Monster Paradise
1197 Memory Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1197 Memory Card

After setting Dynasty's direction, Lin Huang delegated the rest to Bloody.

She spent less than half a day coming up with a series of plans. All of them contained detailed steps.

Lin Huang scanned through the plans Bloody came up with roughly and sent them to the three Grand Dukes.

On the second morning, Lin Huang visited Misery again.

While setting Misery's one-year development plan, he also discussed elevating demigods to Virtual Gods as well as getting them to join Dynasty's circle.

As Zhi Ji was a Virtual God rank-9 powerhouse himself, Lin Huang did not want to bother Mr. Fu, so he got Bloody to teach Zhi Ji the way to elevate demigods to Virtual Gods right away. He told him over and over again that it could only be used on Misery's internal members and had to be kept a secret. If anybody asked, they had to say that it was Mr. Fu of Dynasty who helped them achieve it.

When it came to converting a Virtual God's Godhead, Lin Huang also told them that they must inform him beforehand if they wanted to do so because the failure rate would be high if Zhi Ji were to do it himself.

Naturally, Misery was more than happy to join the circle. After all, cultivation resources were what Misery lacked the most. Apart from ruins and sites, they would be given access to all cultivation resources through trade as well. Furthermore, basically all the top-grade cultivation resources were monopolized by the major organizations. Very few of them were open to trading with other organizations. However, it would be a different case with the circle between Dynasty and the Union Government. All of the barriers caused by the monopoly would be broken down.

Figuring that he was leaving soon, Lin Huang even gave a part of Royal's authorization to Zhi Ji and Jie Wu, allowing Misery members the access to enter the trial zones.

Lin Huang mumbled to himself while holding his chin sitting on the throne in the Emperor's Palace when he returned to Emperor City, "I've basically arranged everything I need to for Misery and Dynasty. I'm almost done with all I need to handle before leaving the gravel world. Now, the only thing that's left for me to do is to visit the ruins where Qi Muxiong hid the Goldfinger."

Bloody, who was sitting aside and coming up with the one-year detailed plan for Misery, lifted her head and said to Lin Huang, "If I were you, I'd read through all the books in the libraries and archives in the major organizations. Also, I'll visit all the ruins and sites above grade-5 that are open to take as many resources as I can. I won't miss anything."

"These two ideas sound great!" Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard.

However, he soon frowned. "But I'm afraid it'll require a long time to read all the books in the libraries and archives even with the Epiphany Card."

At the moment, Xiao Hei, who had been quiet for a long time, spoke all of a sudden, "There's a card called the Memory Card that can store a sea of information. When the saving is done, it'll be integrated into your brain memory automatically."

"There's such an amazing item?" Lin Huang bought one and looked at it after hearing about the existence of the Memory Card.

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"Type of Card: Function Card

"Rarity: Grade-2

"Function: The card will save the content that the host wants to save as soon as it's activated.

"Remark 1: A Memory Card can only be used once no matter how much it contains.

"Remark 2: The user will only need to specify the content and the card will handle the rest as soon as it has been activated.

"Remark 3: When the Memory Card is done storing the memory, it will become a part of the user's memory automatically. The part of memory doesn't occupy the user's brain memory.

"Remark 4: The duration of memory saving depends on the volume. The more memory there is, the longer it takes to save. On the contrary, it will take a shorter time if there's a smaller volume."

"This card is great, but I wonder what's the saving speed like." Lin Huang put the card away and devised a plan.

He applied to visit the Central Library and the Central Archive from the Union Government immediately.

When he discussed collaboration with the Union Government while representing Dynasty earlier, he had obtained the highest reading access for a month. However, he still had to apply before he visited each time.

Such a procedure was not only applicable to Lin Huang but to everyone, including the chief of the Union Government, Jiang Shan. Even he would have to submit the application beforehand to access the highest reading authorization.

It could only be accessed by one person at a time. Therefore, the Central Library came up with an application system with the Union Government. Everyone would have to book their slot beforehand and the library would assign them access for the time slot booked. With this system, there would not be any conflict. Although very few people were given the access, the system indeed helped to avoid awkwardness when one entered but failed to be granted access.

The Central Library responded after three minutes Lin Huang submitted his applications.

"Dear Mr. Lin Huang, you applied to access the Central Library's highest reading authorization from 9 a.m. on the 5th of March to 9 a.m. on the 6th of March. The total duration will be 24 hours. The application has been approved. Please be at the Central Library at the booked slot.

"Dear Mr. Lin Huang, you applied to access the Central Archive's highest reading authorization from 9 a.m. on the 6th of March to 9 a.m. on the 7th of March. The total duration will be 24 hours. The application has been approved. Please be at the Central Library at the booked slot."

Lin Huang was elated to see both of his applications being approved. 

On the next day, which was the 5th of March, he rushed to the First City after breakfast early in the morning.

He had a cup of coffee outside the Central Library. Only when it was 9 a.m., he stood up and headed to the library for the slot he booked.

The library was almost occupied early in the morning.

Lin Huang glanced through the first floor to find that most of the seats were taken. He walked passed the hall and headed straight to the elevator.

After scanning his ID on his Emperor's Heart Ring, the elevator took him to the highest floor of the Central Library, the ninth floor.

Lin Huang was a little puzzled when he arrived on this floor. He looked around.

Apart from a sealed container and a chair, there was nothing else.

Transparent liquid filled the transparent sealed container. There was a tissue the size of a basketball that looked like a human brain soaked in the liquid. Neither did it have tentacles, nor other extra appendages. It looked like an enlarged human brain floating quietly.

Meanwhile, the chair was placed approximately a meter before the sealed container.

The chair was ordinary. It was made of wood, and the pattern on the surface looked shiny from the collision. Clearly, someone else favored this seat.

Lin Huang looked around and sat on the chair while concluding that there was nothing else on this floor.

Just when he sat on the chair, the 'brain' in the container experienced a tremor all of a sudden. Constant bubbling frothed in the container.

A deep voice came into Lin Huang's ears at the same time. "What kind of information are you looking for?"

Stunned, Lin Huang realized that it should be the 'brain' in the container that had spoken. However, he soon snapped back to his senses.

"I don't have specific information that I'm looking for. I want to look at everything you have."

The 'brain' in the sealed container did not expect Lin Huang to say that. It went silent for a moment while a couple of bubbles rose in the transparent liquid.

Subsequently, the deep voice came again. "Interesting… You only have 24 hours."

"I know." Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

Almost at the same time, the container and the brain before Lin Huang disappeared. The walls around the entire floor turned into projected images. The same happened to the ceiling and the floor beneath his feet. There were up to ten thousands of images of all sizes.

Lin Huang glanced through the images and smirked. He crushed a Memory Card quietly.

As soon as the Memory Card was activated, the thousands of images began moving as if they had lost control.


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