Monster Paradise
1199 This Inheritance of Yours is Fake
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1199 This Inheritance of Yours is Fake

Once again, the Hunter Association's collaboration with Dynasty stirred intense talk among many cultivators on the Heart Network.

Many organizations finally noticed Dynasty's odd behavior.

Dynasty collaborated with the Union Government, the heretics, the Mystic Butterfly, and now the Hunter Association. They almost covered half of the top organizations in the entire world.

The thought of such a line-up alone was terrifying.

The Union Government, the Hunter Association, and the Mystic Butterfly were the giants among the top organizations.

Although Dynasty was considered weak as a whole, it was also a giant among them. Moreover, Lin Huang had been developing it rapidly since the one year that he was appointed. Dynasty was considered a legit giant now.

The weakest one would be the heretics. Even though they were an organization with no discipline, they were still a top organization with two Virtual Gods and close to 20 demigods. No matter what, they would be the top five in the line-up with their overall abilities.

Such a majestic line-up could almost wipe out all the organizations in the entire gravel world if they were given access to each other's weapons.

Noticing Dynasty's odd behavior, many organizations had internal meetings to discuss whether they should join the parade.

Some even submitted their applications to the Union Government and Dynasty directly.

As the outside world was in a stir, Lin Huang visited the Hunter Association, the Mystic Butterfly, the heretics, and Misery with his personal identity.

He entered the four organizations' libraries and archives. He spent less than three days downloading all of the information with four Memory Cards.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

On the third afternoon, Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated all of a sudden when he returned to Emperor City and was downloading Dynasty's information.

He took a glance to see that it was Huang Tianfu calling. Usually, Huang Tianfu would not look for him if it was not something urgent.

Lin Huang picked up the video call request right away.

"What's up?"

"Shadow Killer has just contacted me. They want in." Huang Tianfu went straight to the point. "What's your opinion on that?"

Lin Huang thought about it for a moment and nodded. "It's actually fine. If Misery joins us, we'll have four out of five giants. Shadow Killer would've definitely wanted in as soon as they found out. I didn't expect them to be so quick to act."

"However, as soon as Shadow Killer joins us, there'll be two uncertainties — the Mystic Butterfly which was already an uncertainty, and now Shadow Killer." Huang Tianfu raised his concern.

"That's nothing to be worried about. It's impossible for Shadow Killer and the Mystic Butterfly to watch the Union Government take charge. They won't be supporting the Union Government. Instead, they're most likely to gang up. Also, they might collaborate with us. After all, we're a neutral organization. No matter whether it's the former or the latter, there are more advantages than disadvantages for us."

"Make an appointment then. Let's see what exactly Shadow Killer wants. Also, settle Misery's agreement as soon as you can to avoid any changes when Shadow Killer comes in," Lin Huang reminded.

"Misery has submitted their review. It's currently stuck on the Union Government and the Hunter Association's side. They didn't decline us directly, but neither did they agree to it," Huang Tianfu updated about the situation.

"We shouldn't interfere in this. Let Misery talk to them themselves." Lin Huang said that because Dynasty could not be too close to Misery on the surface.

"Oh yeah, how's the sorting out of the God's Blood going?" Lin Huang asked again.

"I've sorted it out according to the ranking of contribution points. However, it's almost enough whereby the last person lacks a few drops to complete the elevation. I've gotten him to look for it himself. Those who have received the God's Blood these two days have been elevating to perfect-stage demigod-level."

"That's great."

Lin Huang proceeded to cultivate Seamless after hanging up. The Memory Card downloading function was completely automatic. As long as Lin Huang did not pause the download, it would not be affected no matter what Lin Huang was doing. Naturally, it was not interrupted by the video call either.

When it was past five in the afternoon, he had finally downloaded everything available in Dynasty's library and archive.

He had dinner at Dynasty's canteen. After that, he returned to the Emperor's Palace and shared all of the downloaded memories with Bloody.

Lin Huang closed his eyes when Bloody was sorting out the information. He began reading Qi Muxiong's inherited memory.

When he elevated to imperial-level earlier, Qi Muxiong's inherited memory had been unsealed. However, he was too busy back then, so he only took a glance at it and put it aside.

Nevertheless, it was the unsealing of Qi Muxiong's memory that reminded Lin Huang that the Goldfinger Qi Muxiong possessed as a traveler just like him was sealed in a ruins.

"The location of the ruins..." Lin Huang browsed through the inherited memory rapidly to look for where the Goldfinger was sealed. Soon, he finally found where the ruins were. He was a little dumbstruck when he saw it. "It's in the virtual zone?!"

"So, Qi Muxiong went to the virtual zone and made it back alive?" With that doubt in mind, Lin Huang began sifting through Qi Muxiong's memories.

The virtual zone was the fourth layer of the Abyss Brink. It was also the most dangerous forbidden area in the entire world. Legend had it that none of the people who entered the virtual zone made it back to the gravel world alive.

However, many ancient documents that were left behind recorded that the virtual zone was a gateway leading to another world.

In reality, Lin Huang was planning to leave the gravel world via the virtual zone. 

One of the reasons why he believed that the virtual zone was a gateway was due to such records in many ancient books. Another reason was that there was a similar record in Wu Mo's inherited memories.

Another reason was that he obtained a description of such a gateway in those members' memories from the great world when he was in the Royal Trials.

All of the mini-worlds and gravel worlds with incomplete rules were the broken pieces in the central continent of the great world at a certain time or space. They were connected to the great world's central continent when they were created. Such connections made at least an invisible spatial gateway between the central continent and those gravel worlds as well as the mini-worlds. As long as the gravel worlds and mini worlds did not die, the spatial gateway connecting the central continents would be open forever.

Lin Huang also obtained the gateway's characteristics from those memories. To put it simply, there was no turning back. The reason was that such a dimensional gateway only worked one-way. In reality, it was a natural protection setting to prevent the powerhouses from the great world from stealing and enslaving the mini worlds and gravel worlds. 

However, Lin Huang found nothing about the virtual zone after spending a couple of hours looking through Qi Muxiong's memories.

Filled with skepticism, Lin Huang shared that part of the memory with Bloody. He wanted her help to see what exactly the problem was.

Bloody spent half an hour scanning through the inheritance. She gave an answer that Lin Huang never expected. "This inherited memory is incomplete. To be exact, apart from this inheritance being real, much of the content in the memory was made by a powerful spiritual technique. A complete story was made up of facts and lies."


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