Monster Paradise
1222 Fairy-type Monster
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1222 Fairy-type Monster

The Butterfly Sovereign Palace looked like a white lotus outside. The structure inside was no ordinary setup of a common palace, but a massive, endless space.

There were flowers, plants and huge trees of all sorts looming tall inside. There was no palace ceiling above their heads, but blue sky with clouds floating around. 

Lin Huang had a faint illusion as if he had stepped into an ancient jungle. Even Bloody was clearly stunned when she saw the scenery. At first, both of them could not find how the Butterfly Sovereign Palace looked like from all sorts of channels. 

'This Butterfly Sovereign really loves plants,' Lin Huang thought to himself.

As Bloody and he were exploring around, a slight tremor made the ground shake all of a sudden. A little path appeared in the ground before them that was initially covered.

The path was less than half a meter wide. Only one person could walk on it each time.

Lin Huang and Bloody glanced at each other, then walked onto the little path into the dense jungle in one file. 

After walking on the little winding path for a few minutes, they could clearly feel that the dimension would shift by over 100 meters with each step they took. On the surface, it would seem like they were taking normal steps. Clearly, the path had a dimensional shift effect.

Approximately five to six minutes later, they finally arrived at the end of the path. 

The other side of the dense jungle was an endless sea of flowers. There were colorful flowers everywhere as they looked across.

Among the sea of flowers, there was a young lady in a white dress who looked 15 or 16 years old standing on a little slope barefooted. The tiny flowers drowned her ankles.

She looked almost exactly like a human lady. The only difference was that she had a pair of massive wings made of colorful rays on her back. 

The form of the wings was different from any bird's. They were massive butterfly wings that were almost as tall as she was. 

Lin Huang and Bloody could tell that she was one of the Three Sovereigns, the Butterfly Sovereign.

Although they already knew what she looked like, they thought she looked even more harmless than in photos when they saw her at that second.

'Is this girl really as difficult to deal with as what the Dragon Sovereign and Lion Sovereign said?' Lin Huang could not help but doubt the two other Sovereigns. 

The young lady standing on the slope waved at them like she was meeting friends that she had not seen for a long time.

Lin Huang and Bloody walked towards the slope. They only stopped when they arrived two to three meters before her. 

The young lady observed them while smiling before introducing herself, "My name is Cai Yi, and I'm a fairy monster. Quadruple mutated, my combat strength is first-rank True God."

Although the young lady did not reveal her identity as the Butterfly Sovereign, Lin Huang and Bloody confirmed that as soon as they saw her. They also gave a simple self-introduction about themselves.

The Butterfly Sovereign smiled and nodded after hearing their self-introduction. "Let's sit down and chat."

Lin Huang and Bloody sat across her among the flowers while she took out a tea table and a tea set.

The Butterfly Sovereign spoke again seeing the duo take their seats, "Actually, I've noticed your existence as soon as you entered the Central Shelter. I also know about the Dragon Sovereign and the Lion Sovereign recruiting you. I've been waiting for the day when you guys would visit me."

"We wanted to visit you sooner, Master Butterfly Sovereign, but we only managed to get an appointment today. We didn't want to break the rules," Lin Huang explained while smiling.

"The Dragon Sovereign and Lion Sovereign have higher combat strength and seniority than me. It's appropriate for you guys to visit them first," the Butterfly Sovereign said while smiling lightly, "But you said that you guys wanted to visit me sooner, so what is that about?" she asked a question that she already knew they were curious about.

Nonetheless, Lin Huang finally found the opportunity to go straight into the topic. 

"We're visiting you today in hopes that you can help us get back to the great world, Master Butterfly Sovereign."

The Butterfly Sovereign smiled when she heard the plea.

"It's easy to send you guys back to the great world. However, there's a price to pay."

"We know that," Lin Huang replied to the Butterfly Sovereign while looking at her. "What do you need from us?"

The Butterfly Sovereign smirked so faintly that it was almost unnoticeable. However, it went away merely a moment later. "I don't think I lack anything at the moment. I really can't think of anything that I want now." 

"How about this? I won't ask anything from you. All you'll have to do is to work three years for me. I'll send you guys away as soon as the three years are up."

Lin Huang forced a smile while shaking his head when he heard the Butterfly Sovereign's offer. "Master Butterfly Sovereign, we can't agree to that condition. Give us another one."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Butterfly Sovereign fell into silence for a moment and straightened a finger slowly a while later. She said while staring at Lin Huang, "One year, that's my best offer."

However, Lin Huang still shook his head. "There's something really urgent that we must get back to in the great world. To be honest, we can't even wait a week, let alone a year. Master Butterfly Sovereign, please give us another condition."

The Butterfly Sovereign fell quiet for a moment again. She only spoke a while later, "I won't ask you guys what exactly is it that's so urgent. I'll step back again. She'll stay and work for me for a year while I send you back to the great world first." The Butterfly Sovereign pointed a finger at Bloody. "I guarantee you that I'll send her back in one piece as soon as one year is up!"

Seeing that Lin Huang and Bloody had fallen silent, the Butterfly Sovereign spoke again, "If there's really something urgent, you can go back to the great world to deal with it. There's no need for you to bring her with you. Even if the matter needs two people to deal with, you can get other partners to help you when you get back there."

Lin Huang did not hesitate to reject, shaking his head. "I'm sorry. I can't agree to that condition."

"Wait!" Bloody interrupted Lin Huang's rejection all of a sudden. She turned her head to say to the Butterfly Sovereign, "Master Butterfly Sovereign, can you give us some time to discuss this?"

"Please do." The Butterfly Sovereign picked up her tea cup and sipped the flower tea.

Lin Huang and Bloody soon communicated on the conscious level. It was a communication built through Monster Cards. Unlike voice transmission, there was no way to eavesdrop when they talked in that channel.

"I think we can agree to that. Get her to send you out first and recall me back to card form when you've confirmed that the teleportation coordinates work."

Lin Huang stayed quiet for a long time after hearing that. "Is there any other way?"

"There's one more…"

Lin Huang squinted lightly hearing the second idea.

He snapped back to his senses a moment later and lifted his head to look at the Butterfly Sovereign. "Master Butterfly Sovereign, Bloody and I can't decide just yet. Can you give us a few days to discuss it properly?"

The Butterfly Sovereign smiled while nodding to give her permission. "There's no rush. Take your time."


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