Monster Paradise
1209 A Salted Fish Should Have A Salted Fish’s Realization
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1209 A Salted Fish Should Have A Salted Fish’s Realization

The discussion between Dynasty and Shadow Killer went well the next two days.

Misery also signed the agreement the same day when Shadow Killer signed theirs. They joined the circle anonymously. The circle that Dynasty and the Union Government built became the most powerful alliance in the entire gravel world.

With the five giants, including the Union Government, the Hunter Association, Misery, Shadow Killer, and the Mystic Butterfly together with the soon-to-be giant Dynasty, this alliance was invincible.

The heretics, which was a top organization, became the weakest one in the circle. They could only play the position as a dependant party.

The heretics' upper echelons were surprised to see the Hunter Association, the Mystic Butterfly, and Shadow Killer joining the circle recently.

They were in a meeting when they heard about Shadow Killer joining.

"Holy sh*t! Four out of the five giants have joined them!" the Vice Presiding Judge, Zhou Tong, forgot to remove his little finger from his nostril when he heard about Shadow Killer joining.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Don't forget that Dynasty is the soon-to-be giant. We, the heretics, are the weakest among the entire circle," added the hunk, rubbing his feet.

"Luckily, we joined early and managed to butter Dynasty up. Had we only joined now, I guess Dynasty would've just kicked us out," Cao Ya said while biting her nails.

"I don't think we're that bad…" the Presiding Judge, Sun Zhuo, shrugged helplessly.

However, Sun Zhuo was completely ignored. They proceeded with the next topic on their own.

"Exactly which organization has joined us anonymously?"

"It's most probably an underground organization."

"Do you guys think it might be Misery?" Cao Ya said, still biting her nails.

"Boss, the application from the anonymous organization should pass through you. You should know which one is it, am I right?" the hunk rubbing his feet turned his head and asked Sun Zhuo. 

Sun Zhuo hesitated for a moment and nodded, figuring that it was only a matter of time that they would find out. "Yes, it's Misery. Keep this within ourselves, and don't spread it around!"

"It's really Misery?! Now, all five giants have gathered. It's insane!" the Vice Presiding Judge Zhou Tong explained out loud in his thick nasal voice.

"I've always thought that we weren't bad, but now I feel like we're just trash!" Cao Ya felt like she had just received a slap on her face.

"Five giants and one soon-to-be giant… So, it's six dragging one on. I think that's pretty good. There's always one that's slowing the team down. Why can't we be it?" Vice Presiding Judge Zhou Tong proceeded to dig his nose, appearing like he did not care.

"Don't you have any humiliation in you?" the hunk rubbing his feet scoffed while glaring at him.

"A salted fish should have a salted fish's awareness. We're salted fish. Why should we waste our efforts pretending that we're seafood?" Zhou Tong spoke in his nasal voice while proceeding to dig his nose.

"Because seafood is more expensive," answered Cao Yao who was sitting next to him.

"Xiao Ya, it was only a rhetorical question," said Zhou Tong while glaring at her.


"Let's continue our meeting. Stop the irrelevant topic right now!" Sun Zhou was getting more and more upset as he listened to them speak. He ended the topic after slamming the table.

After signing the agreement with Shadow Killer, Lin Huang followed the team back to their headquarters in Silhouette City in foothold No. 1A11.

He spent half the evening downloading the documents in Shadow Killer's library and archives. The next morning, he headed straight to the last grade-6 ruin opened to the gravel world.

The grade-6 ruin under Shadow Killer's jurisdiction was called the Shadow Land.

Day did not exist in the entire ruin, only night.

Apart from many dark creatures, there was a unique monster in this ruin called the Shadow Beast.

The Shadow Beast was an evil spirit that possessed the ability to control its shadow. 

Such an ability was actually mediocre. However, it would turn its body into a shadow to be immune to physical attacks.

Fortunately, among the Queen Mothers' Bug Tribe army, there were bugs that could handle such a monster. Lin Huang was prepared ahead thanks to Bloody's reminder.

After summoning the galactic hive, Lin Huang did not get all of the bugs to attack. Instead, he only got the bugs that could fight Shadow Beasts to battle.

Throughout the few days, the four Queen Mothers were done with approximately a third of the breeding from the monster carcasses. The 30 million-strong bug army was boosted to 100 million. Among the 100 million Bug Tribe army members, only around ten million of them could harm the Shadow Beasts. It slowed down the hunting speed of the Bug Tribe army by heaps compared to before.

From 8 a.m, the Bug Tribe army spent some 15 hours killing the 400 million-odd monsters in the ruin.

There were a total of ten virtual god-level monsters among them. Three of them were on Virtual God rank-3 while the remaining seven were either on Virtual God rank-1 or rank-2.

The ruin refreshed in the middle of the night when they had rested for less than an hour.

The Virtual Eye that was opening in the Shadow Land was completely black.

Once again, Lin Huang led the galactic hive to block the entrance in order to kill the monsters coming out of it.

When it was around 1 p.m, they finally cleared the Shadow Land to decimate it into a land of nothingness.

Since it would take 48 hours for the Shadow Land to refresh, Lin Huang did not stay and wait in the ruin. Instead, he left in satisfaction and returned to Emperor City.

He began sorting out the loot he obtained this round as soon as he returned to the Emperor's Palace.

"Six Virtual God rank-3 Godheads, a total of 14 Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 puppets, over 800 million monster carcasses — enough for the Queen Mothers to breed close to 30 million Bug Tribe fighters, two complete pseudo-mythical-level Monster Cards, over 2,200 complete legendary-level Monster Cards and over 800 million card pieces…

"Now that I've downloaded everything in all the libraries and archives as well as clearing all the grade-6 ruins available, it's almost time to leave," Lin Huang mumbled softly after sorting out the loot.

"I think it's best that you don't announce your departure. Just tell people that you're going into closed-door cultivation," Bloody suggested.

"I think so too," Lin Huang agreed.

The reason why Dynasty was currently in the limelight was mainly that people followed what was happening to Lin Huang. Even though he did not participate in the exact management and operation of things, he was influential in Dynasty's development of the people in the cultivation world. At least, many new members joined Dynasty because of him.

If Lin Huang were to announce his departure, many people would think that he had left Dynasty entirely. According to Bloody's data analysis, if Lin Huang left Dynasty, there would be at least an 83% drop in new Dynasty members. That was something that Lin Huang did not want to happen.

"How about your friends? Will you bid them farewell?" Bloody reminded, "Or will you lie to them that you're going into closed-door cultivation too to prevent them from leaking it unintentionally?"

In reality, Lin Huang was almost done with everything before his departure. The only thing that he had yet to do was inform his old friends such as Yi Yeyu.

Hearing Bloody's questions, he went into silence for a moment and shook his head. "There's no need to hide it from them. I'll spend some time meeting them and bidding them farewell these few days."


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