Monster Paradise
1207 Hunting Garden
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1207 Hunting Garden

The Hunter Association's grade-6 ruin was called the Hunting Garden.

The reason it was given such a name was that there were many varieties of monsters in this ruin.

Under normal circumstances, an ordinary ruin would only have 20 to 30 types of monsters. Very few of them had more than 40 types of monsters. However, according to the Hunter Association's records, they confirmed that the Hunting Garden had 183 types of monsters. It was said that over 20 types of monsters were never found. Nobody had ever managed to take photos as proof for some reason, so their existence was never proven.

There was something unique about the monsters in the Hunting Garden whereby most of them were carnivorous. There was a minority of them that were omnivorous, but almost none were herbivorous. These monsters had powerful hunting skills.

Lin Huang was very interested in such a ruin.

Since he had booked his slot earlier, he headed straight to the Hunter Association headquarters in foothold No. 1A2, Hunting City.

The person who was responsible for serving him was the deputy chief, Wu Xing, who was a tall and big man.

Although he looked like a lummox, in reality, Wu Xing's character was the complete opposite of his appearance. He was great in interpersonal relationships.

Lin Huang had no idea whether he was really friendly or was pretending. However, the experience made him comfortable. Wu Xing had a great sense of propriety in everything he did, and that alone impressed Lin Huang.

Most people had no sense of propriety as Wu Xing did. At least, Lin Huang could not achieve that. Furthermore, among the many people he knew, Huang Tianfu might be the only one whose sense of propriety could compare with Wu Xing's.

Lin Huang was chatting with Wu Xing along the way. He realized that he had arrived at the entrance of the Hunting Garden.

"This is the entrance of the ruin and it's also the furthest I can send you." Wu Xing stopped walking.

Lin Huang nodded and thanked him. Then, he stepped into the ruin.

Compared to the Demon Swamp, this ruin was completely different. Lin Huang felt like he had stepped from summer into spring as soon as he got in. The ruin looked like it was spring with lush flowers and trees around. There was even a small river flowing not far away.

This ruin did not look like a ruin at all. It looked more like a tourist spot where it was spring all year round.

Lin Huang was stunned to see the scenery. However, he snapped back to his senses after being distracted for a moment.

He remembered clearly of the ruins' description in the Hunter Association's record - Intruders would be treated as prey by the local monsters at all times.

Lin Huang summoned Bloody as soon as he stepped into the meadows of the ruin.

"This ruin has beautiful scenery," Bloody could not help but comment when she glanced around as soon as she was summoned.

Subsequently, the duo did the usual whereby Bloody spread her Leech Pods out to get a rough map of the entire ruins.

Later on, instead of killing virtual god-level monsters one by one, Lin Huang summoned the galactic hive and got the seven virtual god-level bugs to lead the bug horde to clear the ruins.

The Hunting Garden was only slightly smaller than Union Government's Demon Swamp, but there were considerably fewer monsters in it. There were only a total of 300 million monsters, which was only around a tenth of the total amount of monsters the Demon Swamp had.

Moreover, there were only six virtual god-level monsters. Among them, the two monsters with the highest combat strength were only on Virtual God rank-3. That was the reason why Lin Huang used the hive directly with zero concern.

Some five hours later, the 300 million monsters were cleared by the bug horde. There was no living thing within the range of Bloody's observation.

Lin Huang checked the time after watching the bug horde return to the hive. It was only past 2 p.m., and it would take another ten hours for the monsters to be reset.

The ruin would take 48 hours to reset each time, which was shorter than the Demon Swamp's 72-hour window. However, Lin Huang clearly did not plan to stay.

It was boring enough for him to wait for ten hours, and he could only kill time by practicing his sword skill. He had no patience to wait for 48 hours. To him, he could do many things within those 48 hours. 

The change in light was the other difference between the Hunting Garden and the Demon Swamp.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Demon Swamp always looked like dusk before the night fell, but the Hunting Garden had clear changes between day and night. It was almost the same as the outside world.

Approximately four hours later, the sky dimmed when it was 6.30 pm.

In reality, no sun could be seen in the ruin. Lin Huang had no idea what the source of light was in there. There was no light source at all in the dark blue sky above.

The sky finally turned completely dark when it was almost 8 p.m. However, that did not affect Lin Huang practicing his sword skills at all.

Soon, another three and a half hours passed. A Virtual Eye appeared rapidly in the sky just when the needle on the clock passed midnight.

Lin Huang looked confused when he saw the Virtual Eye that had just risen in the Hunting Garden.

Next to him, Bloody smiled. "I can't believe that we finally get to see the colorful Virtual Eye that we've only seen in records."

"It's my first time seeing it too," Lin Huang responded while smiling.

The Virtual Eye hanging in the sky was colorful with nine different colors. Although it looked strange, it gave him an odd sense of comfort.

Just when Lin Huang was discussing the color of the Virtual Eye with Bloody, the colorful Virtual Eye stabilized. A stream of various monsters began rushing out like a pouring waterfall.

Lin Huang had not put the galactic hive away since earlier. Seeing monsters rushing out now, he gave his orders to the four Queen Mothers again without hesitation. He told them to kill all of the monsters coming out of the Virtual Eye.

Almost the next second he gave his order, endless bugs rushed out like dark clouds, heading towards the Virtual Eye.

This time, Lin Huang did not observe the battle at a close distance. He watched the battle through Bloody's Leech Pods from far away.

Due to the restriction as a result of the difference in combat strength and the speed of monsters being sent out from the Virtual Eye, the battle was one-sided from the beginning. The monster horde was completely oppressed and annihilated

The same thing happened to the virtual god-level monsters. They were killed by the Superbrain Worms and the rest just when they showed up from the Virtual Eye.

The one-sided massacre only ended some three hours later. All of the monsters that emerged from the Virtual Eye were killed. There was no exceptions.

Watching the colorful Virtual Eye disintegrate in the sky while the bugs returned to the hive one after another, Lin Huang could not help but smirk as he recalled the hive back to his body.

"The Hunter Association's Hunting Garden is completed! So, what's next?"


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