Monster Paradise
1218 You Got The Wrong Dog
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1218 You Got The Wrong Dog

Lin Huang and Bloody checked into a hotel in Shelter No. 7 after leaving the Secret Loft.

Apart from trading markets, there were also hotels in the virtual zone where monsters dominated.

Those were clearly borrowed from humans. The overall business model had no difference from the human world.

If one had to distinguish the difference, the size of the hotel rooms differed from the human world.

As monsters had various body sizes, each hotel in the virtual zone had rooms of different sizes on each floor. Not only were the sizes different, but even the heights varied.

The biggest room might go up to 100 meters high and tens of thousands square meters wide. Meanwhile, the smallest room might be less than a square meter. 

The hotel room that Lin Huang and Bloody were staying in was similar to a room in the human world. The difference was that the room was simple without many decorations and miscellaneous items like the hotels in the human world. To be exact, apart from the living room, the bedroom, and the bathroom, there was no other room with a fourth function. There was not even a couch, chairs, a table or a bed, let alone other decorations.

The image that appeared in Lin Huang's head was the sharing apartment which was less than ten square meters that he rented when he had just graduated from university upon seeing the setup in the hotel room. Although it was much bigger, it was almost as simple as this. The sharing apartment even had a bed and a wardrobe.

"It seems like they didn't grasp the essence of the hotel industry," Lin Huang could not help but joke.

"Humans enjoy life but not monsters. Apart from a minority of them who have outstanding intelligence, most of the monsters lived by instinct. Only killing and hunting for food make them happy, not staying in a small, enclosed place and enjoying services from others," Bloody explained.

"After all, the direction of the human evolution was different from other beings since the beginning. Since they found out that they could tame other lives, humans began to grow crops and keep animals to feed themselves. They no longer needed to kill and hunt. As for houses, the function of it at the beginning was to take shelter from rain and protect themselves from wild beasts. Therefore, a house has been carved in our genetics since the beginning of time for the security that it provides," Lin Huang voiced his understanding.

"Indeed, it's just like what you said. Monsters love killing and hunting. It stems from their genetics. The reason being they would die from hunger if they don't hunt or kill." Bloody nodded in agreement.

Both of them soon shifted the subject to a more serious matter after chatting for a while.

"Looking at the information the Secret Loft provided, the ruin called the Miracle should be the ruin Qi Muxiong left behind. It was discovered over 200 years ago and is also located in the southwestern region in the entire virtual zone. It was the Dragon Sovereign who sealed it himself, so everything matches. The photos of it since being healed is basically the same as the one that we saw before."

Lin Huang nodded in response. "Only people below virtual god-level can enter. This limitation matches Qi Muxiong's character too."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"This ruin is currently under the Dragon Sovereign's jurisdiction. It only opens once every year, and the opening period this year happens to be in five days. However, only a 100-person quota is given each time it's opened. It's the Dragon Sovereign who hosts it, so I'm afraid it's difficult to get in." Lin Huang frowned slightly as he analyzed the situation.

"It's not difficult to get in. Just find a monster that's already on the list and substitute it." Bloody had come up with a plan since the beginning. "Since your card disguise can't be seen through even by True Gods," she added

"That's a great idea!" Lin Huang nodded while smiling.

"The Butterfly Sovereign, on the other hand, isn't that easy," Bloody proceeded to speak, "Looking at the information provided by the Secret Loft, that lady lacks nothing. She usually has many conditions whenever she sends someone out of the virtual zone. She's fickle-minded. Compared to the Dragon Sovereign, such an unfathomable behavior is more difficult to handle."

"Let's meet her and see if she's willing to discuss. If it doesn't work, we can resort to using violence."

In reality, Lin Huang was most afraid of people of such character. He had done sales on Earth in the past and got to know all kinds of people. The most difficult one was not those customers who had many requests. Instead, it was those who were fickle-minded and always changing their minds. 

Those who had many requests were, at least, sure of what they wanted. All you had to do was what they requested. However, those who were fickle-minded and always changing their mind would want this today and something else tomorrow. They would snap the day after tomorrow and ask for something else. Moreover, the things that they asked for were of low standards. Those people were the most difficult to deal with.

A commotion erupted outside the hotel all of a sudden as they were chatting.

Just when Lin Huang was going to see what happened with his Divine Telekinesis, he sensed two silhouettes moving at a high speed within his sensing range. They stopped before his room.

Subsequently, someone knocked on the door and a voice came later.

"Dear Masters, the honorable Dragon Sovereign wants to see you!"

Lin Huang raised his brow upon hearing that, and he looked at Bloody.

In reality, Bloody expected someone to ask for them but she never thought it would come so soon. Somebody had come to them less than ten minutes they checked into the hotel.

Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis to open the room door.

The two monsters at the door were gigantic. They could not get in, so they could only squeeze their heads in to look at Lin Huang and Bloody. They were eager to see exactly how the duo looked like to have the Dragon Sovereign invite them personally.

On the other hand, Lin Huang and Bloody also studied the two inviters.

They were a gigantic double-headed boa and a toad. Both of them were demigods that were clearly triple mutated.

Just when Lin Huang was going to speak after observing the two monsters for a while, another bout of commotion came from outside.

He sensed another two monsters approaching at a high speed within his territory range.

Bloody clearly noticed changes in the expression of the two monsters at the door.

A moment later, a human and dog appeared at Lin Huang's door.

It was a seductive lady with a fluffy, white tail under her white dress. The other dog beast looked like a husky with a white crystal between its brows.

"Masters, our honorable Master Lion Sovereign wants to see both of you!"

They seemed to be selling like hot cakes whereby both the Dragon Sovereign and the Lion Sovereign sent people to invite them within a minute the first invitation arrived.

It was a no-brainer for Lin Huang to figure that their quadruple mutation grade had been found out. The reason being there were only over a hundred Virtual Gods in the entire virtual zone. They were only on Virtual God rank-2. Theoretically, they were unworthy of being approached by two True Gods at all.

"Hu Xiaobai, how dare you jump the line? What are you trying to do?!" the toad monster asked immediately.

"We can fight if you're not happy about it." The husky glared at the giant toad with a side-eye in disdain.

"Let's fight. I'm not afraid of you!" the boa monster's left head shouted while its right head had steam coming out of its nostrils. "You take Husky No. 2's words too seriously. He was just barking."

"Boa No. 2, you've got the wrong dog. He's Husky No. 1," said the lady in the white dress, smiling while covering her mouth.

The toad and double-headed boa became silent. They looked a little scared when they looked at the husky now.

In her white dress, Hu Xiaobai looked at Lin Huang and Bloody cheerfully. "Masters, who would you like to meet first?"

"The Dragon Sovereign first then. His people came first after all, so we must follow the sequence when we do things," Lin Huang answered while smiling.


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