Monster Paradise
1223 Clone and Disguise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1223 Clone and Disguise

The group chat among the three True Gods in the virtual zone was usually quiet. Basically nobody would talk if nothing happened on the daily.

It was active for a while two days ago because of Lin Huang and Bloody's appearance. 

Although there were over a hundred virtual god-level powerhouses in the virtual zone, throughout the past century, there would only be a new Virtual God coming in every three to four years on average. Now that two had come in at once and they were suspected to be quadruple-mutated, it was only natural for the three True Gods to want them.

The group chat was active again since Lin Huang and Bloody visited the Butterfly Sovereign that day.

The Lion Sovereign Leon sent a message all of a sudden. "Sister Cai Yi, how did talking to the two newbies go? @ButterflySovereign."

"Have you been watching me? It's been less than three minutes since the duo left my Butterfly Sovereign Palace," the Butterfly Sovereign could not help but question.

"You're overthinking. I'm not that free to be getting people to guard the Butterfly Sovereign Palace," the Lion Sovereign Lion explained immediately, "Xiaobai happened to pass by and saw them getting out of the Butterfly Sovereign Palace, so she told me."

"Alright then. I'll pretend you're telling the truth."

"What do you mean by pretend? I'm telling the truth!"

The Dragon Sovereign could not help but interrupt in the conversation after seeing they had deviated from the original subject. "Cai Yi, what was the condition that you gave?"

"I asked them to work for me for three years at first, but they rejected me directly. They say there's something urgent in the great world that they need to handle, so they can't even wait for a week. So, I suggested getting the girl to stay and work for me for a year while I send the guy out first."

"Did they agree?" the Lion Sovereign asked immediately.

"Not yet. They say they can only decide after considering it," replied the Butterfly Sovereign, "However, it's basically a done deal. I was clear with them whereby the condition that I gave was the best on the table. There won't be any amendments to that. They can only accept my condition if they want to go back to the great world. There's no second alternative."

"Smart! You won an underling for nothing, and it's a wisdom-type monster on mythical-level," the Lion Sovereign gushed enviously.

"You promised them a year, so what do you plan to do a year later? Will you release the girl as you promised?" The Dragon Sovereign raised a question, looking further into the future.

"Of course, I won't let her go! She's a wisdom-type mythical-level monster. She alone can support an entire tribe's future." The Butterfly Sovereign laughed when she heard that question."I have a year to convince her to be my partner!"

"What if you fail to convince her?" the Lion Sovereign asked again.

"Then, I'll carry out some unique tricks." A ferocious gleam flashed through the Butterfly Sovereign's eyes. "No matter what, I'll do whatever it takes to make her stay."

Time flew by, and two days passed.

Lin Huang put aside the discussion with the Butterfly Sovereign.

Bloody and he knew very well that the Butterfly Sovereign was plotting something to make Bloody stay. They already had their own plan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Throughout the two days, they did not discuss the Butterfly Sovereign's offer at all. Instead, they had been looking for the members who were eligible to go into Qi Muxiong's ruin. However, their effort was to no avail.

"It's been two days, but we didn't find the second monster on the list apart from that giant centipede." Lin Huang looked helpless.

"The ruin will officially open tomorrow. Most of the members on the list should be at the Dragon Sovereign Shelter now," Bloody responded.

After all, the central zone was the Three Sovereigns' territory. Now that both of them had gotten the Three Sovereigns' attention, they should stay low-key. Therefore, they did not go around for the past few days. Instead, they waited for the members on the list to come to their doorstep at Shelter No. 7 throughout. Never would they thought they would not get any monster after two days had passed.

"Forget it. We'll use the Thousand-Legged Centipede then. Although it's kind of ugly, it's better than having nothing." Lin Huang shook his head while forcing a wry smile. He had no other choice.

He crushed two cards the next morning at past 6 a.m. They were a Cloning Card and a Disguise Card.

He used the Cloning Card to clone himself. The goal was to avoid suspicion in the virtual zone during his stay. After all, he came in with Bloody, so people would find it strange if he were to disappear all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, the Disguise Card was naturally for him to disguise as the Thousand-Legged Centipede that was eligible to go into the ruin.

Since the Thousand-Legged Centipede was parasitized by Bloody, it had been staying in the same hotel with Lin Huang the past few days. With Bloody's help, Lin Huang completed the identity exchange without putting any effort in.

The real Thousand-Legged Centipede did not die. Instead, Bloody put it away in her God Territory.

After the identity exchange was completed, Lin Huang, who had transformed into the giant centipede, dared not waste any time. He controlled the body and flew towards the Dragon Sovereign Shelter.

The Thousand-Legged Centipede's body was not difficult to control. It was even much easier than Lin Huang imagined. In reality, his body would move on its own as soon as the brain give the order. There was no need to think about the detailed maneuvers at all.

However, Lin Huang could not really get used to it in the beginning, so his flying mode was a little peculiar.

Fortunately, his strange flying mode did not attract too much attention. Almost everyone had the same thought when they saw him. 'How much did he drink to be so hungover?'

The alien flying sensation only lasted for three to four minutes. Lin Huang soon familiarized himself with the control of his new body, and he was finally flying normally now.

"Interesting. So many legs are moving together but they don't touch each other." Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis to observe the many legs beneath his body.

He could not help but have goosebumps when he saw those many legs in the beginning. However, now that he saw them on his own body while they were listening to his command, he got over it.

This Thousand-Legged Centipede's body had a different structure from the human body. It was his first time transforming into a monster that had such a major difference with his own body. The different body structure sparked his interest, thus he began studying it closely.

He flew towards the Dragon Sovereign Shelter as he familiarized himself with the body.

Approximately half an hour later, Lin Huang finally arrived at the Dragon Sovereign Shelter. He was studying the body along the way, so he almost managed to control the gigantic form completely. He could even control this body to perform many poses that humans could not do.

Lin Huang rushed to the Dragonkin Square as soon as he arrived at the Dragon Sovereign Shelter. According to this Thousand-Legged Centipede's memory, the Dragonkin Square that was not far away from the Dragon Sovereign Shelter was the meeting point of the trial this time.

He thought there should be fewer trial participants who would gather so early since it was not even 7 a.m. However, he realized there were already over 20 monsters of all forms gathered when he arrived at the Dragonkin Square. He sensed from their aura that they should be the members whom the Dragon Sovereign had picked to enter Qi Muxiong's ruin.

Lin Huang was relieved to see so many company. He landed slowly and blended into the monster crowd.


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