Monster Paradise
1217 The Secret Lof
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1217 The Secret Lof

Lin Huang and Bloody turned into the third alley on their left after they walked over a kilometer along the main road.

The alley was so narrow that only one person could barely slip in. 

Lin Huang and Bloody walked in with one leading in front of the other. The deeper they went, the darker it got.

They finally saw a dark sign when they walked 100 meters into the alley. 'Secret Loft' was written in dark red on the sign. 

Lin Huang looked up. The little building with the sign was only two floors high, and it looked small. Judging from a rough estimation, one floor should be 80 square meters at the maximum.

The little building soon matched the one that Lin Huang had in his memory. He was sure that he had gotten the correct place. 

He opened the door and walked in after a mere hesitation. Bloody followed him into the little building. 

He was rather puzzled when he walked into the building and saw everything before his eyes.

The building that had seemed like it was less than 80 square meters outside was endless. 

"Such a ridiculous replicating technique. It's amazing!" Lin Huang could not help but exclaim upon seeing the real thing although he had seen it in memory.

The 80 square meters had expanded at least a hundred times. There were at least ten floors inside with each floor being higher than the two floors he had seen from outside combined. 

It was crowded in the building. There were many stalls selling all sorts of items inside.

In reality, the Secret Loft sold more than just intel. The little building that looked inconspicuous on the outside was one of the biggest markets in the Central Shelter.

"It's pretty crowded. Do you want to take a look?" Bloody turned her head to look at Lin Huang.

"Let's finish our business first. We have plenty of time for shopping when we're done," Lin Huang said and turned to his left to go up the spiral stairs.

The spiral stairs was actually a ladybug. It opened half of its shell and treated it as a flight of stairs, bringing everyone to the floors that they desired to go.

The ladybug was a bug monster with many legs and extremely small brain capacity. Its head looked a little like a centipede's, giving it a terrifying appearance. However, it was actually very gentle and generally would not attack other creatures as long as nobody triggered it.

Though double mutated, the ladybug had low intelligence. It ranked almost the last among the double mutated monsters.

As it was tame and gentle as well as obedient, it liked chasing their own tail and did not mind people climbing onto its body, so it was usually treated as an elevator in the monster world.

However, ladybugs were more than happy to be at their service. They thought having people climb on their bodies was like having people play with them, so they did not despise such a job at all.

Lin Huang and Bloody stood on the ladybug's shell and arrived on the 12th floor of the Secret Loft within some ten seconds.

The 12th floor of the Secret Loft was a place where intel of all sorts were sold.

A succubus with a voluptuous figure came as soon as Lin Huang and Bloody arrived.

The succubus looked 70% human. She had fair and clear skin while her body was semi-transparent. She wore a white dress on her body, and there was a layer of faint, white mist lingering around her. She looked like a fairy.

"May I know if both of you are here together?" The succubus peeked at Bloody and had her eyes on Lin Huang when she asked the question. Her voice was elusive and sounded completely different from the voice a human would make.

"We're together," Lin Huang responded.

"That's great. There's only one room that's vacant now which is the Secret Room No. 13. I'll bring both of you over," the succubus said and turned around with her feet hovering above the ground. She led the duo to the vacant secret room.

The succubus stopped when the three of them arrived at a room with the number '13' written on it a moment later.

"Please go in."

Lin Huang nodded and flicked a Divine Stone at the succubus. He then went in with Bloody.

The succubus held onto the Divine Stone and became stunned, "This is… a Divine Stone?"

The Secret Loft did not force their customers to pay tips to the attendants. However, most of the customers who were generous or held a high status would tip.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The succubus had been working for some ten years at the Secret Loft. She had received hundreds of tips, but it was her first time getting a Divine Stone.

One must know that a beginner-grade demigod relic would cost about 100 to 300 Divine Stones.

It might be nothing to people above demigod-level. However, to an immortal-level succubus, it was undoubtedly a hefty tip. It was almost her three-year salary working at the Secret Loft.

However, Lin Huang had no idea about that. All he knew was that the monster in the mask and the rest would tip the attendants whenever they come to the Secret Loft.

The basic currency that the virtual zone used was different from the currency used in the gravel world and the great world. They used a type of energy crystal that was called the White Crystal which was produced locally in the virtual zone.

Lin Huang did not have such a thing with him. He felt bad not tipping, so he thought he would give a Divine Stone instead.

After all, the Divine Stone containing Divine Power was used in the virtual zone and the great world as it was a strong currency.

He had no idea that the succubus would mistake him as a tycoon unintentionally. He would not bother even if he knew.

Lin Huang and Bloody could not help but peer around when they entered Secret Room No. 13.

There was nothing else in the room apart from a counter and a black-robed man sitting behind the counter.

The man had his entire body shrouded in the black robe. Nobody could tell what he was since he had a white plain mask on his face. There were only four tiny holes revealing his eyes on the mask. The rest of the mask was pure white.

Two bar stools appeared out of thin air before the counter when Lin Huang and Bloody walked in.

The black-robed man only asked slowly after waiting for the duo to take their seats, "May I know what both of you would like to know?"

The voice sounded like it came from far away instead of from before them.

Lin Huang did not find it odd since he had slightly gotten used to this world where there were more monsters than humans.

"I want information about the ruins and sites that are opened ever since 1,000 years ago. It's best if it's detailed. The more detail, the better," Bloody spoke directly before Lin Huang could say anything.

The black-robed man turned his head to look at Bloody, feeling confused. He thought Lin Huang was the one who would be speaking.

However, the confusion only lasted for a moment before he named his price. "30,000 Divine Stones."

"So much?" Bloody raised her brow.

"It's inevitable that it's expensive since some of them involve the Three Sovereigns," the black-robed man gave a short explanation.

"Is it detailed?" Lin Huang asked.

"Everything that should be included is there. If there's none, it's something that shouldn't be included," the black-robed man affirmed while staring at Lin Huang.

Lin Huang and Bloody glanced at each other. He then turned his head back and nodded at the black-robed man. "Sure."

"Secondly, we want ways to leave the virtual zone. It has to be a viable way. The more detailed, the better." Bloody gave her second request.

The black-robed man was quick to name his price. "One million Divine Stones."

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Lin Huang frowned a little upon hearing the price.

"Don't be mad, sir. Let me explain," the black-robed man said calmly.

"In reality, everyone in the virtual zone knows the way to get out of the virtual zone. This piece of information is worthless. The reason why I asked for one million Divine Stones from you is that the Secret Loft can contact the person who can send you guys out directly.

"The one million Divine Stones is just the recommendation fee for the person so that you guys can meet her. However, the kind of price the person asked to send you guys out is out of our range. It has nothing to do with us whether you guys can come to an agreement with that person eventually.

"Of course, we can provide you the information if you guys don't want the Secret Loft's recommendation. It will be free for the first request. It's complimentary."

Lin Huang and Bloody looked at each other and secretly discussed it through voice transmission.

The black-robed man did not rush them and waited for their answer patiently.

Two to three minutes later, Lin Huang finally turned around to look at the black-robed man. "Alright, we'll pay you one million Divine Stones then!"


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