Monster Paradise
1216 The Central Shelter
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1216 The Central Shelter

Although Lin Huang had retrieved tons of information about the Central Shelter from reading the monster in the mask's mind, he could not help but exclaim when he saw the real thing, "Is this the Central Shelter?!"

The rest of the Shelters were just isolated islands in the virtual zone.

However, the Central Shelter before them was not an island, but an archipelago connecting islands of all sizes and heights. There were at least hundreds of them within their field of vision.

Lin Huang who had witnessed the Wu Tribe's floating land experienced a different feeling when he saw the connecting floating islands at that moment. Nevertheless, it was breathtaking.

Among the 300-odd islands of all sizes, Lin Huang scanned through them and eventually set his sights on the mini floating island not far away.

There was only one structure on that floating island — a gate.

"That's the Southern Heaven Gate." Lin Huang was almost chuckling when he mentioned that name out loud. The reason being he had seen the name "Southern Heaven Gate" in dramas on Earth many times before. According to the folktales, this was the gate to heaven.

When he learned about the name, Lin Huang even thought it might be travellers who had given these few gates such a name as a prank.

However, he soon eliminated that thought. 'That should be just a coincidence.'

Although there were over 300 islands of all sizes in the Central Shelter, there were only four gates in the east, south, west, and north of the archipelago that one could enter through.

The archipelago had a gigantic defensive formation set up by the powerhouses who came into the virtual zone in the early days when the Central Shelter was built. Apart from the four gates through which one could enter and exit, nobody could enter from the other islands. 

The guards at the Southern Heaven Gate were two imperial-level monsters.

One was a giant rock monster that looked like a mini hill. Another was a black, gigantic monster with three dog heads which was a mutated monster.

Both of them had only stepped into imperial-level and were only triple mutated.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The two guards sensed suppression deep in their core as soon as Lin Huang and Bloody appeared. They stepped aside to let both of them go.

They were relieved to see the duo vanish into the Southern Heaven Gate.

"Did you feel it?" One of the heads on the three-headed monster turned its left head towards the other two heads on the right.

"That's the petrification that comes deep from one's soul. They're definitely on mythical-level," the head in the middle said.

"We don't see a mythical-level boss everyday and here comes two today. That's pretty rare." The third dog head picked up the conversation immediately.

"Don't you guys think that the two masters earlier are unfamiliar? I don't think I've ever seen them before," the rock monster spoke all of a sudden. 

The three-headed monster was stunned when it heard what the rock monster said.

"I think I've ever seen them before." The dog head in the middle was the first to react. It looked to its left and its right.

"I don't think I've seen them before either. Theoretically, I'd remember masters of such human form even if I've only seen them once," the dog head on the right said with its tongue hanging out.

"Now that I think about it, not only I've never seen them, I've never even heard of them." the dog head on the left looked rather serious. "In the entire virtual zone, there are a total of 103 virtual god-level powerhouses below the Three Sovereigns. We've seen most of them. We roughly know how the few that we've never met look like. However, the duo who just entered are on virtual god-level, but they don't match the list of the 103 Virtual Gods."

"Do you mean..." the dog head on the right interrupted before the rock monster could finish speaking. 

"The two fellas who just entered came from outside of the virtual zone!"

The rock monster glared at the dog head since its line was stolen. It continued to speak, "It's a serious matter for new Virtual Gods to be coming into the virtual zone."

"We must report it to the bosses!" The dog head in the middle stole its line again.

"Can you guys not steal my line every time?" The rock monster glared at the three-headed monster.

"No!" the dog heads in the middle and the right exclaimed in unison. 


Lin Huang and Bloody, who had entered the Central Shelter, had no idea that their identities as outsiders had been exposed.

"According to the monsters' memories, the information transaction mainly takes place at Shelter No. 7." Lin Huang was turning around when he had his eyes locked on an island far away. "It should be that island!"

He flew towards the floating island that he had his eyes on as soon as he was done speaking. The duo landed on the island one after another a moment later.

The monsters looked at them following their sudden appearance. 

Bloody smirked, an invisible wave flashing through her eyes without anyone noticing. She grabbed Lin Huang's arm and pulled him aside later on.

The monsters around only snapped back to their senses by then. 

"I hypnotized the monsters that were watching earlier and retrieved some information," Bloody said to Lin Huang through voice transmission calmly, "The Secret Loft isn't far ahead. Apart from that, there's an underground information channel called Silence. However, one can only obtain common information from the two channels. It's not that we can't get the core information, but there's a limit to that. Many bits of information about the Three Sovereigns are above the limit. The Three Sovereigns will be alerted as soon as we touch that part of the information."

"Are there any loopholes?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"There're no good solutions to that." Bloody shook her head while frowning a little. "It's useless to disguise ourselves. The Three Sovereigns will be alerted as soon as we ask anything above the limit. It'll only take one moment to target us by spreading Divine Telekinesis, then there'll be no way for us to run."

Bloody thought about it and suggested, "The only way is to try our best not to ask anything sensitive when we talk to them. If there's something that we really want to ask, try beating around the bush."

"I hate beating around the bush," Lin Huang grumbled.

"Do you have any better suggestions?" Bloody turned her head to look at Lin Huang.

"Never mind. We'll do as you suggested."


In the three different Shelters hundreds of kilometers away, the Butterfly Sovereign and the rest heard the news coming from the Southern Heaven Gate.

"They might be quadruple mutated mythical-level? And there are two of them?! Haha, these two mythical-level powerhouses must be dummies then!"

"Both of them are on virtual god-level. Whether they're really on mythical-level or not, I can definitely boost my abilities if I recruited them!"

"They're so unfortunate to be walking into the virtual zone. I'm sure they'll come to me really soon to get me to send them out. Let me think what I should ask from them..."


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