Monster Paradise
1215 The Early Bird Catches the Worm
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1215 The Early Bird Catches the Worm

After chatting with the three guardians, Lin Huang left Shelter No.1 with Bloody.

In reality, he secretly got the Nightmare Tapir to read the trio's minds as they chatted. With the Nightmare Tapir's ability that was comparable to a True God's, everything was practically invisible. The monster in the mask and the rest did not notice that they were dragged into the Nightmare Tapir's dreamland at all.

With the three guardians' memories, the duo had no reason to stay at the Shelter to spy around anymore.

After they left up to 10,000 kilometers away from the Shelter, Lin Huang summoned the Nightmare Tapir again and got it to share the trio's memories.

Lin Huang smiled after scanning through the trio's memories. "Although those three fellas kept something a secret, at least, what they told us was the truth. That's actually considered not bad. Judging from this, monsters are more trustworthy than humans."

"Naturally, there's no need for them to lie since there's no conflict in benefits." On the other hand, Bloody expected this. 

Lin Huang grinned and refused to comment further. He then shifted the subject to the serious matter. "According to the three guardians' memories, there are three sovereigns in the central zone. They are the rulers of the entire virtual zone, whereby they're true god-level powerhouses. Among them, the Butterfly Sovereign has the weakest ability. She's only a first-rank True God. However, she's an expert in the Space Rule. She has set coordinates leading to the great world and is the only powerhouse that can send people out of the virtual zone. The other two monsters are second-rank True Gods. Due to the lack of resources in the virtual zone, the three of them aren't on peaceful terms. I'm guessing the Butterfly Sovereign won't let us go easily if we go to her."

"We can always make a trade." Nonetheless, Bloody was not worried. "There must be something she desires that we can give her. I believe she won't decline our business if there's something she wants that we have."

"That's true, but something that a True God desires must be difficult to obtain." Lin Huang forced a grim smile while shaking his head. "If it's really something that she can get easily, she would've gotten it already. There's no need for her to beg from others."

"That makes sense." Bloody nodded.

"But we can't make her send us away by force. There'll be even more trouble if she sends us to a barren mini-world." Lin Huang had thought of solving the issue with violence, but he was afraid that the Butterfly Sovereign would do something nasty to them.

"Let's see what exactly she wants. We'll think of other ways if the condition that she suggests is really too much," said Bloody, turning her head to look at Lin Huang. "Do you want to look for Qi Muxiong's ruin first? Or do we go to the Central Shelter first?"

"Let's go to the ruin first. We'll find the Butterfly Sovereign after we get our stuff." Lin Huang thought about it and said, "If we go to the Central Shelter first and the Butterfly Sovereign agrees to send us away directly, we might not have the time to go to the ruin by then."

"You're being too optimistic." Bloody faked a smile on her face.

"I mean, what if. After all, we can't rule out such a possibility." Lin Huang mumbled after he said that, "The Butterfly Sovereign is female. It's possible that she becomes easygoing if she falls in love with Grimace's disguise. Grimace's face is considered the most handsome male creature in the world."

Bloody pouted and muttered softly, feeling annoyed, "I don't think he's that handsome."

"What did you say?"

"I mean, what if the Butterfly Sovereign really falls in love with Grimace and is unwilling to let us go?" Bloody changed her words immediately.

"Then, I'll get Grimace to stay. Since I have 30 summoning authorities, losing him doesn't matter. If I really need him one day, I'll summon him back," Lin Huang said casually.

Grimace had absolutely no idea that he had become Lin Huang and Bloody's subject of discussion. Furthermore, the discussion revolved around ideas to sell him off.

After the duo chatted, Lin Huang simulated the map projection of the virtual zone with his Divine Power. He retrieved the 3D map from the three guardians' heads. It was undoubtedly more detailed than the one that Bloody obtained through the Leech Pods earlier.

"We're currently here." Lin Huang pointed at the western region on the map as it formed. He marked an 'X' and an 'O' all the way down on the right at the border close to the southern region. "According to Qi Muxiong's memories, the ruin should be around here. It's in the southeastern of the entire virtual zone close to the southern border, close to the bottom region."

"According to the monster's memories, the south of the virtual zone is in ruins. There are broken floating islands everywhere with no signs of humans." Bloody studied the location Lin Huang pointed at. "That might be the reason why he chose to stay there."

"Can you roughly calculate the distance?" Lin Huang asked.

"It's around 530,000 kilometers, a little farther than getting to the Central Shelter," Bloody estimated after merely peeking at it.

"Then, let's go!" Lin Huang nodded and summoned Thunder.

With its indigo feathers and golden patterns on its body, Thunder saw the mark on the map that Lin Huang circled with its purple-golden eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Let's go if you've familiarized yourself with the map." Lin Huang and Bloody hopped onto Thunder's back.

He only disintegrated the map made of Divine Power in the air after Thunder flapped its wings.

Thunder gave this flight across over 50,000 kilometers its all. They finally arrived two hours later.

However, Lin Huang could not help but frown when they were thousands of kilometers away from the coordinates. With his Divine Telekinesis, he could sense that the area of the coordinates had been sealed with a shield.

Lin Huang and Bloody finally saw the crystal shield when they arrived close to the coordinates.

The sphere covered a large space around the area. It was like a planet made of semitransparent crystals floating mid-air.

"They knew about the ruin." Lin Huang frowned deeply. To him, the virtual zone locals finding out about the ruin was bad news.

"This is clearly done by a True God." Bloody knew that she could not break the shield just by scanning it with her Divine Telekinesis.

"This should be the work of the Dragon Sovereign," Lin Huang concluded directly.

There were only three True Gods in the virtual zone. Among the three, the one that was expert in the Ice Element God Rule would be the Frost Dragon which was also named the Dragon Sovereign.

"They'll definitely notice us if we break the shield by force." Bloody turned her head to look at Lin Huang. "The best thing to do is not to alert our enemy."

"Don't worry. I'm not that impulsive," Lin Huang said expressionlessly, "The Frost Dragon is a quadruple mutated dragonkin while his combat strength is second-rank True God. It'd take a lot of effort if I were to fight him."

"Let's go to the Central Shelter instead. Let's ask around about the shield and see if there's any way for us to get in," Lin Huang said and patted Thunder which let out a soft hum and flapped its wings. With the duo on its back, iIt flew at a high speed to the Central Shelter!


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