area where Qi Muxiong's Goldfinger was, the larger the giants were.

They were over ten meters at first and grew to tens of meters, hundreds of meters, thousands of meters, and even tens of thousands of meters…

Eventually, there were giants that looked like mountains when they arrived at their destination. All of them had virtual god-level combat strength. Although they were only beginner-stage virtual god-level, there were hundreds of them.

The gigantic monsters noticed Thunder from far away and attacked them directly when it was still in the air.

Thunder flapped its wings lightly and dodged those giants' attacks easily. Although the attacks were powerful, the monsters were too dumb for Thunder. They could not even touch a single feather.

Since Thunder's action had attracted so many monsters' attention, Lin Huang patted Thunder's back all of a sudden. "Stop playing. Let's land."

Thunder asked nothing and flew down quickly after flying around in the sky.

The gigantic monsters that were attacking Thunder with all of their might frozen all of a sudden. Subsequently, they walked away one after another as if they did not see Thunder.

After Thunder landed on the ground safely, Lin Huang and Grimace leaped from its back. So did the Nightmare Tapir with tiger stripes on his body.

Lin Huang looked at the Nightmare Tapir after recalling Thunder and Grimace back into their card forms. "Is there any news about the Goldfinger?"

The Nightmare Tapir frowned and shook its head. "Although these monsters were hypnotized, I can't read their minds. Their memories seem to be locked by a shield."

Lin Huang squinted slightly upon hearing that. "It must be the Goldfinger doing that."

"So, what do we do now?" the Nightmare Tapir asked.

"It must've found out that I'm here." Lin Huang peered around. "Judging by the giant monsters' crazy attacks, it seems to be rejecting outsiders from approaching. If I'm not mistaken, it'll attack us later in an attempt to chase us out of this area."

Three powerful aurae appeared out of nowhere just when Lin Huang was done speaking. They cornered and surrounded Lin Huang and the Nightmare Tapir in the middle.


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