Monster Paradise
1213 Virtual Zone
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1213 Virtual Zone

The 20th of March was the day the entrance to the virtual zone was opened.

Lin Huang rushed to the third layer of the Abyss Brink after bidding farewell with Mr. Fu and Lin Xin.

This time, the virtual zone would be opened at the deepest part in the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

Lin Huang only found the entrance after summoning Bloody to spread her Leech Pods all around the third layer of the Abyss Brink. 

There was a black whirlpool two meters in diameter that looked like a mini black hole in the cave. Powerhouses who managed to get to the third layer of the Abyss Brink would basically know what this cave was. If one really saw this, one would definitely avoid it. However, Lin Huang summoned Thunder and headed straight into the whirlpool after confirming its coordinates.

Lin Huang grinned and leaped when he arrived above the whirlpool. After recalling Thunder and Bloody into their card forms, he stepped into it.

After a moment of blurred vision, Lin Huang had a barren land in his field of sight when he snapped back to his senses.

He looked far away. There was not even a single plant on the cracked and burned land. The land that he was standing on was not a complete continent. It was more like an island floating in mid-air.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were many islands of all sizes floating around the island. The only similarity they shared was that they were all charred.

As he observed his surroundings quietly, Lin Huang recalled returning to the gravel world all of a sudden. He turned around and looked to notice that the dimensional entrance earlier had vanished.

"Just like what I speculated, the virtual zone is a one-way street. There's only going in, no going out. No wonder so many people never returned after they entered."

However, Lin Huang could not understand why would the entrance vanish after one entered the virtual zone. So, how did demigod Qi Muxiong return to the mini world?

He thought about it and since he could not come up with anything, he spread his Divine Telekinesis all over in a wave.

After elevating to imperial-level, the radius of his territory had expanded to a hundred kilometers. Now that he had arrived at imperial-level rank-3, the radius had grown to 300 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the search range of his Divine Telekinesis had increased ten times more than the radius of his territory, whereby it went up to 3,000 kilometers. It was even farther than the search range of Grimace's Divine Telekinesis despite the fact that he was already on Virtual God rank-2.

However, Lin Huang only sensed a couple of monsters within 3,000 kilometers after a round of searching.

There were less than 30 monsters combined within over 28 million square kilometers. Most of them were on either holy fire-level or immortal-level.

Lin Huang was puzzled. "Such monster density and combat strength… Did I enter a fake virtual zone?"

One must know that to the gravel world, the virtual zone was the No. 1 forbidden area known to the public. Legend was that it was filled with god-level monsters, thus even a virtual god-level powerhouse's life would be at risk after entering.

However, now it seemed like this was completely different from the legend.

Apart from little monsters and floating islands of all sizes, Lin Huang did not find out anything else within the range of his Divine Telekinesis. He was unsure where he should head to.

Feeling helpless, he summoned Bloody. "I found nothing, so I can only rely on you."

Bloody nodded and began spreading her Leech Pods out. A sea of invisible Leech Pods spread everywhere.

Lin Huang took two chairs out from his storage ring and sat down. He waited patiently for Bloody's search results while chatting with her.

His Emperor's Heart Ring lost all of its functions in this virtual zone, including the ability to take out and store items. Fortunately, Lin Huang prepared ahead, so he moved everything into the ring from the great world.

Many storage rings that he had obtained from the Royal Trials came from the great world. Before his departure, he picked one which material and model was inconspicuous to avoid grabbing attention from people when he arrived in the great world as he did not want unnecessary trouble.

Lin Huang was not afraid of the trouble that might come. However, he only had one year, so it would be best to have less trouble. Avoiding unnecessary trouble would give him more time to deal with important matters.

Around half an hour later, Bloody finally had news.

"I cast parasites on a few local monsters and obtained the rough situation and map of this virtual zone. To confirm the accuracy of the map in their heads, I got the rest of the Leech Pods to look around. The preliminary check has verified that the maps in their heads are accurate."

"This virtual zone we're currently in is very vast. It's almost 1/40 to 1/30 the size of a gravel world. We're currently in the barren area in the west of this virtual zone. You will see Shelter No. 1that's closest to us around 30,000 kilometers to the east.

"The so-called Shelter is similar to a human foothold the monsters created in the virtual zone. In reality, the name 'Shelter' came from the cities the Protoss built in the great world. These monsters borrowed the name and applied it in the virtual zone.

"There are approximately a million monsters in Shelter No. 1. There are three virtual god-level monsters guarding in it, but I'm unsure about their exact combat strength."

"How do monsters in this Shelter feel about humans?" Lin Huang asked.

"I'm not too sure. The few monsters that I cast parasites on are refugees wandering in a farther area. They've limited information about the Shelter.

"At the moment, we only know that the fighting and killing monsters outside the Shelter is allowed. Furthermore, the monsters outside out the Shelter are very aggressive when they see humans. Humans are practically their No. 1 prey. In other words, the preliminary speculation should be that monsters aren't too friendly towards humans even in the Shelter." 

Lin Huang nodded lightly and then looked at Bloody. "According to the total size of the virtual zone that you obtained, there should be many Shelters like this, shouldn't there?"

"There are at least a hundred of them in all sizes. The largest one is the Central Shelter located in the central area of the virtual zone. I heard there are over 30 million monsters and there seems to be true god-level monsters guarding the area."

"It's almost similar to a slightly larger grade-B foothold in the gravel world." Before entering, Lin Huang never expected the virtual zone to have cities. Besides that, a city would have tens of millions in population. "These monsters must have intelligence nothing lower than humans to be able to build such large Shelters."

"According to their minds, do they have a way of heading to the great world?" Lin Huang asked again.

"No. I intentionally looked for related information in their heads, but there's nothing." Bloody shook her head. "However, if this virtual zone really connects to the great world, the people who know the way would most probably be in the Central Shelter."

"How far is the Central Shelter from where we are?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"Over 400,000 kilometers away," Bloody answered, "But I suggest that we should familiarize ourselves with other Shelters first and get the basic information. We'll only go to the Central Shelter when we're more prepared."

"Sure!" Lin Huang nodded in agreement.


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