Monster Paradise
1220 The Same Commen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1220 The Same Commen

When they left the Dragon Sovereign Shelter, Lin Huang and Bloody saw the human and the dog waiting at the entrance.

Hu Xiaobai and Husky No. 1 clearly had been waiting for a while.

Seeing Lin Huang and Bloody walk out of the Dragon Sovereign Shelter, they did not ask anything. Hu Xiaobai expressed, "Let's go to the Lion Sovereign Shelter."

A black spider the size of a palm appeared in Hu Xiaobai's palm as soon as she was done speaking.

Its eight little beady eyes looked at the four of them once it was summoned. It then spat four threads out all of a sudden, tying the four people's wrists.

Lin Huang and Bloody did not dodge the threads and allowed its spider threads to tie them up because they knew what the spider was doing.

The spider was called the Dragnet Spider which was a unique dimensional monster that was an expert in dimensional transportation for short and long-distance. They could construct space tunnels and made them into webs. They used such a web to transport itself wherever it desired.

Nonetheless, the Dragnet Spider held no threat. Its timid characteristic whereby it always ran away from fights made them the main source of transportation in the monster world.

The Dragnet Spider lifted both its front legs after tying its four customers up. A black whirlpool soon appeared automatically, revolving around in the air.

The spider leaped from Hu Xiaobai's palm and dragged the four of them into the whirlpool.

When Lin Huang snapped back to his senses a couple of seconds later, they had arrived above the Lion Sovereign Shelter.

The Lion Sovereign Shelter was located in the western region of the Central Shelter. Just like the Dragon Sovereign Shelter, it was also a massive floating continent. Its surface was almost 61 million square kilometers, slightly smaller than the Dragon Sovereign Shelter.

Hu Xiaobai recalled the Dragnet Spider, then led Lin Huang and Bloody into the Lion Sovereign Shelter.

The style of houses in the Lion Sovereign Shelter was similar to those in the Dragon Sovereign Shelter. Even the appearance of the Lion Sovereign Palace looked no different than the Dragon Sovereign Palace.

However, they realized the style of the decoration inside was different when they walked into the Lion Sovereign Palace.

The overall decoration in the Lion Sovereign Palace had warm colors. The pillars and ceiling were gold with white accents. Naturally, there were far fewer pillars compared to the Dragon Sovereign Palace.

Lin Huang and Bloody finally saw how the Lion Sovereign looked like when they arrived at the deepest section of the Lion Sovereign Palace. 

To be honest, Lin Huang thought he saw an animation character when he saw the Lion Sovereign.

The Lion Sovereign wore a dark blue suit and stood on both feet. Apart from his massive lion head, the rest of his body looked completely the same as a human man. He was a lion-man without a tail.

As Lin Huang and Bloody observed the Lion Sovereign, so was the latter. A gleam of surprise flashed through his eyes as he could tell that the duo was both on quadruple mutated mythical-level.

"Let me introduce myself. My name is Leon, and I'm the Lion Sovereign of this virtual zone. Quadruple mutated, second-rank True God."

Unlike the Dragon Sovereign who proudly announced his pure dragonkin identity, Lin Huang and Bloody noticed that Leon did not tell them his tribe and type. The Lion Sovereign did not talk about it. Either it was a secret whereby he could not tell which tribe he belonged to or he had no sense of belonging to his tribe, hence he was unwilling to talk about it.

The duo did not ask further. Instead, they shared their identities.

"Grimace. Mysterious-type, quadruple mutated, Virtual God rank-2."

"Bloody. Wisdom-type, quadruple mutated, Virtual God rank-2."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Another gleam of surprise flashed through Leon's eyes again. However, he became collected again and said to them with a grin, "I heard from Xiaobai that you have met the Dragon Sovereign?"

"We did," Lin Huang replied.

"Didn't you guys come to an agreement?"

"No." Lin Huang shook his head.

The Lion Sovereign laughed when he heard the answer. "Seems like the Dragon Sovereign's offer isn't attractive enough. Why don't you tell me what you want?"

"We want to leave the virtual zone."

The Lion Sovereign was stunned to hear Lin Huang's answer. He finally understood why the Dragon Sovereign had failed to convince them.

The Lion Sovereign asked again after a moment of silence, "Aren't you considering staying for a while?

"Although the virtual zone isn't big, it's connected to many worlds and there aren't many competitors. If you join any of the Three Sovereigns' teams, you would obtain resources so much more easily than joining most of the organizations in the great world.

"There are many Virtual Gods in the virtual zone that are like you guys, whereby they came in by accident. They were eager to return to the great world in the beginning, but most of them decided to stay after living in the virtual zone for a while.

"It's too competitive in the great world. Those major organizations aren't interested in ordinary Virtual Gods. Only top virtual god-level powerhouses who have an ability on par with True Gods would have the eligibility to be selected and trained. For other Virtual Gods, lacking resources aside, they're not even eligible to enter some of the trial spaces."

The Lion Sovereign said sounded sincere, but it was actually half-true.

In the great world, indeed, the top organizations had no interest in ordinary virtual god-level powerhouses. However, a quadruple mutated mythical-level powerhouse would be trained seriously no matter which organization they went to.

Lin Huang and Bloody knew about that since the beginning. They did not expose the Lion Sovereign's lie nonetheless.

"Master Lion Sovereign, the Dragon Sovereign told us similar things. In reality, if not for our urgent matters, we'd hope that we could stay and only leave when we've cultivated up to true god-level," Lin Huang responded, sounding regrettable.

"The Dragon Sovereign even told us that we could stay at the Dragon Sovereign Shelter for a few months if we want. If we're not happy staying there, we can leave anytime we want and he won't stop us.

"However, there's something urgent on our plate now, hence we must return to the great world as soon as we can. Don't talk about a few months; we can't even afford to wait for a week."

The Lion Sovereign finally understood why the Dragon Sovereign failed to convince them as he listened to this point. The duo had no intention to stay, so no amount of benefits could entice them.

"If that's the case, then I won't force you. Go handle your stuff in the great world. You can visit the virtual zone again when you have time in the future. Our Lion Sovereign Shelter welcomes both of you at all times."


Lin Huang and Bloody had just stood up when the Lion Sovereign spoke again, "But it's best that the both of you are mentally prepared for the Butterfly Sovereign Cai Yi not to just let you go," the Lion Sovereign said the same thing as the Dragon Sovereign did.

Lin Huang and Bloody did not look comfortable when they left the Lion Sovereign Shelter.

The Lion Sovereign's last reminder was almost the same as the what the Dragon Sovereign warned them. It was inevitable that it concerned them.

They would not be so worried if only one person said that. After all, the Three Sovereigns were not at peace, so any comment might be biased.

However, the Dragon Sovereign and the Lion Sovereign had made the same comment on the Butterfly Sovereign. Lin Huang and Bloody basically confirmed that the Butterfly Sovereign was most probably incredibly difficult to deal with.


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