Monster Paradise
1206 A Great Sweep
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1206 A Great Sweep

The four Queen Mothers that took the form of young girls sat in four corners of the galactic hive. 

Under their command, the seven Virtual God rank-2 bugs led the 10,000 pseudo-mythical-levels and more than 30 million imperial-level purple gold-rank bugs to sweep the place.

The stream of bugs rushing out of the galactic hive covered the sky like dark clouds.

Lin Huang had cleared all of the 23 virtual god-level monsters in the ruin earlier. Now, the most powerful monster was merely on demigod-level while the rest of the monsters ranged from holy fire-level to imperial-level. The level of the monster horde was nothing compared to the number of monsters in the bug horde.

The bug horde was like a locust plague. They killed all the monsters wherever they passed, leaving no lives behind.

Approximately ten hours later, the bug horde cleared the entire ruin. Billions of abyssal and demonic monsters were killed. The few virtual god-level monsters put the carcasses away into their God Territory.

The monster carcasses were valuable material to the Queen Mothers, so they brought them to the latter.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had been practicing his sword skills in a relaxed manner tduringthe ten hours.

It was 10.30 p.m. when the bug horde returned. The ruin remained looking as if it was dusk.

Bloody nodded at Lin Huang. "They've cleared everything. At least, there's nothing alive within my range of observation." She was actually secretly in awe about how terrifying the Bug Tribe was.

"The total amount of monsters killed is around 3.3 billion. I didn't calculate the exact data."

"The rough figure will do," said Lin Huang. He gazed into the galactic hive after chatting with Bloody.

In the hive, the seven virtual god-level bugs took out the monster carcasses from their God Territory respectively and gave them to the four Queen Mothers.

The Queen Mothers who obtained the sea of monster carcasses soon went into breeding mode. They transformed from human forms to their Bug Tribe forms. They began devouring the monster carcasses one after another after connecting to the incubator.

Lin Huang learned about the Queen Mothers' habits from the hive's inherited memories. Since the Queen Mothers were already on Virtual God rank-2, it would be meaningless for them to breed fighters below virtual god-level. Therefore, when the material obtained was of a lower grade, the Bug Tribe Queen Mothers would not breed fighters of the same combat strength as the material. Instead, they would store the material as sources of energy whereby they would be nutrients used in breeding imperial-level monsters.

Among the 3.3 billion monsters, most of them were on holy fire and immortal-level. Less than a tenth of them were imperial-level monsters. With these low-grade monster carcasses as material, the imperial-level purple gold-rank bugs that the Queen Mothers would eventually breed might come up to be less than a hundred million.

Even though that was the case, Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the results.

After all, he had obtained tens of millions of Bug Tribe fighters without doing anything.

He put the galactic hive away into his body after seeing that all of the fighters had returned while the four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers had entered incubation.

He practiced his sword skills for another one and a half hours patiently. The sky in the ruin turned bright all of a sudden when it reached midnight.

Lin Huang lifted his head to peer up. A bloody crack extended across the sky rapidly. At first, it was less than a meter long, but it grew tens of kilometers long within a short few seconds. The crack resembled a stroke in the sky that had been drawn with a red pen.

As the crack expanded in the sky, tiny cracks began to appear below it. The sky seemed to have failed to bear the existence of the crack and it began to tear.

Time passed by. Slowly, the red crack appeared to be expanded by an invisible force. It looked like an eye beginning to open from a state of being shut.

The entire Virtual Eye hanging in the sky made it look like the sky had a bloody pupil growing in it and was studying the world.

The red, bloody glow turned the dusk into day. However, the day looked a little odd, as if the entire ruin had been dyed red.

Although the Virtual Eye was far away, Lin Huang clearly saw that there were many black silhouettes standing at the Virtual Eye that had just opened.

As the Virtual Eye stabilized, the black silhouettes rushed out of it like a waterfall. Lin Huang managed to notice that the black silhouettes which were rushing out were monsters.

He did not hesitate any longer and summoned Thunder again. "Let's go to the Virtual Eye!"

Thunder flew with Lin Huang and Bloody on its back. It only took two to three minutes to arrive at the area where the Virtual Eye was.

Lin Huang summoned the galactic hive again, showing no mercy after taking a glance at the Virtual Eye with monsters spurting out of it.

The four Queen Mothers that had received his order conveyed his order again. In the galactic hive, more than three billion imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters rushed out of it in a frenzy. They attacked and destroyed the monster horde coming out of the Virtual Eye.

Even the Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 monsters were parasitized by Bloody as soon as they came out. They had no idea what exactly happened at all.

As for the Virtual God rank-3 monsters, Lin Huang did not summon Lancelot and the rest to practice. After all, it was not suitable for them to practice their skills under such chaos. Instead, he got the seven virtual god-level bugs to attack and kill them as soon as they could.

Lin Huang summoned Bai again when the Virtual Eye sent its first Virtual God rank-4 monster.

Bai sensed his opponent's existence immediately. It went into battle mode before Lin Huang even gave his order.

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Within approximately three hours, all of the three billion monsters that rushed out of the Virtual Eye were killed.

Apart from the two Virtual God rank-4 monsters which had taken some of Bai's time, all of the monsters were killed right away, including the Virtual God rank-3 monsters.

The Virtual Eye finally disintegrated completely when it finished releasing the last batch of monsters at 3 a.m.

The three billion monsters that came out of the Virtual Eye ended up as carcasses strewn all over the place.

The seven virtual god-level bugs cleared the battlefield quickly and put all of them away into their God Territory.

Meanwhile, Bai passed the two Virtual God rank-4 and five Virtual God rank-3 monsters' Godheads to Lin Huang.

It was almost 3.30 a.m. when the entire battlefield was cleared.

Lin Huang hovered mid-air and looked at the empty ground. The ruin was silent.

"The Virtual Eye will open again in three days. I wonder what would people from the Union Government think if they came within these three days and saw an empty piece of land."

"I guess the people from your hometown would say they must look dumb," Bloody mocked.

Lin Huang lifted his head and glanced at the sky that was dusky again after putting the galactic hive away in his body while riding on Thunder's back with Bloody and Bai.

He knew this should be the last time he would visit this ruin.

"Time to go! Next stop, the Hunter Association's Hunting Garden!"


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