Monster Paradise
1203 Rotten Hear
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1203 Rotten Hear

Time flew by, and almost an hour had passed.

Lin Huang only managed to kill half of the 23 virtual god-level monsters. His efficiency was much lower than he expected.

In reality, apart from the Blasphemy Dragonpede they first encountered, Lin Huang did not get Thunder to fight those Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 monsters. He got Bloody to cast parasites on them and put them away in her God Territory. Among the Virtual God rank-3 monsters, he summoned Lancelot, the Evil Dominator, Killer, Kylie, and the rest of his battle imperial monsters to practice.

Although he saved ample time by putting the Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 monsters away, the time Lancelot and the rest took to practice was much longer than Lin Huang expected initially.

He thought he would only need one and a half hours to kill all 23 monsters. Unfortunately, after an hour had passed, he had only killed 12 monsters.

"The next one is a Virtual God rank-4 monster. I'm afraid Lancelot and the rest…" Bloody reminded just when Thunder flapped its wings and flew off.

"Lancelot and the rest aren't a match for it." Lin Huang knew his imperial monsters' abilities very well. "So, Bai will fight next."

He was very curious about how much of Bai's ability had increased since it elevated to pseudo-supreme god-level.

Thunder only took a minute to travel across ten thousand kilometers.

Lin Huang and the rest sensed their next target from far away. It was the Rotten Heart.

The Rotten Heart was an evil spirit-type monster with a unique form.

The monster truly looked exactly like its name. It appeared like a gigantic heart that was festering. It was dark with pus all over it. Dark purple veins bulged and throbbed, making it look even more terrifying. It had no eyes, mouth or ears.

It sensed its surroundings through the sonic coming from pumping its own body. In reality, it was similar to a bat.

Standing on Thunder's back, Lin Huang gazed down at the Rotten Heart from far away. As expected, it was the same as recorded in the Union Government's archives.

However, the Rotten Heart also noticed Thunder's existence whilst Lin Huang was observing it from far away. Instinctively, it attacked Thunder from a distance.

A black ray shot out like a lightning bolt, going after Thunder.

Thunder flapped its wings and barely dodged the assault. It never thought the second and third black rays would shoot out consecutively.

As Thunder was busy evading the attacks, Lin Huang inspected the black rays closely and realized they came from the black threads that stemmed from the body of the Rotten Heart. It was similar to the Vampire Particles Bai used to have, but the method of using it was different.

Initially, Lin Huang planned to summon Bai to fight when they got closer.

However, now that the opponent had initiated the attack, he could only summon Bai directly.

In its black robe, Bai nodded at Lin Huang as soon as it was summoned. It soon fixed its eyes on the Rotten Heart. 

Although it was only on Virtual God rank-2, Bai was fearless when it glared at the Rotten Heart that was on Virtual God rank-4. Instead, its will to fight ignited.

As its black robe fluttered in the wind, the bloody patterns on the robe lit up like lava. They were flowing like they were alive.

A bloody crystal the size of a thumb extended out from between Bai's brows. His black pupils turned bloody red at that moment.

A layer of bloody mist began lingering around his body and covering him entirely.

Bai hovered mid-air and shot a deadly glare at the Rotten Heart with its bloody eyes. The bloody mist around its body began solidifying into bloody tentacles without it doing anything.

The hundred bloody tentacles expanded before Bai rapidly. They turned into bloody whips that tore through the black threads from the Rotten Heart and snapped them mercilessly.

Bai's Almighty Vampire Particles were clearly a level higher than the opponent's technique.

However, that was not the end of it. After blocking the attack, the bloody tentacles proceeded to charge in a frenzy towards the Rotten Heart.

Beneath, the Rotten Heart did not dodge the attack. Instead, it began pumping intensely like a beating heart at a frequency that only increased with time.

Lin Huang, who was watching the battle aside, soon noticed that circles of energy waves radiated from its pumping. Furthermore, the energy waves were getting denser and more powerful.

Almost when the bloody tentacles were ten meters before the Rotten Heart, it had reached its peak whereby the circles of energy waves spread hundreds of times faster than the speed of sound.

The bloody tentacles seemed to drown in mud as they slowed down. They could no longer go any further when they arrived around five meters before the Rotten Heart.

Bai frowned slightly when it saw that. It extended an arm from a distance and held its stance steady.

The tentacles seemed to have received an order as they stopped fighting on their own and began integrating quickly. Approximately one to two seconds later, the hundred tentacles became one.

Bai smirked and transformed the integrated tentacle into a giant drill immediately. It began working right away.

Lin Huang was stunned to see that. He subsequently chuckled out loud. "No wonder the skill evolved into the Almighty Vampire Particles after he elevated."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The drill began spinning quickly as soon as it was formed. It then proceeded to approach the Rotten Heart.

Although the beating waves from the Rotten Heart were powerful, it could not stop the drill from advancing further.

A couple of thick, black tentacles flew out of the Rotten Heart's body all of a sudden as the drill was about to penetrate its body.

The black tentacles bonded with the drill Bai created.

A moment later, Bai's attack was eventually blocked. However, it had reached its goal.

The bloody mist around it began transforming into bloody flying daggers.

One after another, the flying daggers flew at an alarming speed. They were going after the Rotten Heart.

Lin Huang noticed that Bai's attack was actually similar to his telekinetic attack, but the telekinetic threads were turned into Almighty Vampire Particles. Flying daggers were neither god relics nor demigod relics, but they were consolidated by the Almighty Vampire Particles automatically.

After breaking through the defense made of energy waves, Bai used a flying dagger attack immediately. He wanted to harm his opponent effectively before the Rotten Heart even managed to react.

However, the Rotten Heart reacted as soon as it happened. The black threads soon changed into a dense web.

The flying daggers were like insects stuck on a spider web when they collided with it. They could not get free.

Bai did not have any concerns on its face when its attack failed again. Instead, its will to fight was getting more and more intense.

Bai snapped its fingers after recalling the flying daggers and drill made of the bloody mist. The bloody mist around it transformed once again as it snapped its fingers. Soon, they turned into tentacles of sharp sabers.

On the other hand, the Rotten Heart dared not hold back at all. A mass of black threads began coming out of its body. They then merged into black tentacles of various weapons.


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