Monster Paradise
1211 His Old Friends Are Here
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1211 His Old Friends Are Here

All the upper echelons of Dynasty gathered on the 16th of March.

Naturally, Huang Baiyu, Huang Haoyang, and the three Grand Dukes were there, and so were the 12 virtual god-level Dukes.

Everyone had their eyes on Lin Huang as soon as he arrived.

Apart from Huang Tianfu who had a rough idea of what the purpose of the meeting was, the rest were unsure why Lin Huang would call for a meeting so early in the morning.

Lin Huang glanced at the time after he took his seat. He did not bother to wait any longer upon seeing that it was almost 9 a.m. and announced directly, "I called this meeting today mainly to inform all of you that I'm leaving this gravel world."

Everyone was stunned to hear that.

Even though Huang Tianfu speculated that since the beginning, he could not help but feel emotional when he heard Lin Huang saying it out loud.

"When are you leaving?" Huang Tufu was the first to ask.

"I'll leave in a few days when I'm done handling some stuff. If everything goes as planned, I should be able to leave before the 20th."

"So soon?!" Everyone was more than a little shocked.

They thought Lin Huang would only leave at least one to two months later after his announcement.

"Dynasty's development is on track now, so it doesn't make too much of a difference whether I'm here or not. All you guys will have to do is follow the plan that I've prepared. It's just a matter of time for Dynasty to become a giant as long as all of you follow the plan.

"Moreover, it's not that I'll never come back after I leave this time. I'll only be gone for a year. By then, I hope to see Dynasty develop better than I can ever imagine."

Lin Huang only projected the one-year plan Bloody came up with after giving his farewell speech. 

"This is the one-year plan that I've come up with for Dynasty. There's no need for you guys to carry it out strictly. Nothing will go wrong if you follow the main direction," Lin Huang said and forwarded the plan to the three Grand Dukes who then forwarded it to the rest of the Duke. "Take a look. Ask whatever questions that you might have. We'll discuss this today."

The meeting took almost the entire day. Everyone only finished discussing Lin Huang's plan after eight at night.

From the questions the people raised and the depth of the discussion, Lin Huang was sure that Dynasty would be in good hands for the coming year.

Bloody's plan almost involved every aspect in detail. She provided solutions for any possible situation.

As long as they followed this plan, Dynasty had the certainty of becoming a giant in the coming year.

After the meeting ended, Lin Huang returned to the Emperor's Palace, not tired at all. Instead, he was filled with anticipation for Dynasty's future.

The next morning, Lin Huang arrived on time in Nirvana City where Misery's headquarters was.

Zhi Ji and everyone in red robes was prepared for his arrival at the top floor of the Sky Pagoda.

"Master Emperor!"

Zhi Ji led the bunch of them in red robes to welcome Lin Huang.

Lin Huang also noticed that there were a few unfamiliar faces among the people in red robes. They were all on Virtual God rank-1, so they must have elevated from demigod-level not long ago.

Entering the meeting room, Lin Huang glanced through the 15 people in red robes and told them the purpose of meeting up.

He then presented them with the one-year plan that Bloody came up with.

However, Misery's attitude was clearly less enthusiastic than Dynasty's.

When Lin Huang got Zhi Ji and the rest to ask questions, most of them asked things that were unrelated. Only two or three of them raised some questions that Lin Huang was happy to hear after looking through the plan thoroughly.

The meeting ended when it was past 1 p.m. Everyone from Misery soon left after that.

Lin Huang gestured for Zhi Ji to stay.

"Zhi Ji, I had the same meeting with Dynasty yesterday. Do you know what time the meeting ended?" Lin Huang leaned back against the chair and asked Zhi Ji while lifting his head.

"Your humble one doesn't know." Zhi Ji roughly figured what Lin Huang was going to say, but he dared not speculate.

"The meeting also took place at 9 a.m., then we discussed the plan until 8.20 p.m. All 17 of them from Dynasty participated in the discussion and studied the plan that I provided. Above 80% of the questions raised were related to Dynasty's future development.

"The plan I gave Dynasty isn't exactly the same as the one I gave Misery. However, it's about 70% is the same, and the direction of development is almost similar. However, among the 15 of them who joined the meeting, only ten participated in the discussion. Including you, only three people really studied the plan."

"I'll get them to study the plan thoroughly later," Zhi Ji said immediately.

"Whether or not you guys follow the plan I provide, I want to see Misery's improvement in a year. If Misery's development isn't satisfactory, I'm sorry but I'll remove your organization from Royal's affiliate organization list." Lin Huang gave his last warning.

Although Misery's response was within Lin Huang and Bloody's expectations, he was upset when it really happened. After all, he had Dynasty to compare to Misery which needed tons of improvement in terms of loyalty.

However, Lin Huang's gloomy emotion soon turned into joy when he returned from Nirvana City to Emperor City.

He sensed Yi Yeyu and the rest's aurae as soon as he returned. He spread his Divine Telekinesis out and found out that apart from Chan Dou, Yin Hangyi, Yi Yeyu, Yi Zheng, Leng Yuexin, Li Lang, and Liu Ming were all there. Furthermore, they seemed to have settled their accommodation.

Lin Huang was in a jovial mood after sensing his bunch of old friends.

Although the gathering would only take place on the 18th, Lin Huang appeared in the courtyard they gathered in a flash after sensing their location.

The Yi siblings were in the courtyard while Leng Yuexin and Li Lang stood by the side. Fatty and his family were there too.

Lin Huang could tell that it should be the compound Fatty was staying in. The Yi siblings must be visiting while Leng Yuexin and Li Lang must have been dragged by the siblings to visit.

At that very moment, Yi Yeyu was staring at Fatty in the courtyard.

"Didn't… you die?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I faked my death," Yin Hangyi, who was also known as Fatty, recounted the story that Lin Huang came up with immediately.

"But Lin Huang told me that…" Yi Yeyu was interrupted by Lin Huang before she could ask any further, "Fatty encountered some trouble earlier. He had to fake his death to avoid trouble. For his own safety, I had to lie to my friends that he was dead."

"Lin Huang!" Everyone looked cheerfully at him.

"Why does he look exactly the same just like three years ago?" Yi Yeyu raised her doubt.

"That's the side effect of the elixir. It stunted his growth for a few years. However, the side effect only continues for around two to three years. His growth will normalize again in the future," Lin Huang told them the excuse that he came up with earlier again.

"How is it possible that there's such an elixir?" Yi Yeyu mumbled in doubt.

Yi Zheng, who was next to her, changed the topic. He stepped forward and shook Lin Huang's hand while smiling. "It's been a while."

"Yes, it's been a while," Lin Huang acknowledged with a smile too.

After they eased the attention off Fatty and chatted for a while, Lin Huang looked at Yin family's old lady in the wheelchair.

She was old after all, so it was inconvenient for her to walk. She thought she might as well use a wheelchair to go out.

The old lady was in high spirits. Clearly, she did not travel often. After chatting with Lin Huang for a while, she started telling him how great Emperor City was and the things that she saw along the way.

Yi Yeyu and the rest giggled to see how the old lady would not let go of him.

After chatting with the old lady for a while, Fatty took the initiative to interrupt them, "Grandma, you didn't take a snooze today because we were traveling. Let's take a nap. Lin Huang still has some stuff that he has to handle. Don't bother him."

"Alright then. You young people should catch up while I take a nap." The old lady only let go of Lin Huang then.

Lin Huang turned around and walked towards Leng Yuexin and Li Lang seeing Fatty pushing the old lady in the wheelchair into the house.

"Long time no see. I met Brother Zheng and the rest in Division 3 last year, but I've never seen both of you since I left Division 7."

"Yeah, it's been more than a year," Leng Yuexin confirmed.

"I never expected you becoming so famous so soon," said Li Lang, who was standing next to her, while chuckling.

After chatting with them, everyone returned to their compound one after another.

On the other hand, Lin Huang arrived in Liu Ming's courtyard in a flash. He began chatting with his senior brother who he had not seen for a long time.

The afternoon flew by quickly. Chan Dou finally arrived past 8 p.m.

Lin Huang had a rough idea of the Chan Clan's situation from the Mystic Butterfly. He knew how Chan Dou's family had been treating him for the past month.

However, Chan Dou did not mention his family's situation despite chatting for a while, and Lin Huang decided not to ask him about it. Chan Dou still had amnesia, so they fell into an awkward situation after the banter since they had nothing much to talk about.

Noticing that, Lin Huang patted Chan Dou's shoulder. "Why don't you stay at Dynasty? You can decide whether to go home after you get your memory back."

Chan Dou fell into silence for a long time before lifting his head to look at Lin Huang. "Give me some time to consider."

Lin Huang nodded. "Since you have no idea how you were like in the past, you should plan your future now. There's no need to make it complicated. Go for things that are beneficial to you now."

Lin Huang left in huge strides after saying that while Chan Dou stared into space while staying in the courtyard alone.


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