Monster Paradise
1202 Thunder Vs Blasphemy Dragonpede
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1202 Thunder Vs Blasphemy Dragonpede

Black mist curled around the Blasphemy Dragonpede. It lifted its upper body from the swamp when it sensed Thunder's aura from far away. Its hundred legs were dancing with its straighten body, appearing very terrifying.

Seeing Thunder approaching its direction, the Dragonpede shrieked in rage. Underneath, Thunder responded in kind. However, its reply was even more determined.

It flapped both of its wings. The dusky sky was filled with dark clouds that covered the entire sky.

As purple lightning bolts lit up around its body, more lightning sparkled in the clouds above.


The lightning bolts around Thunder's body charged when it shrieked for the second time. Countless purple beams of light accumulated between the gaps in its feathers. They turned into thousands of lightning bolts and shot out like a pouring lightning waterfall.

At the same time, the dark clouds in the sky had purple lightning sparkling within them. The lightning rained down like a storm, and soon integrated with the lightning bolts that rained out from Thunder.

Endless purple lightning bolts drowned the gigantic Blasphemy Dragonpede.

However, a shriek emerged from the lightning bolts a moment later. The shriek sounded similar to a dragonkin's shriek, but it was even sharper. There was a ripping sound that sounded more evil and brutal.

Before the shriek ended, a gigantic silhouette flew out of the lightning bolts.

At that moment, the silhouette was at the same height as Thunder. Upon closer inspection, it was the Blasphemy Dragonpede.

It flapped its wings and hovered into the sky. There were faint purple lightning bolts lingering on its dark purple shell. However, the lightning bolts did not seem to affect its movement at all.

Lin Huang also noticed there seemed to be zero wounds on its body. "Hmm, it seems like the attack doesn't work on it."

"It makes sense. A monster such as the Blasphemy Dragonpede has powerful defenses. Furthermore, there's dragonkin bloodline in its body. It has immense immunity to elemental attacks," Bloody explained, "However, Thunder didn't give it its all earlier. It was just attacking it in a testing manner."

Lin Huang nodded. In reality, he could tell that Thunder indeed had not given its all. It was just a test attack. On a certain level, it was using a ranged attack to trigger the Blasphemy Dragonpede.

"Thunder seems to be a little excited to be encountering it, doesn't it?"

"Birds are the natural enemy of snakes and worms, so this is their instinct," Bloody explained further, "It's normal for Thunder to behave like water meeting fire when it encounters such a venomous centipede."

"I see." Lin Huang had always thought that monsters would lose their original instincts when they elevated. He even thought the instinct would go away entirely. Never had he thought that its animal instinct would still be there when Thunder elevated to mythical-level. The hatred between birds and worms did not disappear at all.

Within the short few seconds that Lin Huang and Bloody chatted, Thunder had collided with the Blasphemy Dragonpede a few times.

Although the Blasphemy Dragonpede was powerful, no matter whether it was the natural suppression that Thunder was born with or its low grade, it lost to the latter in all aspects.

Wounds started forming on its body as a result of the few collisions.

Thunder finally stopped testing its foe after gaining a rough understanding of its opponent's ability.

The lightning bolts on its body had now turned golden.

The tiny golden lights under its feathers accumulated into lightning bolts. They then covered the Blasphemy Dragonpede like a web.

The Blasphemy Dragonpede flapped its wings in an attempt to flee. However, it could not overcome the lightning bolts and drowned in it.

This time, black char marks appeared on its shell whenever the golden lightning hit its body. It groaned from the pain.

"Thunder is winning the battle like a piece of cake. Should we catch it alive?" Lin Huang raised his brow when he saw what was happening.

All the while, he was sitting on Thunder's back with Bloody. Although Thunder knew that both of them would be fine even if they got hit by the impact of the battle, it had been protecting them throughout the battle.

"This Blasphemy Dragonpede is born less powerful than Thunder. The fact that it's only triple and a half mutated, it's incomparable with a complete quadruple mutated monster. Moreover, Thunder has a double bloodline of the Thunder Lord and the Storm Phoenix, so it can kill many Virtual God rank-3 monsters." Bloody was not surprised by the outcome of the battle.

Just when she said that, the golden lightning web contracted rapidly. The Blasphemy Dragonpede shrunk together with the web, and Thunder grabbed its head with its claws. Consequently, the Blasphemy Dragonpede totally lost its ability to fight back.

Lin Huang and Bloody leaped from Thunder's back then.

Although it had shrunk substantially, the Blasphemy Dragonpede's head was much bigger than Lin Huang's body.

It glared dangerously at Lin Huang and Bloody with its four bloody eyes. If not for its head that was being squeezed by Thunder, it might have spat toxin to attack the duo standing before it.

However, Lin Huang was fearless as he faced this monster. Even if he did not have Thunder and Bloody next to him, he could fight a Virtual God rank-3 with his current ability. The giant centipede before him only had Virtual God rank-2 combat strength.

On the other hand, Bloody took a step forward directly and pressed her hand against the Blasphemy Dragonpede's head. She was not afraid of the toxin on its body. 

Her parasitization was completed within three seconds.

Later on, she spent approximately half a minute reading and sorting out its memories. She then turned around and walked to Lin Huang to share the sorted memories with him.

Lin Huang closed his eyes and took some time to digest it. Then, he opened his eyes again.

"Including this one, there are a total of 23 virtual god-level monsters in this ruin. Most of them are on Virtual God rank-1 to rank-3, and only two of them are on Virtual God rank-4. There are no man-made buildings in the entire ruin, which means we don't have to waste time looking for human remnants and search for treasures."

Lin Huang thought the plan was pretty reliable, whereby he could rest after killing the monsters and wait for the ruin to reset itself.

"There isn't much useful information in this centipede's head." Bloody was dissatisfied with the giant centipede's memories. She suggested after Lin Huang mentioned waiting for the ruins to reset, "According to the Union Government records, the interval to reset the ruin is pretty long. Even if we kill many monsters, it'll take more than 72 hour for each reset. I think it's unnecessary for us to wait for it to reset."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I think so too," Lin Huang agreed. "With Thunder's speed, I think we'll only take an hour and a half at the most to kill all 23 virtual god-level monsters. After we're done with the first batch of virtual god-level monsters, we'll do it again when it resets at midnight. We can leave right after that, so we don't have to wait for it to reset for the second time. The second reset will take three days. I can kill the monsters in the other two ruins in that time."

"Do we take its Godhead?" Bloody turned her head to look at the Blasphemy Dragonpede.

"There's no need. You can make the Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 monsters your puppets." Lin Huang shook his head. "Now that I'm on imperial-level, the effect of Virtual God rank-1 and rank-2 Godheads is dropping. I'd rather make the best of it."

Bloody nodded and said nothing more. She then put the Blasphemy Dragonpede away into her God Territory.

Lin Huang spread his Divine Telekinesis out and searched for loot around the swamp where the Blasphemy Dragonpede lived. He then hopped onto Thunder's back.

"Let's go to our two o'clock about 12,000 kilometers away."

Thunder flapped its wings before Lin Huang could even finish speaking. It flew through the sky like a flash of purple lightning.

The dark clouds in the sky only faded slowly a long time after Thunder left.


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