Monster Paradise
1221 Butterfly Sovereign Shelter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1221 Butterfly Sovereign Shelter

In a hotel room at Shelter No. 7, Bloody who had her eyes closed opened her eyes all of a sudden.

"Finally, one has sent itself to our doorstep!"

Lin Huang, who was refining the Godheads in his body, opened his eyes too. "You found a monster on the list?"

"Yes," Bloody confirmed while projecting the Thousand-Legged Centipede's image, "It's a Thousand-Legged Centipede, a giant worm monster."

Its gigantic dark purple head seemed gravely ferocious. Its body was separated into segments. There was a thick, black exoskeleton covering its back and thorns of different lengths on it. Dense, bloody legs sprouted out of its body.

This Thousand-Legged Centipede ranked the top three ugliest among all of the monsters that Lin Huang had ever seen before.

"The Thousand-Legged Centipede…" Lin Huang was secretly reluctant when he saw Bloody picking out such a monster for him to disguise as.

He was no stranger to the Thousand-Legged Centipede. It was a giant worm monster with a body that spanned over 1,000 meters long. This monster was called the Thousand-Legged Centipede because it possessed at least 1,200 pairs of legs. A small minority of them even possessed more than 3,000 pairs of legs.

He knew this monster was ugly since the beginning. However, the image in the monster guide was rather small. He could not see the details, so he did not have a clear picture of how it really looked like.

Now that he saw the full image Bloody projected, the spots and the tiny bulges on the thorns of its back were clearly visible. Even the internal structure of its ugly mouth could be seen crystal clear.

Lin Huang only had one thought flashing through his mind. 'It's so ugly. Can I get another monster instead?'

Bloody saw Lin Huang's odd expression and explained, thinking that he figured the major transformation would make him lose control of his own body, "Although the Thousand-Legged Centipede has a major difference with a human's physical structure, different creatures have different ways of controlling their bodies. As long as the brain gives the instruction, the body will carry out the order automatically. There's no need for you to worry about the details. After all, you're not using this Thousand-Legged Centipede's body to battle. You just need to disguise as this form to enter Qi Muxiong's ruin."

"Let's see." Lin Huang really could not accept such a gigantic centipede's form.

"Among the 100 monsters that are given passes into Miracle this time, there are over 20 of them who have taken on a human form. There are also many monsters that aren't in human form, so they are easier to control. There're still a few days until the ruin opens. Let's see if we can find any monsters that are more suitable."

Bloody did not argue when she heard Lin Huang's analysis. She still thought that he was worried about body control and had no idea that Lin Huang was bothered by how he would look.

However, Lin Huang did not let go of the Thousand-Legged Centipede which was a back-up and got Bloody to cast parasite on it because he was worried they would not encounter any other monster who was on the trial list. If they gave up on this one, it would mean that they had lost their eligibility to enter Qi Muxiong's ruin.

However, unbeknownst to Lin Huang, when Bloody and he were busy looking for monsters on the ruin trial list, the Butterfly Sovereign was asking around about him too.

The Butterfly Sovereign added the Dragon Sovereign and the Lion Sovereign to a group chat.

"Did you guys meet those two newbies? Are they really on mythical-level?"

"Why? Are you interested in them too, Xiao Cai?" The Dragon Sovereign did not answer her question and asked another question instead.

"Finding out whether they're really on mythical-level or not isn't important. They don't plan to stay in the virtual zone anyway." The Lion Sovereign too did not answer her question. Instead, he concluded directly.

"Can you guys pay attention to my question before answering me?"

"Alright then. The answer is that it's true," the Lion Sovereign responded immediately, "But don't waste your time trying to recruit them since hey just want to return to the great world."

"Indeed," the Dragon Sovereign confirmed.

"They must pass me by to be able to return to the great world! Thank for your tips. Now, I know what I should ask for." The Butterfly Sovereign asked again, "Oh yeah, can you tell me which tribe do they belong to?"


"It's a secret!"

"Just tell me, handsome!" The Butterfly Sovereign did not type that. Instead, she used a voice recording. Her voice was so sweet that one's heart would have melted.

"One is a wisdom-type monster while the other is a mysterious-type," replied the Dragon Sovereign in a straightforward manner.

"The female is a wisdom-type monster while the male is mysterious-type. Please call me handsome again."

The Butterfly Sovereign gave a short response right after the Lion Sovereign replied. "F*ck off!"

A notification from the system that said 'a message has been deleted' popped up almost at the same time the Butterfly Sovereign responded.

The duo checked to see that the sweet voice message that was sent earlier had been deleted.

"Damn, woman! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛" The Lion Sovereign sent another message.

"She burned the bridge right after she crossed it," the Dragon Sovereign lamented.

However, the Butterfly Sovereign seemed to have blocked the group chat as she was not replying at all.

"Did that woman leave just like that?" the Lion Sovereign asked.

"I guess she's thinking of ideas to trap the two newbies," the Dragon Sovereign responded.

"Such poor things. I'm already seeing images of both of them working for that woman like slaves."

"I can only say good luck to them then…"

Lin Huang and Bloody had no idea that this chat happened between the three of them.

Time flew by, and it was time to see the Butterfly Sovereign. Lin Huang and Bloody rushed to the Butterfly Sovereign Shelter early in the morning.

The Butterfly Sovereign Shelter's surface was much smaller than the Dragon Sovereign and Lion Sovereign Shelters. It was even tinier than many other Shelters at only over eight million square kilometers.

If they did not know the reason why the Butterfly Sovereign had picked the Shelter earlier, Lin Huang might be confused why would one of the Three Sovereigns pick such a small Shelter.

In reality, the reason was that this Shelter had the most plants occupying it in the virtual zone. It also had the most varieties of flowers.

Within the over 8.3 million square kilometers of the Shelter, 7.2 million square kilometers of it was covered in all sorts of plants and over 4,000 types of flowers.

Apart from the many plants and greeneries, there was another characteristic of the Butterfly Sovereign Shelter. There was a smaller population.

There were only over 10,000 long-term monsters in the Butterfly Sovereign Shelter while only 10,000 monsters were given residency permits. Most of the rest of them were tourists.

This Shelter had no business district. Apart from the necessary materials, they refused business from outside. When it came to tourism, they would only open once a year for outsiders to visit, and only 1,000 tourists would be picked. A year was the longest the tourists could stay.

Just like Lin Huang and Bloody, it was rare for them to visit the Butterfly Sovereign.

Other than spending a hefty amount to buy the opportunity to see the Butterfly Sovereign, the main reason they got to visit was that the Butterfly Sovereign wanted to see them. 

Otherwise, based on her character, it was possible for the Butterfly Sovereign to drag the meeting to the next year.

Lin Huang and Bloody looked around along the way. Almost all of the houses in the entire Shelter were made of plants. Lin Huang saw that most of the houses were built on thick and short giant trees, and there were more than 30 houses on one.

When they arrived at the Butterfly Sovereign Palace, Lin Huang finally recognized the Butterfly Sovereign Palace in his memory.

It was a massive white palace that looked like a blooming flower. It floated in the middle of a huge lake, appearing like a blossoming lotus sitting calmly in the water.

Lin Huang and Bloody walked to the entrance Butterfly Sovereign Palace and projected their invitation directly after glancing at the two guards.

The guards must have learned about their arrival beforehand. They opened the palace doors after merely peeking at the invitation. They did not even check it.

Lin Huang noticed that and put the invitation away before walking into the palace door with Bloody in long strides.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


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